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How Long Does Curology Take to Work?

How Long Does Curology Take to Work?

How Long Does Curology Take to Work? One of the most common questions most people will ask is how long Curology takes to work—knowing the duration is vital if you wish to track your skin’s progress. Curology is considered one of the most effective procedures.

It is a service carried out online by linking the patient with a medical provider that creates a prescription fit for your skin. Thus, it serves as a dashboard where it enables you to get custom prescriptions for your skincare journey while still advocating for assessment throughout.

To have a deeper understanding, you must know various facts about Curology, how it works, and some of its recommendations. Read on to understand how Curology works.

Understanding Curology

The first step to enrolling yourself for Curology services is by submitting pictures of your face and taking an online skin assessment. A skin assessment is important as it provides information on any medications that you have used before.

This assessment is what matches you to a licensed medical provider with a better understanding of your skin and what prescription they can offer. Prescriptions carried out by the medical provider you match with are primarily focused on acne. The medical provider, therefore, provides a treatment plan that is personalized and thereafter sent to your mail.

When a treatment plan is sent to you by your medical provider, it sets in motion your skincare journey with the Curology treatment. Only accustomed formulas are present in the prescription creams sent to you.

Among the common ingredients found in Curology custom formulas are; tretinoin, Vitamin B3, azelaic aid, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, tranexamic acid, niacinamide, and metronidazole. However, these ingredients are not always included in the prescribed cream, only that which fits your skin needs.

As a patient, you are likely to experience breakouts as your skin tries to adapt to the new medications. Taking care of your skin should be a regular affair. However, should the medication prescribed at Curology not work, an in-person visit to a dermatologist should be the next step. Not only will you get the right treatment, but you will notice an improvement in your skin.

When all is said and done, you need to know the duration Curology takes to work on your skin. A patient may take 6 to 8 weeks to note the change, while another may note significant changes as early as the first week.

The duration Curology treatment takes to work is as personal as the custom formulas prescribed. Your acne and skin needs will vary from the other person’s skin. It means that the prescription cream will be different.

All in all, the treatment plan and the duration it takes will vary from one patient to another.

How Long Does Curology Take to Work?

Curology treatment can take as less than four weeks to show viable results or after many months. All skin types are different. Therefore the skincare journey is bound to differ. You can document the whole process to track your Curology treatment journey. All in all, stay the course as you await that victory dance when you achieve clear skin!

How Long Does Curology Take to Work?

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Ultimate Guide: What to Do to Make Your Curology Treatment Work

Follow Your Skincare Routine

Having a skincare routine is essential in making your Curology treatment effective. The custom formula prescribed by your medical provider is meant to target the different root causes of your acne and eliminate them while at it. Therefore, ensure that you follow a skincare routine with the prescribed products with a simple morning and night routine unless your medical provider suggests otherwise.

If you feel like adding additional products like sunscreen or moisturizer, always consult your medical provider. Certain products may be too much for your skin, therefore, causing irritation and plugging of pores.

A simple wash with a recommended cleanser and application of a moisturizer can be the perfect simple skincare routine to follow every morning and night.

Form New Habits

Curology treatment will not be effective overnight. However, with new and healthy habits, you can fasten the process of the treatment.

Treat your skin like a garden. If you add nutrients, you nurture it. Any Curology formula prescribed by your medical provider is designed to treat imbalances causing your skin to break out. It means that an unhealthy diet and lifestyle may trigger your acne breakout.

To counteract this, it is therefore advisable that you form healthy habits by eating a balanced diet that enables your formula to be effective.

Be Consistent

Viable results are guaranteed only when you are consistent with the custom formula provided. Mild redness and breakouts may still be present even after using the custom formula for one week. However, this does not mean that the custom formula will not be effective.

One patient may notice results even after two weeks of use. You need to understand that everyone’s skin is unique, so is their skin journey. After the storm comes the calm; therefore, despite experiencing breakouts after two weeks of use, maintain your skincare routine for Curology to work perfectly well.

Curology treatment means introducing new products to your skin while treating acne. However, these acne prescriptions can irritate and purging on your skin as it tries to adapt to these new products. This may be normal but should the irritation persist; it is always advisable to counter-check with your medical provider.

Here are a few tips for managing normal irritation to your skin as it adapts to the custom prescriptions provided:

  1. Apply the formula provided gradually and with time increase the frequency. This will give time for your skin to adjust to the new products.
  2. You should wait for at least 10-15 minutes after washing your face before applying the products prescribed. Wet skin absorbs the products quickly, and it can irritate your skin before it has adjusted to the products.
  3. Curology medication comprises many products that may cause purging on your skin. However, you can dilute the products before application by mixing them with a moisturizer. 
  4. While applying the products to your face, use your fingertips and avoid using physical exfoliators. It gives time to your skin to adjust to the products, which may be at times harsh depending on your skin type.