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What Causes Sticky Hands? 

What Causes Sticky Hands? 

Do you have the feeling that your hands are always sticking to everything? Maybe it’s because your house is humid and sticky, or maybe it’s because you’re sweaty. But what if it’s not an environmental factor at all? What if there was a reason for those sticky hands other than sweat and humidity?

This blog post will discuss the various things that can cause sticky fingers and fix them! 

What Causes Sticky Hands? 

What Causes Sticky Hands?

1. Sweat

Sweating is normal. We all know that our hands get wet when we’re hot, but what about the fact that they also sweat at other times? Yes, you can be walking down a busy street and stay dry while everyone around you has sweaty palms.

If that happens to be something like exercise-induced hyperhidrosis, try using antiperspirant. It will help stop those sweaty hands from sticking to everything!

If you don’t think that is the case, maybe your hands are sweating because of environmental factors like humidity and heat. If that’s the case, visit an expert on dealing with overly humid rooms or how to cool your house.

2. Food

Another common reason for sticky hands is food. If you’re touching different things with your hands, there’s probably some residue on them from the various objects that have been touched. That could be something as simple as dirt, or it could be jelly or honey! The best way to deal with it is to wash your hands before touching other things.

If you think it’s food, there are a few different options for dealing with the problem depending on what kind of residue is left behind and how your hands feel when they’re sticky. Try using a wet wipe if something has spilt onto them that doesn’t come off right away. After washing, if your hand still feels sticky, try using a hand sanitizer or soap.

3. Acne

When did minor acne on your face become such a big problem? If you have oily skin, it’s because of sweat and oil being mixed. Sometimes the pores can’t regulate this mixture properly, and then there is an eruption (you can see where we’re going with that one). 

When these pores get clogged up with oil, there’s not much room for anything else to go through. That can cause something like acne or, at the least clogged pores that turn into blackheads.

If that happens to your hands, visit a dermatologist about how to get rid of oily skin. In the meantime, always wash your hands before eating and try not touching too many things with them if you can avoid it! They’ll help with what is happening and get rid of the issue.

4. Chapped skin

It’s easy to get chapped hands. If you don’t moisturize them regularly, they can become dry and start flaking off, which everyone wants to avoid! First, stop washing your hands as much (you shouldn’t need to do this more than once a day). Use some lotion two to three times a day.

If you are already doing that, but it’s not helping, try using an exfoliator once or twice a week. It will help eliminate dead skin cells stuck together in the chapped areas and allow the lotion to do its job better.

5. Dry air

You might have noticed that your hands get stickier when there’s dust in the air or if you’re outside. That is because dry air makes it difficult for moisture to stay on our skin, and sometimes this can cause some problems. If you notice that your hands are sticking more than usual, wash them thoroughly with soap and water or use a wet wipe.

6. Poor hygiene

It might seem like a no-brainer, but poor hygiene can be the cause of sticky hands. If you don’t wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom or before eating, there’s going to be trash left behind on them that will attract other objects and make things stick together.

7. Petroleum jelly 

Petroleum jelly is a great way to moisturize different parts of your body, but it can also attract dirt and other particles. If you notice that things are sticking together whenever they touch the area where petroleum jelly was used, wash off before trying anything else.

Try an exfoliator if that doesn’t work or you don’t want to go through the hassle. It will help eliminate all the little pieces stuck in your skin and allow the moisturizer to be absorbed instead!

8. Lipstick and other makeup products

Lipstick can be a significant contributor to sticky hands. If you wear it, there will be some residue on your fingers that will stick onto other things. It also tends to get smudged everywhere, which isn’t usually intentional!

Suppose you’re noticing that mth lipstick or another product more than usual, wash off all excess before trying to handle something or put hands in your pocket/purse. If that doesn’t work, try a makeup remover wipe before washing with soap and water.

If you want help finding out what is causing this issue specifically, ask someone who knows about makeup products for some advice! They’ll be able to tell you how to remove the product and what to do about it.

9. Car oil

When trying to get rid of oily skin, don’t forget about your hands! You might get tempted to do things like a scratch or touch your face when you’re in the car (or anywhere else) because it’s annoying. However, if there is any residual oil on your fingers, that will go straight onto your face and cause some problems.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, always wash your hands with soap and water when you get out of the car unless there is something else nearby to use immediately. Also, try not touching too many other things while driving so that it’s easier to keep clean!


As you can see, sticky hands can be a severe problem that needs to be dealt with if you don’t want your life to turn into one big mess. Luckily there are many ways of dealing with the issue, and it’s not hard or complicated at all! Just try these steps out and see how long they take for your problem to disappear.