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Does Grandelash Change Eye Color?

Does Grandelash Change Eye Color?

Grandelash is an award-winning lash enhancing serum from Grande Cosmetics. Lash serums were originally used to treat hair loss before it was discovered that they could also be used for eyelash growth. Grandelash contains useful ingredients ranging from vitamins, amino acids, and peptides that help in enhancing eyelash growth in a span of 4-6 weeks. Grandelash is cruelty-free and paraben-free, and safe to use for contacts and lash extensions. 

This serum works by improving the circulation of blood in your eyelids and along your lash line. The increased flow of blood nourishes the follicles in your eyelid, so they produce more hair. In addition to improving circulation, Grandelash also contains antioxidants that protect against free radical damage and inflammation in your body. These antioxidants also help stimulate collagen production in your skin which makes it look younger and more vibrant. But does Grandelash change eye color? Keep Reading to find out. 

Primary Ingredients in Grandelash

Does Grandelash Change Eye Color?

This serum contains the following ingredients that aid in eyelash growth and maintenance. Hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) helps in conditioning dry and brittle lashes and helps prevent breakage. Amino acids help achieve healthy, stronger, and fortified lashes. Vitamin E works to promote the growth of healthy and stronger lashes. Glycosaminoglycans work to lock in moisture and promote lash resilience and luster. Botanical extract blend that’s derived from natural sources to help strengthen the lash follicle. 

Does Grandelash Change Eye Color?

Grande Cosmetics, the providers of this serum, market it as a safe to apply product that causes no color change to your eyelid. Take note, however, that Grandelash serum contains a critical ingredient known as prostaglandin or prostaglandin analog. 

Though a beneficial property in enhancing eyelash growth, previous studies have linked this ingredient to causing the darkening of the iris. This is because prostaglandin works by stimulating the pigment found in the eye area to help strengthen and darken the lashes. As it does, this prostaglandin ingredient causes a change of color around the eye area and other side effects such as irritation, inflammation, and redness. Following this information, it’s safe to say that a change of eye color might be possible when using Grandelash serum as it contains prostaglandin. 

This is, however, dependent on the type of your eye color, as explained below;

How Your Eye Color Type Impacts Change of Color When Using Grandelash Serum

Whether you will experience eye color change or not when using Grandelash serum depends on your eye color type. This serum is known to cause darkening of the iris in people with greenish-brown, amber, light-brown, grayish-brown, and yellowish-brown eye color types. 

How dark your eyes turn when using a prostaglandin-containing serum depends on the amount of melanin pigment in them. Grandelash serum works through stimulation of the melanin pigment, which gives birth to darker lashes but also some darkening on the skin around the eyes. This is why there is little to no change in people with brownish and blue eyes, as such characters have very minimal melanin in their iris. As such application of Grandelash serum which contains the prostaglandin ingredient known to react with the melanin pigment and cause darkening of the iris, will cause no major impacts. 

How to Lessen Eye Color Change When Using Grandelash Serum

Grandelash eyelash serum is a highly beneficial product that you shouldn’t miss in your eye care routine. It’s safe to say that its benefits outweigh its side effects. If you have amber, light-brown, grayish-brown, or any other eye color type mentioned above, it is essential that you take some considerations when using Grandelash serum to help minimize the darkening of your iris as the product reacts with the melanin in your eyes. Below are some of the proven measures to counter color change when using Grandelash eye serum;

Prep your face and eyelashes

Before applying Grandelash serum, it’s critical that you first prep your face and lashes thorough cleansing to remove any residual makeup and other debris. This will help ensure that the product absorbs easily into the intended skin and performs maximally. Furthermore, prepping your lashes and eye area beforehand will help prevent color change by removing any foreign material that may distract the formula from absorbing into the lash roots.  

When prepping the face, ensure to remove the contact lenses if available, as they may cause irritation when they come into contact with Grandelash serum. 

Follow the application procedure

Like any other eyelash serum, Grandelash serum will come with a user’s manual for your reference. Ensure to follow all the stated guidelines without fail, taking caution to avoid overapplication and getting the product to your lower lash line. Grandelash serum should only be applied to the upper lash line and should never get into your eyes. Again, you should apply the serum at the root of your lashes and not on them. Applying the serum to the lashes may cause a color change. 

If the product accidentally gets into your eyes, rinse it off immediately using clean running water and contact your doctor for further guidance. Applying the serum to your lower lash line may cause irritation and color change. 

Avoid using too much

Grandelash serum is highly pigmented, and as such, a little product goes a long way. You should therefore ensure to use only a single stroke on your upper lash line. Applying more than one stroke will result in the product getting all over your eye area and causing the color change.  

Final Thoughts on Whether Grandelash Changes Eye Color

Although Grande cosmetics doesn’t list darkening of the iris as one of the side effects of Grandelash serum, it’s safe to note that this serum may or may not change the color of your eyes. Grandelash serum contains prostaglandin, which is known to cause a color change in some people. 

How this serum will react with your eyes depends on your eye color and how you use it. If you have light-brown, amber, or grayish-brown eye colors, consult your physician first before using this serum, as your chances of experiencing color change are very high. Again, stay away from this serum if you are pregnant or below the age of 18 years. 

If you experience irritation, inflammation, and darkening of the iris when using this serum, stop its usage immediately and consult your doctor. Be extra cautious as some side effects from Grandelash serum are non-irreversible. To reap the maximum benefits from this product, ensure to use it daily and only apply a single coat to your upper lash lines.