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Makeup Eraser Vs. Microfiber Cloth

Makeup Eraser Vs. Microfiber Cloth

Getting rid of makeup at the end of the day is as important as applying it in the morning. Experts recommend removing and cleansing your makeup before bedtime to avoid acne and other skin irritations. Removing makeup before going to sleep gives your pores space to breathe and rejuvenate.

There are many ways of removing makeup, but makeup eraser vs. microfiber cloth beats them all. Imagine getting a chance to rid makeup off your face with just water! Makeup eraser and microfiber cloth are washable, gentle on the skin, and reusable makeup removers. These two products have very fine fibers that make it easy for them to sweep away makeup and other dirt without irritating the skin. 

Though similar in a lot of ways, makeup eraser and microfiber cloth are two very different products. This article seeks to help you choose between the two makeup removal methods by explaining how they compare and contrast. 

Makeup Eraser

Makeup Erasers are used in a simple step-by-step process that requires only warm water to take off 99% of your makeup. The material is reusable, premium, antibacterial, and machine washable, and it can last up to 1,000 washes. 

Makeup Eraser Vs. Microfiber Cloth

Also, it is made from 100% polyester, and it removes different types of makeup, including foundation, lipstick, waterproof mascara, and more with just warm water. Not only does a makeup eraser remove your makeup, but it exfoliates your skin at the same time. 

Remove makeup by dipping the towel in warm water and patting your face with the short fiber side in a circular motion. Next, turn the towel to the long fiber side (the part containing the tag) and gently exfoliate to get rid of dead skin.  

It’s larger in size and can be used in different areas of your body, such as the legs and your back. A typical makeup eraser will measure around 15.5 x 7.25 inches. Makeup erasers are dermatologist tested and safe to use on sensitive skin types. It’s recommended to machine wash the cloth before first use. Makeup erasers sell at $19.45 in Amazon and other renowned online stores. 

How to Remove Makeup Using a Makeup Eraser

The first requirement after getting this makeup remover is to machine washes it to activate the fibers in it and make it suitable for use in eradicating makeup. Thereafter dip it in warm water and ensure it soaks up the water to become completely wet. 

From here, use the front side of the portion containing short fibers to remove makeup on your face. Pay special attention to the eye area, nose, chin, and lip areas. Move the eraser in gentle circular motions to get rid of all the makeup. Lastly, turn the cloth to the longer side and exfoliate your face to get rid of dead skin. 

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth is simply a makeup remover made of a bunch of tiny strands, one-thousandth the diameter of a human hair and about half the diameter of a silk thread. These removers have a strong electrostatic charge that enables them to attract dirt, grease, and makeup like a magnet. The dense weave in them results in a cloth with an extremely large surface area that picks up more dirt is more absorbent and more effective at trapping dust and allergens than other types of makeup removers. 

Makeup Eraser Vs. Microfiber Cloth

They are smaller in size than makeup erasers and are ideal for usage around the nose and eyes. Microfiber cloth is made using a blend of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. The tiny fibers in these clothes are much smaller than human hairs and can easily get into the deepest parts of your skin, removing makeup that would otherwise be difficult to get off with other types of removers. 

Microfiber cloths are also less likely to transfer germs and other allergens compared to other makeup removal methods such as erasers. Microfiber cloths are naturally woven so tightly together that bacteria and allergens can’t attach themselves to them. 

Another plus with these makeup removers is that they are very easy to care for and maintain. You can easily wash them together with your regular laundry or separately using soft detergents and warm water. To avoid damaging the fiber in these cloths, avoid using bleaches or softeners when washing them. Microfiber cloths currently retail at $7.99 on Amazon. 

How to Remove Makeup Using a Microfiber Cloth

To remove makeup using a microfiber cloth, wet it with warm water and rub it gently on your face in circular motions. Unlike a regular makeup eraser, a microfiber cloth does not require machine washing before first use. 

Makeup Eraser Vs. Microfiber Cloth: Which One Is Better?

When correctly used, these two types of makeup removers will help you get rid of different types of makeup without irritating your face. The best makeup remover for you depends on your budget, personal preference, and skincare needs. 

If you are after a cheaper makeup remover method, microfiber cloth has your answer. If you need more than just removing your makeup, you should opt for a makeup eraser which will also help in exfoliating your skin. 

As you can tell, each of these makeup removal methods has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore pay attention to your budget, skincare needs, and personal preference when deciding on the remover. 

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How to Get the Best from a Makeup Eraser or Microfiber Cloth

How well these makeup removers serve you depends on how you use and maintain them. When properly used and maintained, these clothes can serve you for the longest time. For best results, ensure to incorporate the following measures when using these makeup removers. 

Wet the Removers with Warm Water before Use

These towels are meant to be used when damp. Therefore always ensure to wet them in warm water and ring them out to make them damp before proceeding to remove your makeup. Wetting these removals helps awaken the electrostatic charge in them, making it easy to trap and remove makeup dirt. 

Use the Makeup Removers in a Circular Motion

Moving the removers in circular motions when removing makeup ensures you get rid of all the makeup on your face. This also helps ensure you don’t irritate your face when getting rid of the makeup. 

Wash the Makeup Removers after Every Use

To increase their longevity, ensure to wash these makeup removers after every single use. You can wash them using warm water, and gentle detergents and machine wash them once every week to get rid of the stubborn stains and dirt. 

Avoid using bleaches when washing these makeup removers as it may destroy the fibers in them or fabric softeners which can also clog the fibers. Clean, warm water and gentle detergents are enough to get rid of the dirt buildup. 

Store Them in Clean Dry Place Separate From Your Other Makeup Products and Tools

How you store your makeup eraser and microfiber cloth greatly determines their service to you and longevity. To avoid attracting bacteria and germs which may weaken their quality, keep them in clean, dry places separate from your other makeup, which may transfer bacteria to them.