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Matte vs. Satin Lipstick

Matte vs. Satin Lipstick

Choosing the right lipstick can be a daunting task with many factors to consider, such as ingredients list, shade, color, and finish. However, the highly ignored lipstick finish plays a critical role in your overall makeup look. It, for instance, determines the lipstick’s wear time, appearance, and pigmentation.

The lipstick you wear affects not only your looks but also influences your feelings and confidence. Are you looking for something dramatic to march your unending energy, or do you need something cooler to complement your calm composure? The answer to this question lies in the lipstick finish you choose. 

Matte & Satin lipsticks are two of the most popular lip finishes in the market today. Although each promises a satisfying end look, these two finishes are completely different. So, what’s entailed in the two finishes, and which one is better for you? Keep reading to find out. 

Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick finish refers to a color that’s pure natural with no shimmer, shine, or glitter. These formulas are the longest-lasting, and they transfer easily. The matte finish gives your lips a smooth, velvety texture and a richer and vibrant color appearance. 

Matte vs. Satin Lipstick

Matte lipstick finishes are also more drying and will show any crack or blemish on your lips. Following this, you should always exfoliate to get rid of dead skin build-up before applying this formula. 

Pros of Matte Lipstick

● Matte lipsticks are more long-wearing than satin lipsticks

● This lip finish does not smudge

● Looks more natural than satin lipsticks

● Matte finish does not stick on your clothes or cups

Shortcomings of Matte Lipstick

● They are harder to work with as they feel drier than other formulas. 

● This lipstick finish may emphasize the appearance of blemishes existing on your lips, such as fine lines and other flaws. 

● Requires that you exfoliate before using it

How to Apply Matte Finish Lipstick

Matte finish is most applicable when you want to accentuate or draw attention to the shape of your lips. This formula is known to be very drying on the lips. As such, you should start by hydrating your lips to avoid flaking and other adverse effects of this lip product. You can follow the following steps when applying this formula to your lips. 

Exfoliate Your Lips

To ensure the formula applies smoothly to the lips, scrub them first to get rid of any dead skin. You can use an over-the-counter lip exfoliator or a homemade exfoliator composed of brown sugar and lemon. 

Moisturize the Lips

Experts recommend hydrating the lips with a non-comedogenic and gentle lip balm to minimize the drying effects of a matte lipstick finish. After applying a sufficient amount of the hydrating balm, ensure to get rid of any leftovers using a piece of tissue before layering the matte lipstick. 

Apply the Matte Lipstick

The next task after exfoliating and hydrating your lips is to gently apply the matte lipstick. A thin layer of matte lipstick is enough to lash you the entire day. 

Satin Lipstick

Satin finish formula in lipsticks falls somewhere between matte and cream finishes. This finish is not as flat as a matte finish, nor is it as glossy as a cream finish. It has some shine and some opacity at the same time. Satin lipsticks are also more hydrating than matte lipstick finish, and they don’t accentuate aging signs as the latter. 

Matte vs. Satin Lipstick

Satin lipstick contains a silky texture that easily fades away with time.  

Advantages of Satin Lipstick

● Satin lipstick helps hydrate your lips

● It contains a weightless texture that applies smoothly to your lips

Cons of Satin Lipstick

● It is not as long-wearing as a matte lipstick

● It offers a light coverage compared to matte lipstick

How to Apply Satin Lipstick

Like with any other lip product, you must ensure to first cleanse your lips before applying satin lipstick. Although this finish isn’t as drying as a matte lipstick, it’s essential that you exfoliate once or twice a week to remove dead skin and create a smooth surface for the product to layer. 

To apply satin lipstick, follow the following steps;

Clean and Dry Your Lips

Cleaning your lips beforehand ensures smooth and even application. You can clean your lips using warm water and mild soap or gentle cleansers. After cleaning, dry the lips using a clean, soft cloth. 

Moisturize and apply the satin lipstick

Although satin lipstick is a hydrating product, it’s paramount that you moisturize your lips after the washing to minimize flaking and bleeding. From here, you can go ahead and apply a thin layer of lipstick to your upper and lower lip giving attention to the shape of your lips. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lipstick Finish for Your Lips

Pay Attention to the condition and shape of Your Lips

Matte lipstick finishes are highly pigmented, which works magic in drawing attention to the shape and condition of your lips. This finish works best with thin lips to highlight the little details. 

Consider the look you are trying to create

If you desire a dramatic end look, consider opting for matte finish lipstick. These formulas have an intense color with no shimmer or glitter to help draw attention to the lips. They are best for evening parties and other unofficial events, while satin lipstick works best for daytime wear. 

Matte Vs. Satin Lipstick: Which Is Better?

The truth is the best finish for you between matter and satin lipstick depends on your personal preference, lip condition, shape, and the end look you want to achieve. While matte finishes are more crease-resistant and contain more pigment, they are also more drying than satin finishes which naturally leave a slight sheen on your lips without drying them. 

Matte lipsticks also contain a smooth velvety finish that doesn’t smudge or fade away easily. If you are looking to accentuate the shape of your lips, opt for a matte finish. This lipstick is the best choice for a dramatic, full coverage look. Matte lipstick is also a good option when you want your lipstick to last all day without needing reapplication. 

Satin lipsticks, on the other hand, are a better option if you need a slightly glossy and light makeup look. Satin finishes seem to have bolder colors than those found in matte lipsticks and are generally easier to apply.

 If you are battling with old age signs such as fine lines and wrinkles on your lips, satin is the best lipstick finish for you. Unlike matte lipstick, satin is less intensive and has a smoothening effect that helps clear out the aging signs. 


When applied correctly, matte & satin lipsticks will help accentuate your lips and complement your overall makeup. For best results, ensure to apply the products on clean and well-moisturized lips. If you choose to go with satin lipstick, make an effort to touch it up throughout the day, as this finish fades more easily than the matte finish. 

If you opt for a matte finish, exfoliate and moisturize your lips to get rid of dead skin and limit dryness.