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MoxieLash vs. Lashify: Which Lashes are Better?

MoxieLash vs. Lashify: Which Lashes are Better?

Did you know that men find women with thicker eyebrows more attractive and better life partners than their counterparts? Well, if you have been questioning the reason behind the boom in the eyelashes industry, you now have the answer.

Besides attracting love, eyelashes help highlight a person’s facial features, which helps women feel more attractive and confident. But, unfortunately not every woman is lucky enough to have blooming natural lashes.

This is why many of them are on the run to get the best lashes to complement they’re not so beautiful natural lashes. This has resulted in an overflow in the eyelashes industry as brands sprout daily to meet the growing demand. 

Though a good thing as it leverages the price, this may confuse a first-timer. 

That’s why we have rounded up this blog post on two of the most common eyelashes brands to help you make an informed decision.


Founded in 2016 by Sahara Lotti, Lashify has its headquarters in North Hollywood, California. Its products are, however, produced and designed in Korea. This company offers a set of eyelash extensions that, if properly applied, can last for up to seven days. 

Lashify has over 50 trademarks and patents. It also offers the world’s first lash extension. Its lashes are made using high-quality fiber and are considered one of the best in the market. You can either get the lashes as a kit or individually, where you’ll buy the bond, applicator wand, and the lashes separately.   

Unlike with other lashes which lie on top of your lash line, Lashify lashes fix on the underside of your natural lashes. This helps keep them light and discreet, blending well with your natural eyelashes. 

The lashes are also cut into cruelty-free tiny clusters, which help them blend well with your natural lashes. The Lashify lashes kit contains two sets of Gossamer lashes meant for each eye, a fuse control wand to apply the lashes, a whisper-light dual-sided bond, a mirror, a cleaning solution, and a waterproof sealing coat. 


MoxieLash vs. Lashify: Which Lashes are Better?


How to Apply the Lashify Eyelashes 

Unlike with MoxieLash eyelashes, Lashify lashes may be complicated to apply, more so for a first-timer. You, however, don’t have to worry because the brand provides tutorial videos to ease your struggle. Here are the major steps to follow in applying Lashify eyelashes. 

Clean your Natural Lashes

One major thing to note is that before applying Lashify eyelashes, your natural lashes should be spotlessly clean. The Lashify eyelashes kit will come with a cleaning solution to clean your natural lashes. 

Therefore, all you have to do is get a piece of cotton, deep it into the solution and gently wipe off any mascara or makeup from your natural lashes. 

Apply the Bond

After cleaning your lashes, it’s time now to gently apply the formula that will help the Gossamer strips stick to your natural lashes. This is known as the Whisper Light Flexible Bond and will be provided in your Lashify lashes kit. Take time to read the manufacturer’s instructions before proceeding with the application of the bond. 

In most cases, manufacturers will ask you to apply a light coat of the bond on the underside of your lashes. Go ahead and do exactly that. Too much of the bond may make it impossible for the strips to dry or stick. 

Unlike with the MoxieLash eyeliner, which is only dark in color, the Lashify bond is dual-sided. Depending on your complexion and preference, you can decide to apply the darker side or the colorless/white side.  

Now Apply and Set the Strips.

It’s now time to fix the Gossamer strips on the underside of your natural lashes. Lashify provides a Fuse Control Wand to assist in this process. The only thing you need to do is use the wand to get the strips out of the box and fix them on the underside of your lashes. 

After the lashes are properly placed, you can easily fuse them to match your natural eyelashes using the same wand tool. Lastly, apply the Glass waterproof extender to help them stick in for longer, and off you go. You are now good to go with the Lashify lashes. 

Advantages of Lashify 

● The kit comes with everything you need to apply the lashes at home without having to visit a salon

● You can easily customize the lashes to your desired length and type

● The lashes easily integrate with your natural lashes 

● Offer cruelty-free products

● Have excellent after-sale services such as a 20 minute one on one video call to help answer any unclear issues with customers

● Their products are made using some of the best synthetic materials in the world, making them long-lasting  

Limitations of Lashify

● Consume more time to apply compared to MoxieLash lashes

● The application process is a bit tricky for a first-timer

● It’s more expensive compared to the MoxieLash lashes


MoxieLash Company has its headquarters in San Diego, California. It was established in 2017 MoxieLash boosts over 40 different designs of magnetic eyelashes that are waterproof, vegan, and easy to apply and maintain. 

You can comfortably wear the lashes the entire day without having to worry about them falling off. Moreover, MoxieLash lashes are paraben-free and safe to use on all types of eyes. 

MoxieLash vs. Lashify: Which Lashes are Better?

Advantages of MoxieLash

● Easy to apply and maintain lashes

● Weather-resistant eyelashes

● Different varieties of lashes to choose from

● Safe for all types of eyes

● Affordable compared to Lashify eyelashes

Limitations of MoxieLash

● Unlike Lashify, which can last a week on your eyes, this last only a day

● Contain only dark-colored liner, which may easily get messy

● They are not as discrete as Lashify eyelashes, which are applied on the underside of your natural lashes

MoxieLash Vs. Lashify: Which is Better for You

From the discussion above, it’s clear that each of these products has its own strengths and weaknesses. Although considered a bit expensive and complicated to apply, Lashify eyelashes may just be what you are looking for. 

Furthermore, the company has readily accessible video tutorials and a well-detailed manufacturer’s manual guide to help you hack the application process. Note that these lashes are long-lasting and easily blend with your natural lashes, giving you the most discrete look you may desire.