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Is Old Spice Body Wash Bad For You?

Is Old Spice Body Wash Bad For You?

Old Spice Body Wash was introduced in 2003. Since then, this product has been growing in popularity and variety. Today Old Spice offers different variety of body wash fragrances ranging from Shea butter, Fiji, Swagger, Night Panther, Dynasty, Exfoliate with Charcoal, Royalty and Lavender, to name a few. 

Old Spice Body Washes are popular for a number of reasons. Despite leaving you feeling fresh and revitalized all day, these products are good smelling and paraben-free. Moreover, they contain lather that helps deep clean, washing dirt and odor away.  

Old Spice Body Washes are also known to hydrate dry and cracked skin, leaving you feeling soft, smooth and healthy all day. Another great attribute about this company’s body washes is that they come in an easy to use bottle that won’t stress you with opening and closing. 

Despite their increased popularity, many people are still unsure about these products. More so because of the recent recall of some of Old Spice deodorant products. 

In this blog post, we seek to clarify this dilemma by answering the disturbing question of whether old spice body wash is bad for you. 

A Review of Old Spice Body Wash Ingredients

One of the best ways to tell whether a product is right for you is to examine its ingredients. Old Spice Body Wash is made using harmless natural and synthetic ingredients such as water, sodium chloride, citric acid, Blue 1, Yellow 5, fragrance, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sodium benzoate, Disodium EDTA, to name a few. 

Although there are the latest additions to the Old Spice Body Wash list, some ingredients in this company have been used for decades to clean and refresh the body. One of the primary rules of every ingredient used by Old Spice in their products is that it must be safe, useful and sustainable. Ingredients such as Vitamin A, B5 and E help keep the skin in good condition, while Glycerin and Aloe help keep it smoother and softer. 

Old Spice Body Wash ingredients help exfoliate the skin providing an extra cleansing to the scalp. Moreover, these body washes are known to contain twice the amount of moisturizing ingredients as compared to their competitors. What’s more, these products not only help add moisture to your body but play a role in preventing moisture loss. 

It’s also worth noting that old spice body washes are addictive and preservative-free. They do not contain paraben, Lanolin, Gluten, Nickel, soy or dye, and this helps result in a gentler cleansing. Old Spice Body Washes are safe to use with all types of skin. From this review of Old Spice Body Washes ingredients, it’s clear that these products are not bad for you. So, what’s the best way to use Old Spice Body Wash? Continue reading to find out.

Is Old Spice Body Wash Bad for You?

How to Use Old Spice Body Wash

Chances are you already have an idea of how to go about using these products. The normal, hop into the shower, lather it across your skin and boom, rinse it off. But is this really the right way to use old spice body washes? 

Although following the above route may result in good results implementing these steps will result in excellent outcomes. 

Choose the Right Old Spice Body Wash Fragrance

As already noted above, there are different old spice body wash fragrances in the market to choose from today. The first task, therefore, in using this product is to get the right fragrance for your needs. As you will notice, these fragrances have almost the same ingredients, work the same way and serve the same goal, which is to cleanse your body. 

Your goal, therefore, is to choose your favorite scent and carry on to using it. Different factors such as the occasion you are attending and how long you want to have the scent on can help guide your decision. 

Using Old Spice Body Wash

The next step after getting your preferred body wash fragrance is to use it. Many questions may arise at this stage regarding how to use the body wash, where to apply it and where not to apply it, and how often to use it. 

First, you must not use these body washes on your face. Old Spice Company has facial cleansers to use on this part of your body which is very sensitive and may react with the normal body washes. To use old spice body wash on your body, get a small amount of it on your hand, loofah or a soft washcloth and gently rub it over your body. One thing you will notice with old spice body wash is that it looks like a lotion when you get it out of the pump. Therefore avoid using too much of it as it can cause greasing if not properly rinsed off.  

The lathering can take 5 to 10 minutes before you rinse it off with warm, clean running water. It’s advisable you avoid extremely hot water as it leads to moisture loss. From here, you can comfortably moisturize your skin using your favorite lotion to lock in moisture. 

So how often do you use old spice body wash? You can use these body washes once a day as they contain strong scents to last you the entire day. 

Is Old Spice Body Wash Bad for You?

From the discussion above, it’s clear that Old Spice Body Wash is not bad for you. These products do not contain harmful ingredients like their deodorant counterparts. Therefore go ahead and get yourself your preferred fragrance for fresh, smooth and revitalizing skin all day long. 

As you use these products, be careful to always rinse them off completely and follow all the manufactures guidelines. Some Old Spice Body Washes will require that you put them away from direct sunlight or heat and use a given portion of it. Kindly ensure to follow this to the latter. Finally, in case of any unwelcome reaction, do not hesitate to consult your dermatologist for guidance. 



Monday 10th of October 2022

After reading the ingredients I stopped using it. The smell made me look at what's in it,no wonder it stinks,odd smell.