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Lashify vs. Flutter Habit

Lashify vs. Flutter Habit

Lashify and Flutter habit lashes are some of the most common cluster lashes that attach underneath your individual lashes, giving a salon extension look. 

These lashes attach above your waterline, creating enough room for your natural lashes to thrive. Lashify and flutter habit lash systems are made using PBT silk that’s lightweight and feather-like in nature. 

Though similar in a couple of ways, lashes from these two brands are completely different and work best for varying situations. In this blog post, we compare Lashify vs. flutter habit lashes to help you determine which one is better for your needs.


Lashify vs. Flutter Habit

Lashify lashes are the answer for anyone that wishes to bid farewell to the time-consuming and hard-to-manage lash extensions. Lashify was started in 2016 by Sahara Lotti. Today this company has grown immensely and is competing with top brands in the beauty industry. It is currently a holder of over 150 patents and 50 trademarks all over the world.

Lashify DIY lashes are made using 100% Korean PBT silk that’s friendly to your natural lashes and long-lasting. The gossamers attach a few meters above your waterline, creating enough space for your natural lashes to breathe and grow. 

Lashify gossamers are hypoallergenic and free of latex, formaldehyde, and other irritants. The gossamers are also ophthalmologist tested and thus safe to use on the most sensitive eyes. Lashify brand also provides a flexible and safe bond that sticks the gossamers to your natural lashes without causing any harm. Lashify gossamers are available in different styles and lengths for your liking. 

You can purchase the gossamers plus the other tools and products needed in the application individually or opt to get them as a package in the Lashify control kit. This control kit retails at $145, and it contains two pairs of your chosen gossamers, a whisper-light lash bond, glass, a built-in mirror, a pair of random, and a fuse control wand. 

How to Apply Lashify Gossamers

Prep your natural lashes

The secret to long-lasting and good-looking falsies lies in first cleaning your natural lashes to get rid of any makeup remains and other debris. You can use the Lashify precleanse cleanser to wash your face or use any face washer of your choice. After cleansing your face and lashes, give them a couple of minutes to dry off before proceeding to apply the bond. 

Apply the bond

After your lashes are completely dry, you can go ahead and apply a thin layer of the whisper-light bond on the underside of your natural eyelashes. When doing the bond application, ensure it’s slightly above your waterline for increased hold. Also, take note that a little bond goes a long way, and putting too much of it may result in clumping and stickiness. 

Wait For the Bond to Get Tacky Before Applying the Gossamers

The next step after your bond gets tacky is to apply the gossamers. Use your fingers to get the segments from the cartridge and place them on a clean surface with the fibers facing upwards. Thereafter pick each gossamer segment using the fuse control wand to hold it at the tip and apply it on the underside of your natural lashes where you had applied the whisper-light bond. 

You can decide to start from one outer corner of your eye as you move towards the inner corner or do vice versa. When layering the gossamers, ensure to overlap them a little to minimize spacing and maximize hold time. 

Seal the gossamers to your natural lashes 

After doing the application, it’s critical that you fuse the gossamers with your natural lashes for a seamless look and increased hold. To do this, use the fuse control wand containing the wandoms that help avoid it getting tacky during the fusing process. 

Apply Glass over the Lashes to Remove Stickiness and Waterproof Them

The last step in the Lashify gossamer application process is to run a glass over the lashes to get rid of stickiness and waterproof them. This helps increase their stay.

Advantages of Lashify lashes

● they are more long-lasting than the Flutter habit

● They are more lightweight and natural-looking than flutter habit

● offer a wide range of lengths and styles compared to flutter habit

● offer a wider selection of application tools than flutter habit

● they are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and vegan

● they do not damage your natural lashes

Flutter Habit

Lashify vs. Flutter Habit

Flutter habit lashes refer to 100% luxe faux mink lashes applied underneath your natural lashes to give a look similar to the expensive salon eyelash extensions at a fraction of the cost. Flutter habit lashes are made using PBT material which is a type of plastic that’s cruelty-free and long-lasting. 

Flutter Habit Lashes is a revolutionary new lash system that creates a full, luxurious natural look by layering individual lashes. Flutter Habit Lashes are made of soft, flexible fibers that feel and look like real hair. They are designed to be lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. The bands are made of medical-grade silicone, which is hypoallergenic and waterproof, so they won’t irritate your eyes.

These lashes are currently available in eight different styles, including the original, shorties, sweetheart, happy, wink, collection, baby lash, and flirt. Flutter habit lashes are the best of both worlds. They’re synthetic and reusable, but they feel and look like natural lashes. They come in a variety of styles and colors so you can get the lash look you want.

The Lashes come with a free black case for storage when not worn. Keep your lashes safe from dust and dirt until you are ready to use them again. These Lashes also come in multiple colors so that you can customize your look based on your mood or outfit. 

The Flutter Habit Lashes are designed with a flexible lash base that moves with your natural lash. This allows for more natural movement and comfort while wearing them. The lashes can be worn multiple times and easily removed with water or makeup remover.

Advantages of Flutter Habit Lashes

● Lightweight and won’t weigh down on your natural lashes

● They are reusable 

● They are cruelty-free and vegan friendly

● They are hypoallergenic

● Comfortable to wear

● Easy to apply and remove

● Add volume and length without compromising the health of your natural lashes

Lashify Vs. Flutter Habit: Understand the Difference

Though falsies from these two brands are meant to last 3-5 days depending on how well you apply and take care of them, Lashify gossamers can serve you up to 10 days depending on the type of Lashify bond you use. This brand has different bonds that work differently to hold and maintain your gossamers. 

Moreover, flutter habit lash segments are heavier and larger than Lashify’s air-like gossamers. Lashify also has more helpful tools such as a fluffer, LED infinity mirror, and X by Lashify practice pack to help you achieve a seamless lash application than the Flutter habit. 

It’s also essential to note that Lashify gossamers are easy to take off and return to their storage cartridge compared to flutter habit lashes. The ease of getting the lashes out of the storage cartridge is critical as it determines how long they last and maintains their shape during and after removal.  

Flutter habit lashes also have their own strengths when compared to Lashify. These lashes are, for instance, more affordable and easy to apply and maintain. It takes a lot more to hack Lashify gossamers application than the flutter habit lashes. 

Lashify Vs. Flutter Habit: So, Which One Is Better?

As you can already tell from the above discussion, each of these falsies has its own strengths and shortcomings. The best choice for you will depend on your budget and preference. If you are after a dramatic eyelash look and don’t mind spending a few pennies, Lashify would be a better choice for you as it has more range of styles and lengths compared to Flutter Habit. 

If you need something simple, affordable, and easy to apply and maintain, Flutter Habit lashes are your go-to solution.