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How Long Does it Take Aquaphor to Heal Skin?

How Long Does it Take Aquaphor to Heal Skin?

Aquaphor Healing Ointment has remained a popular skincare product for several decades due to its numerous advantages, and users can’t simply let go of this multipurpose ointment. Celebrities also love this product, and a number of them use it. In an interview with Belle, Beyoncé said that she uses Aquaphor every evening before going to bed. It comes as a surprise as people thought her skincare products were pretty pricey.

Aquaphor is not a moisturizer. However, it keeps your face moisturized by creating an oily layer in your skin that prevents evaporation by locking in moisture, leaving your skin hydrated for long. You can use Aquaphor one or a few times a day.

Aquaphor main components include; 41% petrolatum, which forms the main ingredient, Mineral oil, Ceresin, Lanolin, Alcohol, Humectant, bisabolol, and panthenol.

The mineral oil used in Aquaphor makes this product an excellent emollient and moisturizer as it works by locking in moisture, preventing water evaporation.

Aquaphor has several uses; incision care, treating minor wounds and burns, healing tattoos, healing chapped lips, healing cracked feet and softening hands, used by makeup artists to enhance the makeup glow, hiding hair end, etc.

Uses Of Aquaphor

Used After Aesthetic Procedure

It is vital to keep your skin well moisturized before and after the surgery. Dr. Steve Laverson, MD, recommends Aquaphor as an ideal emollient to use after a procedure. It enables the skin cells to reproduce rapidly and resurface the affected part of the skin.

Cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Kelly recommends over-the-counter skincare ointments like Aquaphor or antibiotic ointments as a post-surgery routine for most procedures like breast reduction/ lift, tummy tuck, etc.

Use Aquaphor For Tattoo

Tattoo artists advise their clients to use Aquaphor after having their tattoos done to help soothe the irritation and hydrate the skin-enhancing speedy healing of the tattoo. It should be used only a few days after the tattoo is done. 

Reduce Visibility Of Facial Wrinkles

Everybody hates these fine lines, right? Even though there are more advanced ways of getting rid of wrinkles, Aquaphor also helps keep the skin hydrated, which is the natural way of preventing wrinkles. It also aids in minimizing the visibility of the fine lines.

Helps Relieve Diaper Rash

Aquaphor offers a wide range of diaper rash treatment options. The baby healing ointment, baby diaper rash cream, and diaper rash paste. The Aquaphor baby products are free from fragrance, preservatives, and chemical dyes, making them suitable for delicate baby skin.

Ease The Healing Of Chapped Lips

The lips do not contain the oil glands like other body parts, making them dry quickly if not moisturized. The lip skin is also thin and sensitive therefore highly susceptible to harsh weather conditions like cold, sun, and wind.

To ensure that your lips are always smooth and soft, you should exfoliate regularly before moisturizing. You can also apply Aquaphor before applying your lipstick as it helps lock in moisture and keeps your lips hydrated.

Used As a Highlighter

Even with other great beauty brands out there, Aquaphor’s multipurpose use has increased its relevance. Makeup artist Daniel Martin says that using the ointment before the highlighter will maintain the skin texture and enhance the appearance of the makeup and the glow of skin. 

Using Aquaphor ointment body spray leaves your body skin beautiful and glowing. 

How Long Does it Take Aquaphor to Heal Skin?

Where to Purchase Aquaphor?

You can buy Aquaphor online or over the counter. Aquaphor does not sell its products on its website, but you will find them in major outlets like Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.

Being a global brand that is widely used, they have outlets worldwide. You can easily locate an Aquaphor retail shop within your locality. 

Aquaphor prices vary depending on the distributor and state, but they are relatively affordable compared to other skincare products and ointments.

How Long Does it Take Aquaphor to Heal Skin?

Research done by Euricin showed dryness; results were observed overnight. The more they use, the better the results. 

While on incision care, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich says that you may be required to use the ointment for up to six months for effective healing.

Aquaphor Effectiveness On Skin Regeneration and Tolerability

On skin regeneration, the research by Euricin indicated that skin regeneration was speedy with the use of Aquaphor Healing Ointment.

On tolerability, the results showed no adverse allergic reaction on the ointment use, making it used by several people within different age brackets.

Celebrities Take On Aquaphor

The majority of Hollywood celebrities have given their views on Aquaphor, and surprisingly, the majority of them are using the ointment and would recommend it to anyone anytime. 

 Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, Lucy Liu, Jessica Thomson, among others. Celebrities have increased brand popularity and use.

While on an interview with The Strategist Lucy Liu said her favorite moisturizer is Aquaphor, and she calls it “Aquaphor for everything” simply because the ointment has a dozen uses.

Actress Nicole Kidman told Allure magazine that the secret to her glowing, radiant skin is the cheap Aquaphor. She recognizes that she has dry skin, but the ointment has helped moisten her skin with less effort. Actress Nicole is a Hollywood actress who looks a decade younger than her actual age making her audience want to know and try her skincare routine products. However, Aquaphor is just one of the products that she uses. 

Who Should Not Use Aquaphor?

Aquaphor has no adverse effect on several people. However, vegans should avoid using it simply because one of its ingredients is extracted from animals, which is lanolin. Lanolin is harvested from the sheep wool.


People love Aquaphor because of its dozen uses and because it is just like a first aid item within your home. Over the ages, it has been rare to get negative reviews from users, making it suitable for people with different skin complexions. However, it should be used on limitations by people with oily skin.

Celebrities advocate for Aquaphor healing ointment usage because it has fewer chemical components. Aquaphor works just fine, Similar to other high-priced anti-aging creams in the market. If you have dry skin and have been struggling to find a suitable moisturizer, then look no further, as Aquaphor will do the trick.