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Scrunchie vs. Hair Tie

Scrunchie vs. Hair Tie

Like your skin, hair is one of the most delicate body parts, and it requires the best care to maintain its glow and health. Most people, however, make the mistake of believing that the only care you ought to take is using safe hair care products on your scalp and hair. This is not true, as how you tie your hair and the hair bands you use matter a lot. 

Using safe and quality hair care products on your hair is useless if you do not take extra precautions in how you tie it. Scrunchie and hair tie are two of the most popular bands in the market today. So which one of these two is safe for your hair? 

This blog post details everything you need to know between Scrunchie and Hair Tie to help you choose the best for your hair. Therefore stick around to gain the best insight into these two hair accessories. 

What is Scrunchie?

Scrunchie is a popular hair accessory whose history dates back in time to the late 80s and early 90s. These accessories were invented by Romy Revson, a famous singer and nightclub performer in the 80s who had the desire to make a hair tie band out of fabric material. In her quest to make this dream a reality, Romy managed to produce the first-ever Scrunchie out of fabric material in 1987. 

Since then, these hair accessories have evolved into many different styles, sizes, and patterns. They work best for all hair types and are the safest bands to use on your delicate hair as they are made of fabric and do not damage your hair. 

Scrunchie vs. Hair Tie

Advantages of Scrunchie

Scrunchie Helps Prevent Hair Breakage

Scrunchie always has a fabric material around the elastic band, and this helps prevent your hair from coming into contact with the elastic, which is known to cause breakage in hair ties. Scrunchie also exerts less pressure on the elastic holding your hair, thus preventing it from breakage. 

They Help Add a Sense of Fashion to Your Look

Scrunchie is available in a wide range of colors and styles, and you can easily choose different styles to complement your look. You can use Scrunchie to make different hairstyles such as a braided ponytail, low bun, round bun, half high ponytail, two-sided bun, half bun, and top knot Scrunchie, to name a few. 

They Hold Your Hair Back Firmly Without Leaving Any Creases 

The ability to hold your hair backward firmly and softly without leaving the annoying crease on it is one reason why Scrunchie is a favorite among most people. Creases interfere with your entire look making you appear out of fashion and confused. 

Scrunchie also has the ability to hold more hair at once compared to hair ties. 

Scrunchie is bulkier and has the ability to hold your hair firmly than most hair ties. You only need to exact a little bit of pressure to have all your hair in place when using Scrunchie as compared to using hair ties. 

They Can Be Used On Any Type of Hairstyle

You can use Scrunchie on any type of hair, such as curly hair, straight, thin, short, long, or thick. Scrunchie holds your hair firmly without causing breakage. You can also use Scrunchie to style your hair to any different style that you would wish on earth. This range from anything like a low ponytail bun high ponytail bun, among others. 

Scrunchie Make a Perfect Wristband

Are you looking for a wrist accessory that will leave you feeling beautiful and comfortable at the same time? Then, it’s time to let down your hair and add that Scrunchie to your wrist to make a perfect and fashionable accessory. 

Different Types of Scrunchie Materials

Scrunchie is available in a wide range of materials and styles, as discussed below;

Fleece Scrunchie

Scrunchie vs. Hair Tie

Fleece Scrunchie is an environmentally friendly hair band made out of 100% fleece material and plastic-free elastic. These scrunchies do not contain harmful substances and are soft, smooth, and comfortable on your hair. You can use these materials to tie your hair in different styles, including a ponytail bun or the famous two-sided bun. 

Velvet Scrunchie

Scrunchie vs. Hair Tie

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Velvet Scrunchie is made of softer fabrics that exact less pressure on your hair. The other common Scrunchie materials include slip, silk, and thermal. 

Hair Tie

Scrunchie vs. Hair Tie

Hair ties are traditional circular hair accessories made of elastic bands that help hold up your hair together. These accessories are available in a wide range of styles, designs, and fashion. They are also easy to find and wear. 

Advantages of Hair Ties

Hair ties are advantageous because of the following reasons;

They help hold up all your hair

If you are looking for an accessory that will help keep your hair in place all day, hair ties are the products to go for. They hold your hair firmly, enabling it to stay in place all day. 

Hair ties are available in a wide range of styles and designs

Like Scrunchie, hair ties are available in a wide range of designs and styles. You can, therefore, easily find what suits you without much struggle. 

Shortcomings of Hair Ties

They Are Known To Cause Hair Breakage

Unlike Scrunchie, hair ties do not have a fabric material around their elastic band, and this results in the band coming into contact with your hair often. The friction between your hair and the elastic band forces some strands of hair to pull off whenever you get the band out. 

Take note also that hair ties exalt a lot of pressure on your hair and scalp, and this ends up causing breakage. 

These Accessories Can Cause Headaches and Frequent Migraines

Unlike Scrunchie, which is known to exalt less pressure on your hair and scalp, traditional hair ties are dangerous as they pull your hair and put too much pressure on your scalp, which causes migraines. Take note also that these accessories have a narrower surface area which leads to pressure being distributed to one place instead of distributing it to your entire head, which is less painful. 

Scrunchie vs. Hair Tie: Which One Is Better For You?

From the discussion above, it is clear that Scrunchie is safer and more comfortable to wear than traditional hair ties. Scrunchie is made using softer materials that make it possible to wear them all day long and even sleep in them. What’s more, these accessories help hold up your entire hair without exalting too much pressure on your scalp. 

Besides helping keep your hair together, Scrunchie is also used as fashion accessories, and you can add them to your wrist to boost your look. With these arguments, it is clear that Scrunchie is better than traditional hair ties.