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Can You Put Eyeshadow on Your Lips?

Can You Put Eyeshadow on Your Lips?

Eyeshadow is one of the multi-taskers of makeup that can be used to create any look under the sun. You can use it to fill your eyebrows, highlight your eyes and cheekbones, and as an eyeliner. Eyeshadow palettes come in a wide variety of colors that will help you achieve any look you desire. 

Eye shadow also comes in a wide range of formulas and finishes. From pigmented powder shadows to creamy liquid shadows, there are different types of eyeshadows to match your unique style. Given that eye shadow is a versatile product that can be used on different parts of the face, you may be wondering if it can also serve your lips. 

Using eyeshadow on your lips will not only save you some coins but will give you a chance to experiment with a wide range of colors. But is it really safe to put eyeshadow on your lips? Let’s find out. 

Can You Put Eyeshadow on Your Lips?

Yes, you can apply eyeshadow on your lips to substitute your regular lip product. Eyeshadow is one of those beauty products that are a lot more versatile than most people realize. These makeup products are great for enhancing the natural color of your lips while also adding dimension and depth to your lip color. 

Eye shadows on your lips are also a great way to get ultra-pigmented color if you’re having trouble finding a lipstick or lip gloss shade that matches your needs. 

Precaution Measures to Take When Using Eyeshadow on Your Lips

Can You Put Eyeshadow on Your Lips?

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Not all eye shadows are safe and suitable to use on the lips. You should avoid using foiled shadows or super shimmery ones as they tend to accentuate lip lines and make your lips look dry. Also, avoid using eye shadows that have glitters because this little stuff will end up on your face at the end of the day, which isn’t pleasing. 

It’s also essential to check on your Eyeshadow ingredient list to rule out any compounds that aren’t safe for your lips. Ingredients such as ferric Ferrocyanide (dark blue), ultramarines (blue, purple), hydrated chromium oxide (green/teal), and chromium oxide (green) aren’t safe and shouldn’t be used on the lips. Therefore always ensure to check which shades on your chosen pallet contain these ingredients and stay away from them. 

How to Make Your Favorite Lipstick Using Eyeshadow

Can You Put Eyeshadow on Your Lips?

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You can decide to work with bare eyeshadow on your lips or mix the product with Vaseline or lip balm for more lasting results. To make lipstick using eyeshadow and Vaseline, mix your favorite shades into a jar containing melted Vaseline and stir the mixture to your satisfaction. With this mixture, you will have a homemade lipstick that’s moisturizing, safe, and long-lasting on your lips. 

If you don’t go well with Vaseline and prefer to use something else, you can mix your favorite eyeshadow shades with your lip balm for a hydrating end product. 

How to Apply Eyeshadow to Your Lips

The truth is using eyeshadow on your lips may dry them out or flake them off throughout the day. To avoid this, ensure to use hydrating eye shadows and implement the following tips;

Exfoliate Your Lips

The answer to ensuring the eyeshadow applies well on the lips and holds on for long is to first exfoliate the lips to get rid of dead skin cells. This will smoothen your lips and give room for even Eyeshadow application and a stronger hold. 

To exfoliate your lips apply a pea-sized amount of your preferred lip scrubber and gently massage it into your skin using the tip of your figures. Thereafter wash off the dirt that emanates from this process to set your lips ready for Eyeshadow application. 

Moisturize Your Lips

To prevent dryness and flaking, apply a hydrating primer on your lips after exfoliating. Moisturizing your lips will create a strong base for the eye shadow to apply to enable long wear.  

Apply Eyeshadow

After exfoliating and moisturizing your lips, you are now safe to apply the eyeshadow. As advised, ensure to stay away from the shades that contain harmful chemicals that may irritate your lips. To apply the eyeshadow on your clean and moisturized lips, dab a figure into your preferred shade on the eyeshadow pallet or blush and pat it on your lips before blending it using a clean makeup brush. 

Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing an Eye Shadow for Your Lips

By now, you should know that not every eye shadow out there is right and safe for your lips. There are some critical factors to consider when choosing an eyeshadow to use on your lips as follows; 


The number one factor to consider when choosing an eye shadow for your lips is the safety of the product. To get this information take a closer look at the ingredients contained in the product and any warning from the manufacturer. 

Some companies will give detailed information on where their products should and shouldn’t be used. If the product contains an ingredient, for example, chromium oxide, that may be harmful to your lips, stay away from it immediately. 

Moisturizing Ability

Different eye shadows contain different moisturizing capabilities depending on the ingredients they possess. To ensure your lips don’t flake or dry out within the day, make an effort to work with hydrating eye shadows. 

Preferred Finish Texture

Different eye shadows will provide different finish textures. The two most common are the matte and glossy finish looks. If you are after hydrated and natural-looking lips, glossy finish eyeshadows should be your go-to solution. If you have oily lips and don’t mind the drying effects of matte finish eyeshadows, you can comfortably opt for these products that will give you a dramatic and sexier look like no other product. 

Final Thoughts on Whether You Can Put Eyeshadow on Your Lips

Eyeshadow is a versatile makeup product that can be used on different parts of your face, including the lips and cheeks. Using an eyeshadow on your lips gives you a chance to experiment with a wide range of colors and textures. 

When choosing an eyeshadow to use on your lips, it’s essential to consider a product that’s safe, hydrating, and non-comedogenic to avoid breakouts. Lastly, ensure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips with a gentle lip balm for increased wear.