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Lashliner vs. MoxieLash

Lashliner vs. MoxieLash

The world of magnetic lashes is growing every day. They are suitable for those who can’t wear lash extensions and falsies. A lot of people nowadays wear artificial eyelashes. They are beautiful and make you look glamorous and attractive. Additionally, they are used to provide added length to natural eyelashes. 

LashLiner and MoxieLash are popular magnetic lashes on the market today. Both are high-quality materials that won’t irritate your eyes or skin. They are easy to apply, with simple applicators that allow you to apply one lash at a time without using tools other than your fingertips. You can only use tweezers if you need help getting the corners. 

Keep reading for a detailed comparison between Lashliner and MoxieLash.


Lashliner vs. MoxieLash

Lashliner is a magnetic type of lash enhancer that take your lashes to the next level in a few minutes.

Lashliners are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, soft, made from high-quality materials, and easy to apply. Their styles range from natural to dramatic, so you’re sure to find a look that works for you.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic look than what you get with traditional false lashes, you’ll love Lashliner. Lashliner adds volume and length to your existing lashes, giving you a fuller look that lasts all day. It works for all types of lashes.

If you want your lashes to look fuller and thicker without having to wear falsies, Lashliner is for you. Lashliner lashes are lightweight, flexible, and easy to remove. They’re also reusable, so you don’t have to throw them away.

How to Apply Lashliners

● Shake your magnetic liner well

● Apply a thin layer on your natural lashes, and let it stay for some time before repeating a second layer.

● Place the Lashliner lashes on your natural lashes using your fingers or tweezers.


Lashliner vs. MoxieLash

MoxieLash is a new lash technology that is gaining popularity in the market. It’s easier to use than traditional, and it’s made with vegan bionic silk.

MoxieLash makes it super simple to get the eyelash extension. It gives you a dramatic look without breaking the bank and within a short time.

It offers a wide range of styles, from natural to dramatic, and can be reused severally.

How to Apply MoxieLash

● Shake well before using

● Apply a layer of MoxieLash magnetic liners

● Let it dry for about 3 min, and test with the back of your fingers if it’s dry.

● Finally, apply the MoxieLash lashes using your fingers, but you can use tweezers to help with the corners.

● If you feel the eyelashes are long, you can trim

Lashliners vs. MoxieLash: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been looking for a way to add some flair to your lashes, then we’ve got something you’ll love with this detailed comparison between these top magnetic lashes; Lashliners and MoxieLash.

Here we compare these products, magnetic liners, lashes, and applicators.

The Liners

● The Lashliner applicator has a brush, while the MoxieLash applicator has a film top. The film top offers more control than the Lashliner brush.

● The Lashliner magnetic liner color is deep black, while the MoxieLash is grayish black. And while Lashliner seems more liquidy, it dries out fast than MoxieLash liner.

The Eyelashes

● The Lashliner lashes are latex and cruelty-free, while MoxieLash is made from 100% mink.

● Moxielash magnet holds better than Lashliners.

● Lashliner is lighter than MoxieLash.

● Lashliner has seven different lash styles ranging from natural to dramatic. MoxieLash has 11 styles of black and eight styles of colored lashes. I would say their styles range from very natural to very dramatic.

● MoxieLash is pricier than Lashliner.

● The Lashliner is easier to remove than the MoxieLash liner.

Lashliner vs. MoxieLash: So, Which One Wins?

Both products are excellent. However, the MoxieLash applicator works better than the Lashliner. The MoxieLash liner magnet holds better. However, the lashes are extreme, both natural and dramatic, i.e., there is no middle ground.

If you are looking for something more natural, Lashliner will suit you. But if you want a more dramatic look, go for Moxielash.

Regarding price, Lashliner will suit you if you are working on a budget. It’s more affordable than MoxieLash.

Can I Use Lashes from a Different Company with Liners from Another Company?

Yes, I tried this, and it works.

I did this because I love how the MoxieLash magnetic liner holds better, and I love the natural look of Lashliner. 


Generally, Lashliner wins in its lashes because it’s more natural and cruelty-free. While MoxieLash wins in its liners because of how it sticks, even though the color isn’t deep black, you can easily overlook it since it doesn’t show once the lashes are on your eyes.

Lashliners and MoxieLash are excellent options for lashes because they are easy to apply and can be reused several times. Magnetic liners, on the other end, give extra definition and volume to your natural lashes. While the LashLiner and MoxiLash are the most sought-after magnetic lashes. So far, LashLiner is a step ahead when you weigh its benefits against its price, effectiveness, and results.

If you’re not satisfied with this review, check out this video by Sofia Supichaya.