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Kiss Falscara Eyelashes vs Lilac St Lashes vs FlutterHabit Lashes

Kiss Falscara Eyelashes vs Lilac St Lashes vs FlutterHabit Lashes

There are many brands of fake eyelashes sprouting up today than ever before, and this has made it difficult for beauty enthusiasts to keep track of their favorite lash product. Getting the wrong lashes for your eyes can result in dire consequences such as the falsies falling off unexpectedly or looking weird on you. 

That’s why we have rounded up this blog spot explaining the differences between Kiss Falscara eyelashes vs Lilac St. lashes vs FlutterHabit lashes to help you choose the best for your needs. 

Kiss Falscara

Kiss Falscara wisps are reusable up to three times and can be worn for a maximum of ten days. The wisps are meant to go underneath your natural lashes for a more natural look. Kiss Falscara wisps are tiny segments of feather-light and customizable falsies that come in a set of two wisps divided into five clusters. 

Kiss Falscara offers a starter kit at the price of $19.99. This kit contains the following items, an applicator, 10 WISPS, and a dual-ended bond and seals to use in sticking the falsies to your natural lashes. These wisps are currently available in three different styles, lifting, lengthening and volumizing. 

Pros of Kiss Falscara

● They are reusable

● Easy to apply and remove

● They are affordable compared to Lilac st lashes

● Each set of wisps contains more lashes compared to FlutterHabit and Lilac st lashes. 

Cons of Kiss Falscara

● It does not offer variety in length

● Although reusable, it’s hard to get the wisps back into the packaging after you pull them out

● You have to take them off when going to sleep which is a lot of work

● The kiss applicator is small and does not fit the eye contour, which makes it difficult to fuse

● Kiss wisps are limited in styles

Kiss Falscara Eyelashes vs Lilac St Lashes vs FlutterHabit Lashes

FlutterHabit Lashes

Flutterhabit lashes were introduced in 2019 by Kasey Jackson and her husband, Tim. FlutterHabit currently offers seven different styles of lashes, namely the original, the happy, shorties, the sweetheart, the wink, flirt and collection. Each box comes with six different sets of lashes, with each set containing four clusters of lashes. Flutterhabit eyelashes are Korean PBT and cruelty-free. These lashes are available in the range of 10 to 14 millimeters. 

They are fuller, bolder and voluminous than their counterparts and have a thicker and clearer band. These lashes are meant to last anywhere between 3 to 5 days. Flutterhabit, the Original style, currently sells at $29.99, exclusive of the adhesive and the shipping fee. 

Pros of FlutterHabit Lashes

● They are fuller and voluminous compared to Lilac st and kiss falscara

● The lashes come in different styles and lengths

● FlutterHabit offers a latex-free safe to use glue in black and clear colors

Cons of FlutterHabit Lashes

● It has a limited number of clusters in each set compared to Lilac st and Kiss Falscara. 

● The lashes are heavier 

● It does not offer a starter kit 

● They are more expensive compared to Lilac St. and Kiss Falscara. 

Kiss Falscara Eyelashes vs Lilac St Lashes vs FlutterHabit Lashes

Lilac St. Lashes

Lilac St. lashes are vegan and cruelty-free and come in two colors of glue, clear and black. These lashes are available in sizes of 8 to 18 millimeters, and each set comes with 10 clusters. The packaging is recyclable, and the lashes are sweat and shower resistant. This brand offers a starter kit that comes with two sets of lashes, an applicator and glue. 

Lilac lashes have a super thin band and are meant to last 5 to 7 days. Their starter kit sells at $25.00, and it comes with 20 lash clusters of different lengths, specially formulated glue, and a lash applicator. 

Pros of Lilac St. Lashes

● They last longer compared to kiss Falscara and FlutterHabit

● They offer variety in length and styles

● They are lightweight and easy to apply

● Lilac St. lashes can be reused 

● They are sweat and shower resistant

● You can comfortably sleep in them

● You can easily stack them up for increased longevity and fashion

● Offer two varieties of safe to use adhesives, the regular lash glue and PRO lash glue

Cons of Lilac St Lashes

● It’s difficult to get these lashes from their packaging

Lilac St. Lashes

How To Apply Kiss Falscara Eyelashes Vs. Lilac St Lashes. Vs. Flutterhabit Lashes

These three brands of falsies follow the same application procedure where you will prep the eyes with an oil-free cleanser and makeup remover, apply the adhesive underneath your natural lashes, click on the lashes and fuse. 

Kiss Falscara Eyelashes vs Lilac St Lashes. Vs. Flutterhabit Lashes: Which One is Better?

Although each of these lashes has its own strengths and weaknesses, one thing remains clear: their glues are safe to use and will not rip off your natural lashes. What’s more, these lashes are cruelty-free and vegan and will leave you looking all glamorous and beautiful.

From the above comparison, Kiss Falscara wisps are the cheapest among the three brands. But as you can tell, Kiss is yet to introduce variance in length and more styles to choose from. This brand also requires their wisps to be removed as one goes to sleep, which is generally a lot of work. 

FlutterHabit eyelashes are heavier and more difficult to apply compared to Lilac St. and Kiss Falscara. We also cannot forget to mention that they don’t offer a starter kit, and they also seem more expensive than the rest of the lashes. Flutterhabit also only offers four clusters in their lashes set compared to kiss Falscara and Lilac St., which offers five clusters in each set. 

Although Lilac St. lashes are light in weight, more natural-looking and offer many different styles than their counterparts, they are difficult to remove and return in the packaging. Therefore the right falsies for you among these three brands will depend on your budget and preference. 

If you are, for instance, looking to get a voluminous and fuller look FlutterHabit is your go-to product. If you want an addition to your natural lashes without spending much of your money, Kiss Falscara is your solution. If you don’t mind spending a little extra to examine different styles of falsies, Lilac st is your brand. 


Simply put, the best product for you amongst these three brands comes down to how well you apply the lashes and take care of them. When well maintained, a Kiss Falscara wisp will serve you better than a Lilac St. lash. Therefore take your time and follow all the application procedures that come with the manual and ensure to avoid direct contact with water when on these falsies. 

Also, avoid oil-based makeup removers and soaps and ensure to fuse occasionally to keep the lashes intact.