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Does the Fenty Foundation Oxidize?

Does the Fenty Foundation Oxidize?

Foundation is the essential makeup to have in your wardrobe. It creates the base of your makeup, and getting the right shade for your skin tone can make a whole lot of difference. There is nothing more heartbreaking than finally landing your favorite foundation shade only to take it home and realize that it has oxidized or changed its initial color a few hours after application. 

Despite being a must-have product in your beauty routine, foundations have their own shortcomings. One of these is their proneness to oxidation which is a major concern in the beauty industry. When a foundation oxidizes or changes its color, it simply means that it’s no longer effective or safe to use. An oxidized foundation will mean a darker shade or different color from what you had initially intended. What’s more, such a foundation will no longer be long-lasting and will require you to do touch-ups now and then. 

Fenty foundation is a valuable makeup product to many beauty lovers who swear by its wide range of shades and finishes, long-wearing power, and good coverage. Despite its pronounced glory, many people are reluctant to use this foundation due to unanswered questions on whether it oxidizes. If you are among this group, keep reading to find out if the Fenty foundation actually does oxidize. 

Does the Fenty Foundation Oxidize?

Yes, Fenty foundations more so the pro Filt’r soft matte Longwear foundation oxidizes to one shade darker after settling. The Fenty foundation is a great product, but if you are not careful about how you apply it, it can oxidize and turn orange on your skin. 

Why Does Fenty Foundation Oxidize?

Fenty beauty’s foundation is one of the most popular formulas on the market right now, with tons of shade ranges and finishes. However, many customers have been complaining that their Fenty foundation oxidizes after application. This means that the color changes from what it looks like in the bottle or at first application to a darker hue after a few hours of wear. This happens because of several reasons, as highlighted below;

You Are Using Too Much Product.

One of the most common reasons for the oxidizing foundation is using too much product. When you use too much foundation, it will eventually seep into your pores and cause discoloration in areas where there are more pores, such as around your nose and mouth. 

This can also lead to streaking because there’s too much product being applied all over your face at once. 

Not closing it properly after Use.

The number one secret to the prolonged life of your Fenty foundation is to airtight it completely after every single use. This will help prevent any air from getting into the bottle and destabilize the product’s pigments. 

You Aren’t Setting It with Powder.

Setting your foundation with powder helps keep everything in place and prevents fading throughout the day by absorbing excess oils on your face caused by sweat or sebum production. It also creates a smooth surface for makeup application so that every layer sticks better to each other rather than sliding off due to friction from rubbing.

Not Using Primer before Applying Your Foundation.

Primer helps your skin retain moisture and keeps your pores closed, preventing the oxidation process. 

How to Prevent Fenty Foundation from Oxidizing

Prep Your Face by First Cleansing It before Applying the Foundation

The number one secret to avoiding foundation oxidation is to apply the product on a clean skin surface. Riding your face off any debris and makeup residues help provide a smooth surface for your foundation to layer and settle, giving it a long-lasting hold. 

Get Rid of the Excess Oils on Your Face Using a Gentle Skin Toner of Your Choice

Oxidation is generally more common in people with oily skin types and those fond of using oily facial washers. Facial cleansers are known to leave behind excess oils on your face that may turn out to be problematic. 

To help get rid of the excess oils on your face, swipe a thin layer of a gentle toner over your face after the washing. 

Choose Lighter Shades

Choosing a lighter shade will help keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. What’s more, opting for a lighter shade will help balance out the color change. 

Use Primer

Primers are great at keeping your makeup in place all day long, especially if you are going for a natural look. They can also help with oil control and create a neutralized base for the foundation to adhere to. 

Store your foundation in a cool, dry place

How well you store your foundation has a lot to do with whether it oxidizes or not. Exposing your Fenty foundation to long hours of sunlight will destabilize its contents causing it to oxidize. To avoid this, airtight the bottle after every single use and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

Opt For Water Based Fenty Beauty Foundations

The truth is not all Fenty foundations oxidize. To be on the safe side, opt for water-based foundations that will help absorb the excess oil while giving you an extra look you desire.  

Set Your Foundation with a Setting Spray or Powder

Setting your Fenty foundation with a setting spray or powder will help prevent oxidation by taking up the excess oils that may react with the properties in the foundation, causing oxidation. 

Avoid Using Expired Foundations

Using expired foundations is another reason why oxidation may occur. Expired foundations will mostly have their oils separated and at the top, increasing the risk of oxidation. 

Blot Your Face throughout the Day to Keep off Excess Oil 

Blotting your face before and after applying your foundation is an effective way to keep the excess oils away. You can use a piece of clean, soft cloth or tissue to do this whenever your skin feels oily throughout the day. 


Though excellent makeup products, most foundations from the Fenty Beauty brand oxidize due to one reason or another, this, however, should not deter you from using these products that are outstanding and one of a kind in the beauty industry. 

To help minimize oxidation occurrences in your Fenty foundations, ensure to apply them to a clean, primed face and set them up with a setting powder or spray. Additionally, settle on lighter shades to minimize the effects of oxidizing and color change. At the same time, ensure to store your foundation safely away from direct sunlight and heat. With these precautions, you are assured of an easy time when using Fenty foundations from this remarkable brand.