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NYX Setting Sprays: Dewy vs. Matte Setting Spray

NYX Setting Sprays: Dewy vs. Matte Setting Spray

Setting sprays are a popular product in the makeup world. These products refer to a type of finishing spray that gives your makeup a long-lasting finish and wear time. Setting sprays are often used over makeup to set it, but they can also be used on their own to make sure you don’t get any smudging or fading throughout the day.

The main purpose of a setting spray is to lock in your makeup so that it doesn’t move around or fade away as you go about your day. A good setting spray can help keep your makeup in place all day long, but there are so many different types out there that it can be hard to know which one will work best for your complexion.

Dewy and Matte setting sprays are two of the most common in the market today. Though these two types of sprays are great for keeping your makeup in place, there are some important differences between them. If you have been struggling to decide which spray is best for you between these two, keep reading for a detailed guide on what each spray entails.

Dewy Setting Sprays

Dewy vs. Matte Setting Spray

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The word dewy comes from the way moisture appears on leaves in the morning. Dewy products contain ingredients that keep your skin hydrated by locking moisture into your pores. A dewy finish is a more natural look that highlights the skin’s natural texture, while a matte finish is dull and flat. It minimizes shine and gives the skin a velvety texture. 

Dewy setting spray is light and airy, which makes it perfect for daywear. It helps your makeup stay put without making you look like you are wearing too much of it. The dewy setting spray is ideal for those with dryer complexions because it adds hydration back into your skin which results in a glow finish. This spray contains glycerin which acts as a humectant. 

Advantages of Dewy Setting Sprays

  • They are easy to build and blend over makeup 
  • They result in a youthful, radiant skin
  • Dewy setting sprays contain hydrating properties that keep the skin well moisturized and glowing
  • These sprays also have a lightweight texture and sit easily on your face without looking too heavy on it

Shortcomings of Dewy Setting Sprays

  • Dewy setting sprays are not as long-lasting as matte setting sprays and may therefore require some touchups throughout the day.
  • Does not work for people with oily and acne-prone skins

Matte Setting Sprays

Dewy vs. Matte Setting Spray

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Matte products contain ingredients that absorb excess oil on your face to create an even texture with less shine. The matte setting spray has less oil than its dewy counterpart, so it’s best used at night when you don’t want your skin to look greasy or shiny. 

The matte setting spray is great for people who have combination or oily skin as it helps to control oil production while keeping your makeup looking fresh all day long. This formula contains silicon that helps create a barrier on top of the skin that prevents moisture from escaping, thus reducing shine throughout the day. 

Advantages of Matte Setting Sprays

  • They are long-lasting and do not require regular touchups
  • These sprays work best for people with oily skins to create a soft and velvety complexion
  • These sprays are also low maintenance and offer full coverage
  • Matte setting sprays also help control excess oils and shine

Shortcomings of Matte Setting Sprays

  • Matte setting sprays may dry out the skin over time
  • They may also look too heavy on the face

NYX Setting Sprays: Difference between Dewy and Matte Setting Sprays

One primary difference between these two sets of spray is that one is designed to add a shimmery glow to the skin, while the other is meant to set makeup without adding extra moisture or shine. Matte setting sprays will help lock in your makeup without leaving any excess oil or shine behind. A dewy setting spray, on the other hand, will lock in your makeup and add a subtle glow to brighten your face. 

Matte setting sprays are also long-lasting than dewy setting sprays, which may require a few touchups throughout the day. 

Critical Considerations When Choosing Between Dewy and Matte Setting Sprays

Your Skin Type

Dewy and matte setting sprays work best with a different skin. Dewy setting sprays, for instance, work best for those with dry skin types. The dewy setting spray contains humectants and natural oils that help moisturize and brighten the face. Matte setting spray, on the other hand, works best for people with oily skin. Besides helping lock in moisture, these sprays help keep the natural oils at bay. 

The Final Look You Desire 

Dewy and matte setting sprays give different end looks. A dewy setting spray will, for instance, result in a subtle glow and more shine, while a matte setting spray will give a velvety and soft end look. Therefore ensure to consider the look you desire to achieve when choosing between these two setting sprays. 

How Long You Plan To Have the Makeup On

Although these two settings sprays are meant to prolong the stay of your makeup, they both have different holding power. Matte setting spray is, for instance, more long-lasting than dewy setting spray and does not require touchups in between. Therefore ensure to consider whether you have time for touchups when choosing your preferred setting spray. 

Ingredients Contained In the Spray

Though these setting sprays are marketed as safe to use on all skin types, it’s essential to be careful when choosing between the different varieties as they may contain some compositions that could react negatively with your skin. This requires that you pay special attention to the ingredient list of each spray before you purchase it. 

NYX Setting Sprays: Dewy vs. Matte Setting Spray: Which One is Best for You?

There is a good reason why dewy and matte setting sprays are among the most common products in the market today. Besides helping prolong your makeup look, these products are composed of essential ingredients that help nourish and hydrate your skin. What’s more, these sprays are readily available, affordable, and easy to apply and maintain. 

When deciding between dewy and matte setting sprays, ensure to consider the end look you desire and your skin type. If you have an oily skin type opt for the matte sprays that will help rid your face of the excess oils and prolong your makeup. If you suffer from dry skin, consider going for dewy spay that contains hydrating properties to help moisturize it. 

Whatever sprays you choose, ensure to use it correctly by spraying a few spritzes to your face as the final step of your makeup routine. When doing the spraying, holds the product at a distance and spray it in a round or T direction.