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4 Best Moisturizers To Use with Epiduo

Best Moisturizer To Use with Epiduo

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Best Moisturizers To Use with Epiduo – Epiduo is the perfect solution to flawless glowing skin. Since its introduction as an acne treatment gel Epiduo has outranked itself in performance. Epiduo contains two active ingredients, adapalene, and benzoyl peroxide. Epiduo is of two types, Epiduo gel, and Epiduo Forte Gel. 

Both of these gels contain the same ingredients meant to treat acne but in different concentrations. Epiduo gel, for instance, has 0.1% adapalene, while Epiduo Forte contains 0.3% adapalene. These gels are meant to treat mild to moderate cases of acne in people aged 12 years and above. 

Despite being an effective treatment for acne, Epiduo is known to have some disturbing side effects, such as drying out the skin, causing redness and burning. To fight these side effects, people using Epiduo are advised to apply it together with a moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. The most disturbing question among people using Epiduo is what the best moisturizer to use with Epiduo is. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this acne treatment product and the best moisturizer to use with it. 

What is Epiduo, and How Does it Work

Epiduo gel and Epiduo Forte gel are two acne treatment gels that contain two active ingredients, adapalene (a retinoid) and benzoyl peroxide (an antibiotic and skin-peeling agent). Epiduo works to treat acne in different ways. The adapalene ingredient contained in it works as a comedolytic where it inhibits the formation of blackheads and whiteheads (Comedones) and helps prevent swelling and inflammation. This ingredient also helps clear pores blockage preventing the future outbreak of acne. 

Benzoyl peroxide, its other active ingredient, helps treat acne by acting as an antimicrobial where it neutralizes the acne-causing bacteria. 

Epiduo is also said to reduce scarring caused by acne. 

Best Moisturizer To Use with Epiduo 

Epiduo is known to cause dryness and skin irritation. To fight this, you should use it with an oil and fragrance-free moisturizer. These types of moisturizers are non-comedogenic and thus less likely to clog your pore, which may cause more acne breakout. 

Some of the best moisturizers to use with Epiduo include; 

CeraVe Skin renewing Night cream, 1.7 fl.Oz. 

CeraVe skin renewing night cream is a non-comedogenic moisturizing cream that contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid as some of its active ingredients. You can add it into your night skincare routine for smooth, flawless, and well-hydrated skin. 

Best Moisturizer To Use with Epiduo

CeraVe Skin renewing Night cream, 1.7 fl.Oz.

CosRx Oil-free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap, 3.4 fl. Oz. 

If you possess overly oily skin, this is the best moisturizer for you when using Epiduo acne treatment gel. CosRx oil-free moisturizing lotion contains vital vitamins, antioxidants, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid to help heal your oily skin and leave it moisturized after the application of Epiduo. 

Best Moisturizer To Use with Epiduo

CosRx Oil-free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap, 3.4 fl. Oz.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Face Moisturizer, 1.7 fl. Oz. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel cream is a non-comedogenic, oil and fragrance-free face moisturizer that works magic in attracting water to the skin. This glycerin-containing moisturizer contains a gel-like texture making it possible to moisturize your face without leaving any heavy feeling. 

Best Moisturizer To Use with Epiduo

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Face Moisturizer, 1.7 fl. Oz.

Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer

Vanicream facial moisturizer is a lightweight, non-comedogenic cream that helps meet your day and night moisturization needs. This moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid that helps in absorbing water into the skin. It’s also non-greasy, pH balanced, gluten and dye-free, and botanical extract-free.  


Best Moisturizer To Use with Epiduo

Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer

How to Use Epiduo with a Moisturizer

Epiduo is a once-a-day treatment where you apply a pea-sized amount of the gel on dry clean skin. It’s important to first cleanse your face or any other acne-prone body part before applying Epiduo. When choosing a skin cleanser, ensure to settle on one that’s non-comedogenic to avoid clogging your pores. 

You can seek help from your dermatologist or search the market for non-soap cleansers. Next, dry the area gently with a clean cloth before applying Epiduo. To apply this gel, get a small size of it from the bottle, and using your figure, layer it on the affected areas taking caution not to get it into your eyes or lips. 

Should it get into your eyes, wash it off thoroughly with clean running water and consult the doctor immediately. After applying the gel, give it 20 minutes to absorb into your skin before layering a moisturizer of your choice on top of it. This will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent irritation. Although recommended for facial usage, you can apply this gel on other acne-prone areas such as the neck, back, and other body parts. 

To help fight future breakouts, ensure to apply Epiduo on every acne-prone area of your skin instead of the individual pimples. It can take approximately 8 to 12 weeks of daily usage before you see any improvement in your condition. 

During the first few weeks of application, you may experience an upsurge of the acne condition. Don’t worry, as this is normal and results from the pimples that had initially formed under the skin before treatment surfaced. For best results, ensure to continue with your treatment consistently as recommended by your physician. As your body gets accustomed to the gel, the break-out will subside, allowing it to work effectively on your acne condition. 

Precautions to Take When Using Epiduo

The first precaution to take when using Epiduo is to avoid contact with your eyes and any other open area of your body. Also, ensure to use the gels consistently and in the right amount as recommended by your physician. Applying too much of this gel will not fasten the healing but will make it worse and lead to other skin problems such as redness and irritation. 

Additionally, ensure to avoid harsh skincare products such as those containing alcohol when using Epiduo. These, together with other treatments such as waxing, can lead to severe skin irritation when combined with Epiduo. 

Lastly, ensure to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight as the adapalene ingredient in Epiduo is known to cause sunburns. Therefore stay away from tanning beds and ensure to apply a non-comedogenic sunscreen product when going out to fight an outbreak of sunburns. 

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