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How to Make Your Face Look More Feminine

How to Make Your Face Look More Feminine

This article will explain how to make a woman’s face appear more feminine and not so masculine. We are living in a dynamic world where everything is evolving at an alarming rate. Gender transitioning has today become part and parcel of us where people are fighting to change their sexual orientation and behaviors. 

One of the surest ways to achieve your desired sex orientation is to change your appearance, behavior, and way of life. If you have been longing to transition into a woman, this article helps you uncover how you can easily do this using the power of makeup to make your face look more feminine. 

How to Make Your Face Look More Feminine

There are different ways of making your face look more feminine such as having a surgical operation to change your facial features and make them more feminine or using makeup to highlight and contour the different features of your face to make them more feminine. In this blog post, we tell you how you can easily achieve a feminine face through the use of makeup. 

Achieving a Feminine Face through Makeup

Work On Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the primary differentiating features between men and women. Men tend to have bushier, straighter, and unmaintained eyebrows, while women have more arched and thinner eyebrows. You can achieve this look through the use of makeup as follows;

Get Your Eyebrows in Shape

The first requirement in achieving feminine eyebrows is to make them thinner and more arched. Women’s eyebrows generally start at the end of the nose’s bone and have an arch at 2/3 of the eye’s length. To get your eyebrows in this shape, brush them first upwards and cut any stray hairs using a pair of scissors. Next, brush them downwards and cut off any overgrown hairs using the same tool. 

From here, you can easily pluck the unwanted hairs to get the brows in the thickness and arch shape you desire. 

Use Makeup to Fill in Sparse eyebrow Hairs and Highlight Your Eyebrow Bone

Women tend to have well-shaped and filled eyebrows. If your eyebrows contain gaps in between, fill them up using an eyebrow pencil that’s closer to their natural hair color. When doing the filling, start from the arch and move outwards towards the direction of your natural eyebrow hair growth. 

Make the arch more pronounced by highlighting it with a lighter eye shadow. When working on your inner corners, make upward and outward strokes where needed. 


Feminine lips are generally closer to the nose and fuller than masculine lips. They also tend to be softer and more nourished than male lips. To make your lips more feminine, apply a lip peeler first to get rid of dead skin cells on the lips that may cause roughness and dryness. 

Next, apply a gentle lip balm to help moisturize and replenish the lips before proceeding with other makeup. Before applying lipstick and other products on your lips, apply a mild and non-comedogenic lip liner to help set the base for the makeup and enable it to last longer. 

With the lip liner, define the middle of your upper and lower lip and complete the contour from one end of your mouth to the other. Now apply your chosen lipstick gently, sticking to the already defined lip contour. When purchasing a lipstick to use on feminine lips, ensure it’s long-lasting, hydrating, contains good coverage, and has a bright color. 


Women have brighter and more angled eyes than their male counterparts. To brighten your eyes focus on vital areas surrounding the eye, such as the eyelashes and eyelids. First, get a quality mascara to help lengthen and volumize the appearance of your lashes. 

If you have straight eyelashes, curl them up using an eyelash curler to help lift and open up the wider, giving the appearance of larger and brighter eyes. Next, follow this up with bright eye powder or concealer beneath your eyelids to help eliminate fine lines and other blemishes. 


Females have a rounded jawline, a pointed chin, and a vertical and softer forehead. To achieve this look, use concealer to highlight and give the different parts of your face a look you desire. For a more rounded jawline, ensure to use dark shades on the outer part of the face and lighter shades in the center. 


A hairstyle is another viable option to help achieve a feminine face. You can use a hairstyle to easily cover up your masculine jaw for a more feminine look. Some long or shoulder-length hairstyles are more feminine, and they help cover up protruding jaws. 

If you have short hair, ensure to curl it up at the middle or at the ends using a hair iron or curling iron for a more feminine look. 

The Skin

Women value and take good care of their skin. One of the primary differentiating factors between a man and a woman is the texture of their skin. Most women will have well moisturized, even, and glowing skins compared to men who have rough and less maintained skins. 

Therefore to make your face more feminine, ensure to take good care of your skin by cleansing, exfoliating, priming, and moisturizing it to keep it glowing and refreshed.

Maintain a Happy Face

Females are generally known to have happy, bright, and jovial faces. Besides changing your features to look more feminine with makeup, you need to maintain a happy face to compliment the look. You can do this by often smiling and being positive about life. 

Primary Things to Consider When Choosing Female Makeup Products

Female makeup products are sophisticated and dynamic. These products are readily available in whatever size and texture you may desire. To be on the safe side, ensure to consider the following factors when choosing a female makeup product. 

Your Skin Type

 Different female makeup products address different needs and skin types. If you, for instance, possess dry skin, try to look for hydrating makeup products to help keep it moisturized. If you possess oily or acne-prone skins, try to work with gentle products to minimize irritation and further breakout. 

Your Skin Needs

When purchasing a female makeup product, it’s vital to consider your skin needs and preference. Do your eyebrows require filling or shaping; if they require filing, try to look for a properly sharpened eyebrow pencil to do the work. If what your eyebrow needs are shaping, then try to get good tweezers to do the needful. 

Your Skin Tone and Color

The makeup products you purchase should closely match your natural skin color. 


Diversity in makeup has made it possible to achieve any look you desire under the sun. You can go ahead and make your face more feminine using the above tips.