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Lashify vs. Lilac St. Lashes

Lashify vs. Lilac St. Lashes

Lashify vs Lilac St. lashes is two of the most sought-after lash extension alternatives available in the market today. These two brands are doing everything possible to offer you quality, natural-looking DIY lashes at the most affordable prices. 

Despite being a recent addition to the beauty industry, Lilac St. lashes seem to be taking the fake eyelash market by storm. But what really is the difference between Lashify and Lilac St. lashes, and which one is better for you? Read on to find out.  


Lashify gossamers are vegan and cruelty-free do it yourself eyelash extensions that come in six different lengths, 8,10,12,14, 16 and 18. Lashify offers different styles of lashes ranging from bold, curl, fluffy, extreme and amplify gossamers. 

When you order your falsies from Lashify, the kit will come with two sets of your preferred gossamer lashes, a whisper-light dual-sided bond, a fusing wand, wandom pair, storage box and glass. 

Lashify falsies are meant to be put underneath your natural lashes. When applying the glue, don’t get too close to your lash line, as this affects longevity. Also, avoid putting on larger falsies as they fall off easily and make your natural lashes heavy. 

Pros of Lashify

● They are darker and more pigmented compared to Lilac St. lashes

● They are finer and natural-looking compared to Lilac St. lashes

● They are light in weight and soft

● Lashify has a fantastic wand that fits the contour of the eye, making application and fusing easier

● Lashify offers varieties of bonds to choose from

● They are long-lasting when properly applied and maintained 

● It has more clusters of gossamers in each set compared to Lilac St. 

Cons of Lashify

● They are more expensive and heavier compared to Lilac St. lashes

Lilac St. Lashes

Lilac St. Lashes were introduced in 2020. They are applied underneath your natural lashes. They come with both clear and black glue, and they can last between 5 to 7 days. These lashes are vegan and cruelty-free. The lashes come in 10 individual clusters of different lengths such as 8, 10, 12, and 18 millimetres. 

Pros of Lilac St. Lashes

● The glue contains a wonderful applicator that enables you to get the glue where you want it. 

● They are lighter in weight compared to Lashify lashes

● They do not get sticky, and thus you do not have to use any seal

Cons of Lilac St. Lashes

● They are firmly stuck on the package, which makes it difficult to get them out

● The wand does not have a wandom and may get sticky, damaging your falsies

● Offer fewer clusters of lashes in each set compared to Lashify

How to Apply Lashify and Lilac St Lashes

Both Lashify and Lilac St. lashes follow the same method of application as discussed below.

Step 1: Prep your lashes

The first step in applying these two types of lashes is to get rid of all the dirt and makeup from your eyes to enable better adhesion. You can do this using your regular eye makeup remover and follow it up with a primer to help get rid of all the natural oils and makeup residue. 

After cleaning your lashes, you can gently curl them using a lash curler of your choice to avoid them looking down or overly straight. 

Step 2: Apply the Glue

Lashify and Lilac St. Lashes kit contain both black and white/clear glue. You can decide to use any of these glue colors when applying these falsies. The black color of the glue will give you the makeup/mascara look, while the clear side will give you just the falsies look with no makeup. 

Apply the glue at the base of your natural lashes using the wand that comes with it. Be careful not to put too much of it to avoid it getting messy. For Lilac lash glue, give it around 15 seconds to get tacky before clicking on your falsies. When applying the glue, ensure it’s above your waterline.

Step 3: Stick the Falsies to Your Natural Lashes

The next step after applying the glue to your natural lashes is to stick the falsies. To do this, use the wand to get the lashes from their package and stick them to your natural lashes. As you will notice, Lashify lashes are loosely held on their package and will easily come off, unlike the Lilac St. lashes which are tightly stuck to the package. 

To get the Lilac St. Lashes from the packaging in one piece, gently slide the applicator underneath them, lift and flip them up. From here, turn the packaging over and tag off the segments. After getting the clusters from the packaging, hold each cluster at the tip and apply a coat of glue on it as well before sticking it to your natural lashes. 

To stick the falsies on your eyes, look down on a mirror and click them slightly above your natural lashes. These falsies will come in different lengths ranging from 8mm to 18mm, depending on your preference. For a more natural look, start with the longer segments, for instance, the 14mm on the outer part of your eye and move to the shorter falsies, i.e. the 8mm towards the inner corner of your eye.  

Step 4: Seal the bond

Sealing the bond simply means fusing the falsies with your natural lashes for increased longevity. You can do this using the tip of your applicator or the tip of your two figures and firmly click the falsies with your natural lashes. 

Step 5: Remove Stickiness and Make Your Lashes Water Resistant

The final step in applying these falsies is to run a waterproof sealant over them to help in removing any stickiness and making them water-resistant. This will help increase longevity and keep your lashes clean all through. For best results, ensure to seal from the base all the way up. 

Unlike Lashify, Lilac St. Lashes do not get sticky and may not require any sealing. 

How to Ensure Your Lashify Vs Lilac St. Lashes Last Longer

When properly maintained, these two brands of falsies are meant to last you for 5 to 7 days or longer. You can incorporate the following tips for prolonged longevity. 

Get the Right Falsies for Your Eye Type

Not every DIY lash will fit on your eye size and shape. As you will notice, these two brands have lashes labeled C, B, D, and E, to name a few. These letters mean different things, with C being for Curled eyelashes, B for Bold lashes, F for fluffy and so on. 

Therefore, ensure to choose the right type of falsies depending on the shape and size of your natural lashes. Equally important, avoid putting too much of the longer falsies as they weigh down your natural lashes and come off easily. If possible, always opt for the 15 mms as your highest length instead of getting to the 18 mms. 

Avoid Direct Contact with Water

Although these lashes can be sealed with a waterproof sealant to make them water-resistant, it’s always important to avoid splashing water on them as this will weaken them and cause them to fall off when showing or swimming; avoid getting too much water on your eye area. 

Stack Up the Lashes

Stacking up the falsies is another great way of increasing their longevity. You can stack up against your falsies by adding another layer after the first one. 

Lashify Vs. Lilac St Lashes: Which One Should You Go For?

Lashify & Lilac St. Lashes are great DIY alternatives to lash extensions. As noted above, each of these falsies has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Lilac St. lashes are more affordable and lighter in weight compared to Lashify but less natural looking and come with a not so good wand. 

Therefore, take your time when choosing between these two types of falsies to settle on one that meets your needs and preferences.