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Does the Fenty Foundation Expire?

Does the Fenty Foundation Expire?

Since its introduction into the beauty world five years ago, Rihanna’s cosmetic company-Fenty Beauty, has been taking the industry by storm. Besides offering a wide range of beauty products for people of all ages and gender, this brand offers quality products that are readily accessible and long-lasting. 

Foundation is one of the bestselling makeup products in this company. Fenty beauty offers different varieties of foundations, such as Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear foundation, pro Filt’r hydrating Longwear foundation, and pro Filt’r mini soft matte Longwear foundation, to name a few. 

Some common advantages of these foundations are that they are waterproof, long-wearing, sweat-proof, and they offer good coverage. Despite their benefits, many users find it hard to rule out if they expire and how to identify an expired Fenty foundation. It is for this reason that this article aims to clarify this misery by answering whether the Fenty foundation expires. 

Benefits of Fenty Beauty Foundation

Before we dig deep into whether Fenty foundation expires or not, it’s essential to first understand the benefits that come with using this product. Fenty Beauty foundations are widely loved owing to their ability to offer some of the following benefits; 

● Fenty beauty foundations are long-wearing and can last up to 24 hours without needing any touch-ups. 

● These foundations also offer a buildable formula and a natural finish 

● They also blend seamlessly into the skin without looking heavy or cakey

● Fenty foundations also offer a wide range of shades for all skin tones, from the fairest to the deepest.

● These foundations are also cruelty-free, waterproof, sweat-proof, and safe to use on different skin types. 

In simple terms, Fenty Beauty is known for its wide range of foundation shades that go past 50 tones today. Inclusivity has become a major selling point for the brand and its competitors, who are striving to appeal to women of all skin tones. 

So, Does the Fenty Foundation Expire?

Yes, despite being long-wearing, Fenty foundation does expire. Most Fenty foundations will have a PAO number. PAO stands for period after opening, and it tells how long the product will be good after opening. If your foundation has a PAO of 12, it means that you should only use it within that period. 

Going past this date is dangerous as the foundation may have hazardous properties that could damage your skin. Worse still, this product may turn out to be less effective and unable to serve its intended purpose. 

Dangers of Using Expired Fenty Foundation

You may think that it’s fine to use your Fenty foundation past its expiration date, given it doesn’t smell weird or look funky. However, there are many dangers associated with using an expired foundation, even if it looks and smells fine. Some of these include; 

Expired Foundation Can Cause Acne Breakouts

Expired Fenty foundation can cause acne breakouts and skin infections. The main reason behind this is that the expired foundation has turned into a bacteria breeding ground due to being exposed to the air for long periods of time. When you apply this foundation to your skin, it will clog up your pores and result in an acne breakout. 

Expired Fenty Foundation Can Cause Skin Allergies and Other Irritations

If you have sensitive skin, the expired foundation can cause rashes and redness. The ingredients used in the foundation, such as preservatives and heavy pigments, can separate over time and become rancid. This, in return, can cause redness and irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Expired Fenty Foundation Can Discolor Your Skin

An expired foundation can sometimes discolor your skin and make you look much older than you really are. 

Using Expired Fenty Foundation Can Cause Skin Infection

Liquid foundations normally have a lifespan of 12 months. When this time elapses, the preservatives in these foundations begin to break down, and this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. This poses a danger to your health as applying such a foundation means transferring the germs to your skin which is dangerous. 

How to Tell If Your Fenty Foundation Has Expired

One of the best ways to avoid the dangers that come with expired Fenty foundation is to be able to tell when your product has gone bad. One critical challenge in the beauty industry is that authoritative bodies such as the FDA do not regulate expiration dates on cosmetics. As such, it’s upon you to check the label yourself or contact the manufacturer for more information on when the product becomes obsolete. 

In addition to this, you can use any of these signs to tell whether your foundation has expired. 

Sparkles in the bottle; if you see sparkles in your foundation, it may have expired. The foundation becomes more concentrated as it nears its expiration date, and if it has been shaken up, the ingredients can clump together and form small flecks of glitter. 

Smell; when your foundation goes bad, it starts to smell. This can be an oily smell or something else entirely, but either way, if it smells strange or off, you should toss the product immediately. 

Texture; If your foundation seems thicker or oiler than usual, there’s a good chance you should toss it. Oils separate from water-based products over time, so if your foundation is thicker than normal, chances are it’s expired. 

Consistency; Old liquid foundations might become watery and lose their coloring, while cream foundations might start turning yellow. If you see any of these signs, it’s best to throw away the product. 

Another way to tell if your Fenty foundation has expired is to check whether it cakes or clumps together after applying it. 

The expiration date on your foundation is there for a reason. It lets you know how long the product will last once opened and exposed to air, light, bacteria, and other elements. In general, you can expect your makeup to start getting bad once it hits two years from the date of purchase. 

Final Thoughts on Whether Fenty Foundation Expires

Though a wonderful beauty product, Fenty foundations by Rihanna does expire. Most of these products will have a PAO icon to guide you on how long you should use them after the initial opening. Besides the stated expiration date, how well you use and store the product has a lot to do with how long it will serve you. 

For best results, ensure to maintain high levels of hygiene when using the products and store them in cool, dry places. Once your foundation expires, toss it immediately to avoid unnecessary consequences that may arise from using such a product.