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Is Glambot Legit?

Is Glambot Legit?

When it comes to makeup products and tools, we all want to get the best items in the market. That’s why we are always eager to engage with the best brands in the beauty world. Though a good move, this comes at a higher price which many of us cannot afford. But lucky for you, sites such as have been doing their best to offer the most authentic and reliable products. But are these brands reliable? Keep reading to find out. 

What is Glambot?

Glambot is a subscription service that sends you makeup and skincare products every month. This online store buys new and pre-owned makeup products and tools for reselling. This brand buys everything from empty palettes, unused makeup, perfume samples, skincare products, and brushes. Glambot does not accept makeup products and tools with reusable applicators. This means that you cannot sell products such as liquid eyeliner, makeup bags, and false lashes to this brand. This store also does not accept nail products, hair products, retail-sized fragrances, and body products. 

To qualify as a first-time seller on this site, you will need to ship at least 20 of your qualifying items for review. The shipping is free, and the sales team will take the shortest time to review your products and make you an offer if they approve your products. From here, you can easily negotiate with them about the way forward and how to get your payment.  

For your product to qualify to sell at Glambot, it must meet the following requirements. 

Requirements That a Makeup Product/Tool Must Meet To Sell At Glambot

  • The makeup tools such as brushes should be new or thoroughly washed to rid of product buildup.
  • The product container should be in good and sellable condition. This simply means that the container holding the product shouldn’t be too old, damaged, or contain non-functional hinges. The container should clearly state the brand of the product and the color name. 
  • The product remaining for reselling should be at least 50% of the original product.
  • The product should be safe to use and not expired. Therefore ensure to send in your intended product three months before the stated expiration date. 
  • Your makeup product/tool must be from a brand that’s authorized to sell to Glambot. 

Glambot does not accept used makeup products and tools from all brands. The following list entails the authorized brands to sell to Glambot. 

Authorized Brands to Sell To Glambot

Glambot only buys from the following brands; MAC MAKEUP, Makeup Forever, Lunar Beauty (Palettes Only), LORAC, Louboutin, Cosmetic Labs, Aether Beauty, Anastasia, Artis Brush, beauty blender, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Dominique Cosmetics (Palettes Only), Dolce & Gabbana, BH Cosmetics, BECCA, Burberry, Bite Beauty, OFRA Cosmetics, NARS, Natasha Denona, Morphe, Makeup Geek, Melt Cosmetics, OPV, Patrick Ta, Pretty Vulgar, Fenty Beauty, GLAMGLOW, House of Lashes, Huda Beauty, Jeffree Star, Kat Von D, Kylie Cosmetics, KKW Beauty, Zoeva, Too Faced, Sigma, Storybook Cosmetics, RMS Beauty, RCMA, ROEN Beauty, Sephora, TARTE, Tom Ford, Urban Decay, Velour Lashes, Wander Beauty, Wayne Goss, among others. 

Benefits of Buying From Glambot

There are so many makeup brands out there that one may question why they should buy from Glambot. Why should you waste your time buying used makeup products and tools when you can easily get brand new products at almost the same price? The following points justify why buying from Glambot is better than buying from other brands. 

Wide Range of Trendy Makeup Products and Tools

Glambot offers a wide range of makeup products and tools not easily found in other brands. You can easily browse the latest products or search by brand or type of product on their website. You can also use filters when navigating their site to find the right color shades and brands that suit your needs. 

Excellent Discounts That Help You Save Money

If you are looking for an excellent way to save money during these hard economic times, consider getting your makeup products and other accessories from This brand offers excellent discounts, including cashback offers, free gifts, and discounts on purchases to all its customers. will always have an ongoing promo to help you save some money when making your purchase. 

This site also has a referral program which means that if someone buys a product from your link, you will earn 10% of the sale amount in cashback. This way, if someone buys something at $100 and you refer them to Glambot, you will get $10 as well. 

Get Makeup Products from Your Favorite Brands at a Discounted Price

Glambot makes it possible for you to get makeup products and tools from brands you wouldn’t afford to buy from at a discounted price. Glambot has products from highly valued brands such as Fenty Beauty, Too Faced Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, MAC Cosmetics, and Kylie Cosmetics. 

Glambot Offers Excellent Convenience

Glambot has an excellent and functional website that is android and IOS enabled. You can easily search for your favorite foundation shade through this app both on your phone and computer. This saves you the headache of having to move up and down, searching for your preferred makeup product. 

Authentic and Genuine Products

Every product listed on is genuine and true to its promise of delivery. This brand does everything possible to offer the safest products to its customers. To make this possible, Glambot has made it a rule to only buy from trusted and highly valued brands. This brand has also opened its doors to its customers who express their feelings after using the products through reviews and comments. Therefore if you want to purchase a given product, take time to learn about what other previous users are saying about it before making your final decision. 

Is Glambot Legit?

The truth is that Glambot offers the best of both worlds. It gives you an opportunity to get your desired products at affordable prices and also allows you to earn money by reselling used makeup products and tools. As you can already tell from the requirements one must meet to sell to this site, careful considerations have been put in place to ensure they only buy from authorized and legit brands. Following this, it’s safe to conclude that Glambot is a legit and safe place to buy and sell your makeup products and tools. 

When doing business with this site, ensure to follow all the laid down guidelines and seek clarification where it’s not clear. Following the laid down procedures will ensure you get your intended services without delay.