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Too Faced Born This Way vs. Fenty Beauty

Too Faced Born This Way vs. Fenty Beauty

Since the introduction of the Fenty foundation in 2017 by Rihanna, a lot of debate has been going on about whether it’s really at par or better than the Too Faced Born This Way foundation. One striking thing with these two foundations is that they are more similar than they are different. In fact, you can apply them both on your face and go on with your daily business without anyone realizing that you are wearing two different foundations. 

In as much as they are similar, the Born This Way foundation vs Fenty foundation have some slight differences and work with different skin types. Below we look at everything Born This Way vs. Fenty to help you choose the best for your needs. 

Too Faced Born This Way

Born This Way foundation is a water-based foundation that contains three active ingredients; coconut water, alpine rose, and hyaluronic acid to help keep your skin moisturized and refreshed. This foundation is vegan-friendly paraben and cruelty-free. 

This foundation is offered by Too Faced cosmetics in two forms, the Born This Way Matte foundation and Born This Way Natural Finish foundation. Both of these foundations come in 35 different shades, and they contain a creamy texture that easily dispenses through the pump. 

They are also oil-free, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic and hence safe to use on acne-prone skins. These foundations also offer a naturally flawless finish that would lead people to believe you were born that way. They are waterproof, oil-controlling and transfer-resistant. 

Too Faced Born This Way vs. Fenty Beauty

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation


Fenty Beauty makeup line is Rihanna’s Beauty Company that seeks to serve the underserved in society. Rihanna started this company in 2017 with the hope of providing beauty products to those who were forgotten in society. 

Fenty Beauty today is a provider of two best selling foundations, the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and the Pro Filt’r hydrating Longwear foundation. To begin with, Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is a 2019 Allure reader’s choice award winner product that offers medium to full coverage. This foundation promises an entire day’s wear and is also very light, liquid in form and undetectable on the skin. It works best in combination with oily skin, where it helps even out the skin without clogging your pores. 

Too Faced Born This Way vs. Fenty Beauty

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is oil-free and blendable into your skin, giving a natural finish. What’s more, it’s made using a climate-adaptive technology that helps fight humidity, sweating and clogging of your pores. 

After this foundation, Rihanna recently introduced another best selling product into the market, the Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear foundation. This foundation is meant to seal the gap and address those with normal to dry skin types. This foundation contains two primary ingredients, grape seed oil and sodium hyaluronate. 

Too Faced Born This Way vs. Fenty Beauty

Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation

Both of these foundations are sweat and humidity-resistant. They also offer a natural finish that’s just luminous and not matte. These foundations are also said to hold all day without getting overly shiny or settling into your fine lines and nose area. 

Rihanna has also gone a step further and provided a shade finder on her Fenty Beauty website to help you in finding the right color for your skin. She provides a shade range in the bracket of; light (100s), medium (200s), Tan (300s) and so on. To find your shade, you only need to choose from the given brackets depending on your skin tone, and a suggestion of your perfect foundation shade pops up. 

Too Faced Born This Way vs. Fenty Beauty: Which One Is Better For You?

As you can tell from the above discussion, choosing between these two foundations is not an easy task. Fenty Beauty and its competitor the Too Faced cosmetics, are on the run to offer the best foundations in the market. 

Born This Way foundation and Fenty foundation have strong staying power and will both offer you long day wear. They also offer medium to full coverage and are comfortable to wear on your skin. These two foundations are water-based and thus light on your skin. Another similarity between these two foundations is that they easily blend into your skin without sinking into the pores or accentuating the dry patches. So which one is better?

The right foundation for you between these two products will depend on your preference, skin type and budget. As stated above, Born This Way foundation is vegan friendly and contains three essential ingredients that help in repairing the skin and keeping it hydrated. It’s also worth noting that unlike Fenty foundation Born This Way foundation is fragrance-free and vegan friendly and thus safe to use on sensitive skins. 

Born This Way foundation also easily blends into your skin, giving it a more natural look, unlike Fenty foundation, which leaves a shiny appearance. Fenty foundation will, in most cases, require you to add in a drop of powder to conceal the shininess.   

We also cannot forget to mention that Fenty Beauty has outdone itself in offering a wide variety of shades. Regardless of your skin tone, Fenty foundation has the shade for you with over 50 shades to choose from compared to the 35 found in Born This Way foundation. 

Another plus for Fenty foundation is that they are sweat and humidity-resistant. As such, you don’t have to worry about it getting dewy as you go on with your business. 

Final Thoughts On Born This Way Vs Fenty Foundation

Born This Way vs Fenty are quality foundations that, when applied correctly, live up to their promise of natural-looking flawless skin. As you can see above, each of these foundations contains useful ingredients that benefit your skin in one way or the other. 

Therefore take your time to choose the right product for you depending on your preference and needs and follow this action with the correct application of the foundation. For best results, ensure to first cleanse and moisturize your face with oil-free products and follow your normal skincare routine. 

As you apply the foundation, keep in mind that less is always better and start from the center of your face moving outwards.