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MoxieLash vs. Tori Belle

MoxieLash vs. Tori Belle

So you’re thinking of trying eyelash extensions but don’t know which brand of lashes to get? MoxieLash and Tori Belle are two of the top brands of eyelash extensions on the market today. These two eyelash extension brands understand your struggle. They don’t just claim to be the best, but they are actually the best. 

It can be very confusing deciding which of these two brands is right for you. Actually, many women believe that these two brands have many similarities when it comes to performance and overall quality. To make work easier for you, we have rounded up this blog post explaining how MoxieLash vs. Tori Belle compare, differentiate and how to choose the best eyelash extension for you. 


MoxieLash Company was established in 2017. It’s headquartered in San Diego, California, and boasts of over 40 different designs of magnetic eyelashes. Its lashes are waterproof, paraben-free, vegan, easy to maintain and apply, and safe to use on all types of eyes. 

How to Apply MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes

MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes are easy to apply and maintain. To apply them, you only need to swipe the eyeliner along your natural lash line and give it around 3 minutes to dry. Next, click your favorite lashes along the lash line, and off you go. 

Pros of using MoxieLash eyelashes

● They are easy to apply and maintain 

● Offer a variety of lashes to choose from

● They last longer compared to Tori Bella lashes

Limitations of MoxieLash eyelashes

● It only comes with a magnetic eyeliner which is dark-colored and easily gets messy, unlike the Tori Belle, which besides the eyeliner, have the mascara 

Tori Belle

Founded in 2019 by Laura Hunter, Tori Belle cosmetics are taking the beauty world by storm. Today, it offers different beauty products ranging from magnetic lashes, lip gloss, eye shadows, mascara, and primer, to name a few. 

Its magnetic lashes come in a pack of 10 magnets and six different styles that are trimmable from both ends. They also contain eight tiny magnetic anchors for increased hold. Tori Belle magnetic lashes can be worn using magnitude magnetic eyeliner or magnetic mascara. With proper care and maintenance, Tori Belle magnetic lashes can be reused up to 20 times. 

How to Apply Tori Belle Magnetic Eyelashes (using the magnitude eyeliner or magnetic mascara)

Step 1: Choose your preferred lash style

Tori Belle magnetic eyelashes offer different styles to choose from depending on the occasion/event. These lashes are also trimmable, and you can easily trim them to fit your eye’s size and shape. 

Step 2: Apply the eyeliner

After choosing your preferred lashes for the day, the next step is to apply the eyeliner/mascara. For best results, you will need to apply two coats of the magnitude eyeliner/mascara and wait for it to dry in between applications before you can put on the lashes; after the two coats of the application, give the liner/mascara 2 to 3 minutes to dry completely. 

Step 3: Put on the lashes

After your liner is completely dry, you can go ahead and put on your chosen lashes. For best results, ensure to put the lashes starting with the inside corner as you work towards the outer edge. Next, you can apply the anchors if you need the lashes to last longer. 

Pros of using Tori Belle magnetic lashes

● When applied correctly, the lashes hold the entire day

● Tori Belle magnetic lashes pack come with extra anchors to help in enhancing stability

● You can apply them using the magnitude eyeliner or the magnetic mascara

Cons of using Tori Belle magnetic lashes

● The application process is time-consuming and not friendly to beginners

● They are not as long-lasting as compared to MoxieLash lashes which can be reused over 30 times

MoxieLash vs. Tori Belle: Which is Better for You

As you can already tell, it’s not easy choosing between the above two companies first, because they are both reputable brands, and two because they are both in the market to offer you the best products and services. 

Nevertheless, the right choice of eyelashes for you will depend on a number of factors such as your budget, time, preference, eye shape and size, and how long you want to have the lashes. If you are in the market for long-lasting, easy to apply, and maintain magnetic eyelashes, MoxieLash eyelashes are your go-to product. 

If you are looking for a falsie that will leave you looking classy all day without having to worry about protruding eyeliner, then Tori Belle eyelashes will do you good. 

How to Maintain Your Magnetic Eyelashes for Longer

How long your magnetic lashes serve you does not depend on the brand you go for but how well you take care of the lashes. A Tori Belle lash may last you longer than a MoxieLash eyelash depending on the effort you put into maintaining it. To enhance your eyelash longevity, you should practice the following maintenance tips irrespective of the brand. 

Do Not Sleep in Your Lashes

One of the surest ways to maintain your eyelashes for longer is to avoid sleeping in them. Why? Because you can easily damage them as you toss and roll in your sleep. Therefore always ensure to take off your magnetic eyelashes before going to bed. 

Clean the Lashes and Get Them Back to The Box

It’s bedtime, and you are tired from all the day’s hassle, but kindly do not jump to bed before you get rid of all the makeup in your lashes. Every brand provides a makeup remover and procedure for cleaning the lashes. Ensure to follow this to the latter and put your lashes back in their box for future use. 

Follow the Application and Removal Procedure.

How well you adhere to the application and removal instructions is very important in maintaining your eyelashes. Skipping a step in the application process may, for instance, damage your lashes preventing you from wearing them again. 

Take note that every brand’s magnetic eyelashes are different and need to be applied and maintained differently.