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Understanding Stridex Pads: Before and After

Understanding Stridex Pads: Before and After

Do you have sensitive skin? You might think that the best way to deal with it is to avoid irritants and take care of your skin. But what about when they’re unavoidable, like when you work in a factory or restaurant? This blog post will teach you how to use Stridex before and after these types of jobs. 

Strides are an effective way for people with sensitive skin to protect themselves from irritating chemicals on their bodies daily. There are also some jobs, such as those in factories or restaurants, where the risk of irritation is high because there are many chemicals around you for long periods. We’ll talk more about this below!

What Is Stridex?

Stridex is a brand of acne treatment pads that dry up the oils and remove dead skin without irritating your skin. By preventing irritation, they’re perfect for people who have sensitive skin.

Things can get worse when you’ve got sensitive skin. It sounds funny, but it’s not fun to be red, itchy, and inflamed all day long because your skin is irritated from the chemicals you come in contact with every day. Stridex prevents that by locking moisture into your skin instead of washing oil away.

Fundamentally, what’s going on is that Stridex has three layers: 

A bottom layer to clean off dead cells and oil, a middle layer to lock moisture in and soothe your skin, and an upper layer to prevent irritation from the chemicals they come in contact with.

Stridex are foolproof when it comes to avoiding irritating your sensitive skin. It’s easy to take care of yourself for one day every week by not using them on that day. But, it may end up being better for your skin to use them on the days that you work in a factory or restaurant.

Understanding Stridex Pads: Before and After

How Does It Work?

Since they’re effective at preventing irritation, using Stridex before or after you go to a factory or restaurant will help your skin stay healthier.

When you go into the factories and restaurants where the air is harsh, there will likely be plenty of chemicals scattered around the place. When you come in contact with these chemicals, your skin becomes irritated.

Using Stridex before and after you go to such places will make you endure the harsh conditions better than if you didn’t use them.

Stridex is great for sensitive skin because they don’t irritate it at all. It’s important to keep using them even when you work in a factory or restaurant because there will be many chemicals around you all day long. It will prevent your skin from becoming red and irritated.

Stridex is easy to apply to your face. The pads themselves are significant, and you only have to use them once or twice a day. Therefore, it’s easy to fit into any routine.

Using Stridex before and after you go to work makes your skin much healthier for the rest of the week because it won’t get irritated from all of the chemicals you contact every day.

Stridex Pads Before and After  

For Men

Use before and after going to work, depilated area, shaving area. 

For Women

Use before & after waxing/shaving, deodorant. You can also use it as a face mask.

If you are a sensitive skin type or if you’re easily irritated by chemicals on your skin like the ones coming from perfumes, chemical makeup, you should use Stridex once or twice a day before and after your most irritating activities.

How Soon Do You Notice Results From Your Treatment?

It’s hard to give an exact number because everybody’s skin type is different. I would say it will show the results in around one week if you’ve been suffering from irritation. Remember not to overuse it when you start and gradually increase the frequency.

How Long Should I Use Stridex? 

Once your skin has become used to it, you can continue using it all week. However, you feel like your skin is already clean enough or if you started getting irritation from it, discontinue for a few days.

Mild irritation is a good sign. It means that your skin is relieving its stress from the harsh chemicals and any dirt on it.

How Often Should I Use Stridex? 

If you were facing severe skin problems (redness or constant itchiness) before, it would be better to start using it at least once a day. Once your skin gets used to it, you can use it twice a day if you like.

What Risks Are the Risks Associated With Using This Product?

Stridex has various strengths. Be careful with the stronger ones because they might destroy your skin’s protective barrier, leaving it vulnerable to infections and excessive dryness or oiliness. Consult your dermatologist for further advice on how to use strength according to your skin type.

Is There Any Other Way of Taking Care of Facial Irritation? 

Yes. Some people do not like to use aggressive products like Stridex on their faces. Using milder cleansers made for sensitive skin will be an ideal option.

Where Can I Buy This Product From and How Much Is It?

There are many places where you can get Stridex. You can find it in any drugstores or supermarkets. The price ranges from $6 to $10, depending on the store’s location and its current advertisement campaign. 

However, there is always an offer somewhere that will make you buy one at a lower price. 

How Do I Know if Stridex Worked or Not?

When you first start using Stridex, your skin will be red and irritated after using it. If you notice that your face is no longer red and the irritation is not bad anymore, that means that Stridex worked.


With the right tools and a clear understanding of using them, you can effectively work with your skincare regimen. Give yourself peace of mind by using Stridex before it starts showing up on your face, or fix what’s already there. You’ll be glad you did!