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Is Provence Beauty A Good Brand?

Is Provence Beauty A Good Brand?

Is Provence Beauty A Good Brand? Provence Beauty is a luxury beauty brand with high-quality products created by a team of international scientists. The brand upholds passion, excellence and luxury in every product it offers. Provence beauty has an outstanding global footprint and is well known for its quality, consistency and innovation. 

This company has everything you may need in your skincare routine, including cleansers, moisturizers, primers, toners, hair sprays and oils, to name a few. Established in 2013, Provence beauty markets itself as a clean beauty brand that offers non-toxic, safe and highly effective beauty products. But is Provence Beauty a good brand? Let’s find out. 

Products Offered By Provence Beauty

Provence beauty offers a wide variety of beauty products. Most of its products are made using key ingredients that include peptides, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Retinol and hyaluronic acid. This makes these products highly beneficial to the skin. Some of the products offered by Provence Beauty include;

Facial oils

Provence beauty offers different varieties of facial oils that are fast absorbing and made with natural ingredients. These oils help repair, moisturize, hydrate and soften damaged and dry skin. The oils also contain amazing ingredients such as Hazelnut, rosehip oil, avocado and Coconut oils that help boost collagen production and reverse signs of aging. The oils also help in fighting hyperpigmentation and dark spots. 

Some of the facial oils offered by Provence Beauty include Rewind facial oil avocado & Rosehip oil, Repair facial oil coconut & hazelnut oil and rebalance facial oil argan & jojoba oil, to name a few. 


Provence Beauty offers different varieties of toners, including Vitamin C witch hazel brightening toner mist, hyaluronic acid witch hazel hydrating toner mist, hyaluronic hydrating toner serum, to name a few. These toners are made using natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients that help hydrate the skin, brighten it and even protect against sun damage. 

Provence beauty toners are safe to use on all skin types. 


This company also offers different varieties of cleaners to use in removing makeup dirt and excess oils from your face. Provence beauty cleansers contain active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen that help replenish the skin giving it a youthful look. 

These cleansers work on your face unclogging the pores with little to no irritation. 

Hair Oils 

Provence Beauty offers different varieties of hair oils, including forget me not multi-use oil, amaranth multi-use oil, peony multi-use oil and honeysuckle jasmine hair oil, to name a few. These oils are made using natural ingredients, including coconut oil, rose petals, apricot oil, among others, that help strengthens your hair and nails. 

Provence Beauty hair oils absorb into the skin easily without leaving any residue or stickiness. These oils are gentle and can also be used on the face and nails. 

Body Wash and Oils

Provence beauty brand also offers a variety of body oils and washes to use on your body. Some of these oils include eucalyptus essential oil, lavender pure essential oil, bath + shower oil-honeysuckle & white flowers body wash, among others. 

These oils and body showers are made using natural oils and fragrances. They are also alcohol-free and non-drying. Provence beauty oils absorb easily into your skin, giving you a glowing, youthful look. 

Is Provence Beauty a Good Brand?

Provence beauty is a good brand based on the following arguments;

It Offers Cruelty-Free Products

Provence Beauty, together with its vendors and distributors, does not test its products on animals. As such, you can relax knowing that the company you are buying from values the lives of animals and that of its customers.

Its Products Are Safe and Made Using Natural Ingredients

You can rest assured that you are using a safe product that’s made with the best natural ingredients available. Provence beauty brand does a lot of research before incorporating any ingredient in its products to ensure the said compound is safe and useful to the end customer. 

Different Varieties of Products to Choose From

Provence Beauty brand has everything you need for your skincare needs. Regardless of your skin type or worries, this brand has it all figured out for you. It offers products that are safe to use with all skin types and combinations. 

Provence Beauty Products Are Affordable

It’s safe to say that Provence Beauty products are affordable, measuring by the work put in to manufacture them. What’s more, most products from this brand are multipurpose and can be used for more than one purpose, making them cost-effective. 

Offers Clean Products

Provence Beauty offers vegan, paraben, phthalates, latex and synthetic-free products that are safe to use on all skin types. Products offered by this brand are also FDA approved and non-comedogenic. 

Shortcomings of Provence Beauty Brand

Like any other product Provence Beauty has some shortcomings as highlighted below;

Some products contain fragrances.

If you have sensitive skin, fragrances in a beauty product are one of the ingredients you will want to avoid. Fragrances irritate the skin resulting in dire consequences such as irritation, redness and, in worse cases, breakout. 

Some products offered by Provence Beauty, unfortunately, contain some degree of fragrance. Some of these products include Proven Beauty Vitamin C+ Collagen Eye Cream and Provence Beauty Vitamin C serum. It will be safe to stay away from fragrance containing products if you have overly sensitive skins. 

The Brand Does Not Disclose the Concentration of Some of Its vital Ingredients.

Provence Beauty brand makes some of its products using vital ingredients such as retinol and ascorbic acid. Despite being vital to the body, these ingredients can be damaging when used in excess. Unfortunately, Provence Beauty does not disclose the strength of some of the ingredients used in its products, making it difficult for you to make a sound decision.  

Primary Things to Note When Using Provence Beauty Products

Although Provence Beauty brand offers safe products made using natural ingredients, it’s essential that you consider some of the following factors when using products from this brand;

Stick To Your Normal Skincare Routine

Provence beauty products will not help you if you do not stick to your normal skincare routine. If you, for instance, purchase a cleanser from this brand, it will help to use it together with your preferred toner and moisturizer to maintain glowing skin. 

Avoid Using Too Much of the Product

Provence Beauty products are highly pigmented, and a little of the product goes a long way. As such, avoid using too much of the product as it may lead to breakout and other negative consequences. 

Follow the Instructions to the Latter

Provence Beauty products come with a manufacturer’s guide for you to read before proceeding to use the product. For your own safety and good results from using the product, ensure to read and implement the manufacturer’s guidelines without fail. 

Store the Products Safely

How long and well the Provence beauty product will serve you depends on how well you store it. To avoid bacteria infestation, ensure to keep these products away from direct sunlight and water. 


Provence Beauty is a good brand that has its customers at heart. This brand does everything possible to offer the safest and most useful products to its end users. To reap maximum benefits from Provence Beauty products, ensure to use the product as directed by the manufacturer and keep up with your normal skincare routine.