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Worrying About Forehead Wrinkles at 18: What You Should Know

Worrying About Forehead Wrinkles at 18: What You Should Know

Frown lines and deep forehead wrinkles are something we can all agree is a normal part of aging. But what about the forehead wrinkles that show up when you’re in your teens? 

When I was 18, I couldn’t help but worry that my frown lines would get even more profound as time went on, and they were already pretty bad at that age. But then I learned a few things about wrinkles. Therefore, now this isn’t much of an issue anymore! Read on to find out more. 

Worrying About Forehead Wrinkles at 18

Forehead wrinkles are small lines that show up in the center of your forehead, and they arise because of chronic muscle contractions. When we frown, our muscles move and cause these lines to form and help shape our faces. Over time, this causes wrinkles to form on the forehead due to the movement. Sometimes squinting can also cause forehead wrinkles.

The overarching idea is that we want to reduce the potential for these muscle contractions, and the best way to do it is to remember to smile more. Smiling can help you relax your muscles and keep them from wrinkling up in those lines.

 It’s also a good habit because smiling helps make you feel better, even if your life is rough. Who knows, maybe when you smile more, whatever’s causing you to frown will get resolved and make those lines go away.

Are Forehead Wrinkles a Sign of Aging?

While it’s true that most people start developing them around the time they turn 30, some may develop as early as their 20’s. However, there are people out there who never develop them or even have wrinkles in other places of their faces. The forehead wrinkles aren’t a sign that you’re getting old at all.

Who Gets Them?

People with fair skin tend to get more forehead wrinkles than darker complexions because the ridges show more against their skin. For this reason, natural redheads tend to get deeper lines than other people, but it’s not always the case for everyone.

The Science Behind the Wrinkle-free Forehead

If you’re passionate about science like I am, you might want to know the reason behind your forehead wrinkles. Here’s the scoop: Fatty acids are what cause your skin cells to die and form wrinkles. 

When they build up on your face between sun exposure and regular use of oil-based makeup and moisturizers, your skin’s epidermis thins out, and you start seeing wrinkles in places like the forehead. 

It’s not all bad news, though. If you’re proactive about reducing fatty acids from your face, you’ll keep yourself wrinkle-free for much longer than if you don’t do anything at all. Keeping your skin moisturized will help prevent fatty acids from building up and attacking your face. 

It would be best to keep your diet low in saturated fats. They are the biggest culprits for causing those wrinkle lines to form.

How Does Facial Exercise Affect Wrinkles?

Facial exercises improve movement among the muscles around your face. It’s not uncommon to see people who have been working out their faces for a while. 

While it is not clear if these exercises reduce or prevent lines yet, they can certainly help improve the health and movement of your facial muscles. Even if you’re not getting rid of your wrinkles with exercise, the results are still pretty fun to look at when they’re over.

The Truth About Botox and Other Wrinkle-Reduction Treatments

Botox injections are the standard technique for reducing forehead wrinkles. In the procedure, a type of protein called “botulinum toxin” gets injected into your forehead, which relaxes the muscles responsible for the wrinkles. 

The injections are usually between every 3-4 months to maintain the procedure results. They can cost anywhere from $200-$600 per treatment.

Why It’s Okay if You Have Wrinkles on Your 18th Birthday

Everyone develops these lines as they age, which is a good thing! It means that you are living your life to the fullest. So don’t sweat it if you have them when you’re 18 because it’s not necessarily a sign of aging.

We subconsciously do frowning to express emotions like anger, sadness, and confusion. 

But on our 18th birthday (and every year after), we tend to frown less simply because we’re pretty happy with how life has turned out so far. As a result, you’ll have fewer wrinkles on your face which can help you look younger than you are.

Preventing Premature aging with a Healthy Lifestyle 

While it’s essential to be careful about exposure to the sun and pollution, there are some simple steps that you can follow daily to help prevent premature aging. These include:

● Keep your face moisturized with a good SPF.

● Getting enough rest Most importantly, remember that wrinkles aren’t necessarily something we need to worry about. They are a sign that you’re living your life.

The Natural Approach to Wrinkle Reduction

There’s much you can do naturally to reduce your chances of developing wrinkles. Eating healthy foods and getting plenty of exercise will keep your skin looking youthful for longer and help you reduce those volumes of fatty acids. 

Blocking out the sun and wearing a good amount of SPF lotion can reduce the aging of the skin. Also, smiling more will help. The only other thing I want to focus on here is common sense and self-control: Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke or drink excessively. 

Tips for Those Who Want to Reduce Their Risk of Developing Wrinkles Early in Life

Those worried about their exposure to the sun should use a good SPF. A great way to start is by using what’s already in your home. Here is an excellent tip for you:

● Get rid of age spots on your face.

It is one of the best homemade wrinkle remedies to use at home to prevent wrinkles.


As you can see, it’s never early to start thinking about wrinkles. We hope that this blog post has got your brain spinning with ideas on how to protect the skin of your face and neck from premature aging.