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Why Does Your Skin Look Plastic?

Why Does Your Skin Look Plastic?

Since time immemorial, the skin has been described as the most delicate body organ that requires the best care. This has not changed even with the invention and innovation taking place in the beauty world. For you to have healthy glowing skin, you must take all the precautions, including being careful about the products you apply on your skin and minimizing your exposure to direct sunlight. 

A plastic-looking skin is a dangerous encounter that communicates with your body lacking one or two essential nutrients. Your skin will mostly appear plastic after it has been deprived of vital nutrients and properties. A plastic-looking skin is dangerous as it communicates the unhealthy state of your skin.

Below we discuss the nitty-gritty of plastic-looking skin to help you identify this condition immediately after it manifests on your body and act on it accordingly. Also, this article was inspired by this thread from reddit

How Does Plastic Skin Look?

A plastic-looking skin appears tired, dehydrated, and deprived of essential nutrients. This type of skin is mostly pale, with early signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.  

Why Does Your Skin Look Plastic?

Your skin looking plastic is an indication that all is not okay. Healthy skin appears bright, youthful, and lively, while plastic-looking skin is pale, worn out, and dehydrated. The following are some of the reasons behind your skin looking plastic;

Too Much Exposure to the Unhealthy Sunlight

Any skin expert will tell you that there exists healthy sunlight and unhealthy sunlight. Healthy sunlight is gentle on your skin, and it helps add vital ingredients such as vitamin D to it. This type of sunlight is experienced during the early hours of the day, mostly from 7 to 10 am. 

Anything past this time is a monster to your skin, and you should take all the precautions to avoid too much exposure to it. Avoid going out or working under hot sun from 11 am to 4 pm as this sun is dangerous to your skin. 

Drug and Substance Abuse

Besides deteriorating your health taking drugs has a negative impact on the general well-being of your skin. Drugs deprive your skin of essential nutrients and expose it to harsh environmental factors, thus making it appear dull and tired. 

What you take in as food has a lot to do with how well your skin flourishes. The food you take in contains essential nutrients that help feed and nourish the skin enabling it to remain healthy. What’s more, the nutrients in your food help repair the damaged skin barrier and keep your skin hydrated. 

Failure to Take in Sufficient Amount of Water

Water is an essential property that helps keep your skin strong and glowing. Taking a sufficient amount of water ensures that your skin has the essential nutrients needed to keep it lively and glowing. Moreover, enough water in your skin is essential as it ensures that the biological process of shedding off dead skin cells takes place with little to no disturbance.

Psychological Stress

Believe it or not, mental health is deeply associated with your general health, including that of your skin. When you are stressed, your mind and appetite are greatly affected, and this interferes with the normal functioning of your brain and body. Processes such as the shading of dead skin cells automatically delay in a stressed person, and this is why a stressed lady will have dull, tired skin while a happy soul will have glowing skin. 

Exposure to Harsh Environmental Factors

Most people make the mistake of believing that sunlight is the only harsh environmental factor. This is not true, and sunlight only makes a small part of many external factors that can harm your skin. Some encounters such as strong winds, spending too much time in tanning beds, conducting strong procedures such as uncontrolled chemical exfoliation and surgery on your face, and using harsh skincare products can result in your skin looking plastic. 

How to Keep Your Skin from Looking Plastic

Now that we know what causes our skin to look plastic, it’s essential that we take a look at some of the proven ways that can help us keep it from this monster. Below are some good measures that can help keep your skin healthy and young. 

Stay Hydrated by Drinking Loads of Water

Water is a vital element that helps in your skin repair and rejuvenation. Taking in sufficient amounts of water helps in the digestion and excretion of foreign materials, such as dead skin cells from your skin. What’s more, good amounts of water play a significant role in enhancing your skin’s elasticity and repair. Therefore, take water frequently to keep your skin glowing and healthy. 

Maintain a Regular and Healthy Skincare Routine

A healthy skincare routine that incorporates cleansing, exfoliating, priming, and moisturizing your skin is a sure way of keeping it healthy and young. Cleansing and exfoliating your skin regularly helps get rid of unwanted oils and dead skin cells that block your pores, causing breakouts and wear out of your skin. 

Adding a moisturizer and a primer to your skincare routine helps provide essential ingredients necessary for the repair and proper functioning of your skin. 

Always Use a Sunscreen When Out In the Sun

Although basking under the sun feels heavenly more so during winter, it’s essential that you incorporate a 30+ SPF sunscreen in your daily skincare routine to help protect against the negative effects of the sun. A 30+ SPF sunscreen will help protect your skin against the negative effects of the sun and direct encounters with UV rays known to cause skin cancer. 

Live a Healthy Lifestyle That Incorporates Eating a Balanced Diet and Avoiding Stress

The state of your skin speaks volumes about the type of lifestyle you are living. If you are stressed, your skin will automatically appear dull and out of life. At the same time, a happy and satisfied person will enjoy youthful and healthy skin that’s free of breakouts and blemishes. 

You, therefore, need to avoid stress as it interferes with the normal functioning of your body, delaying important processes such as excretion and exfoliation. Besides staying away from stress, you must also add fruits and essential vegetables to your diet to help add the needed nutrients to your body. Moreover, avoid taking hard drugs as they interfere with the absorption of nutrients in your blood. 

Wear Protective Clothing and Cover Your Skin When Outdoor

If you must be out in the scorching sun, ensure to wear protective clothing sun as hats, glasses, and clothes that cover your hands and body to avoid the negative impacts of the sun. Also, minimize the time you spend out in the sun, and if possible, don’t exceed more than one hour in that environment. 

Above, you have all the details about what plastic-looking skin is, its implications, and how to avoid the condition. Therefore, go ahead and enjoy glowing, healthy skin by following all the recommended measures above.