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Beautycounter Vs. Arbonne

Beautycounter Vs. Arbonne

When it comes to skincare and hair care products, we all aspire to deal with the best brands in the industry. This is informed by the fact that these body organs are some of the delicate parts of the body. A wrong interference with any part of your skin will result in regrettable consequences such as breakouts, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. For this reason, you must ensure always deal with certified and clean brands.

Beautycounter and Arbonne companies are two of the most trusted brands in the skincare industry. Over the years, these brands have perfected their art to offer some of the safest, non-toxic, cleanest, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and most beneficial products. But how do these two companies compare and contrast? Keep reading to find out. 



Beautycounter Vs. Arbonne

This brand was established in 2013 by Gregg Renfrew. This was after the realization that the USA had taken the initiative to ban only 30 harmful ingredients instead of over 1400 banned by the EU. With this in mind, Gregg set out on a mission to offer safer, clean, and non-toxic products that could not only benefit her customers but the environment as well. 

Today, Beautycounter engages in environmental responsibility measures such as using sustainable packaging, using responsibly sourced raw materials, conducting trace contaminants, and unparalleled safety screening geared towards preserving the environment and offering safe and clean products to all its customers. 


Beautycounter Vs. Arbonne

The Arbonne cosmetic brand has been around since 1980. It was formed by Petter Morck with an aim to offer safer and clean beauty products that preserve the environment. Today, this brand is marketed as one of the safest, cleanest, non-pollutant, and customer friendly in the beauty industry. 

Arbonne confirms high levels of safety standards by submitting all its ingredients to critical scrutiny and concentrating only on plant-derived compounds. 

How Does Beautycounter and Arbonne Brand Compare?

Beautycounter and Arbonne brands are similar in that they both offer safe, clean, and highly beneficial products. These two brands have a mission to preserve and protect the environment, and they have, over the years, taken major steps such as using sustainable packaging and getting rid of any harmful ingredients in their products. It’s also worth mentioning that Beautycounter has recently come clean about getting rid of heavy metals in its products. This brand is one of a kind to openly come out and publish a report concerning its interaction with heavy metals.

Beautycounter and Arbonne brands conduct thorough research on their ingredients list to ensure they offer the safest and cleanest products. These two brands have also come clean about each and every ingredient contained in their products, and you will find all these details on their respective websites. 

Another similarity between Beautycounter and Arbonne brands is that they pass all their ingredients through rigorous scientific research to ascertain their safety and components. Through this process, these two brands are able to get rid of any dangerous chemicals that may be in their final products. 

Beautycounter vs. Arbonne: Key Differences

Although these two brands may seem similar and one and the same thing, they are not equal, and they differ in a couple of ways, as discussed below;

For starters, it’s vital to note that Beautycounter is not 100% vegan as its counterpart, the Arbonne brand, which does not use any animal-derived ingredients in its products. Some Beautycounter products contain beeswax and honey ingredients derived from bees which are animals. As such, you ought to be careful when engaging with products from this brand, especially if you are allergic to animal-derived ingredients. 

Another difference between these two brands is that Arbonne has more banned ingredients than Beautycounter, which as of today has a total of 1800 restricted properties while Arbonne has 2000. This means that you have to be extra careful when choosing products from these two brands to ensure you don’t use a product that contains a banned ingredient from the other brand. 

Price is another differentiating factor between these two brands. Beautycounter and Arbonne have almost similar prices for most of their products. As such, you have to be extra cautious and look beyond price when deciding on the best product between the two companies. Factors such as the ingredients contained in each, size, and packaging are good areas to guide you when deciding between products from the two brands. 

Another differentiating factor between these two brands is their product range. As stated above, Arbonne has been around for over 40 years. As such, this brand has mastered the art of what is not in the beauty industry and is today the provider of everything surrounding beauty, including skincare, makeup, wellness products, baby care, and body care products, to name a few. Although Beautycounter is coming up well, it’s not yet at par with Arbonne when it comes to the level of their product ranges. Arbonne has more products in its line compared to Beautycounter. 

So, Which One Is Better for You?

To tell you the truth, these two brands are remarkable companies that work to their promise. As such, you do not have to fear when getting products from both Beautycounter and Arbonne as they sure will work to their expectation. 

Another vital thing to note about Beautycounter and Arbonne is that they value their customers and have enticing discounts and offers now and then to keep you coming back. These brands also have amazing terms and conditions such as the shipping fees, return policy, and membership policy that favors you and protect your rights at all times.

Besides valuing you as the customer, Beautycounter and Arbonne have taken a step further to ensure the environment is well taken care of and safe. These two brands value transparency and conduct in-depth research on all their ingredients to ensure they are not only beneficial to you but are also safe for the environment. Beautycounter and Arbonne brands are certified and registered with some of the most recognizable health and safety bodies, such as AWG and the FDA. 

It’s also worth mentioning that these two brands are affordable and offer you value for your money. If you are, therefore, looking for a beauty brand that has your interest at heart, consider dealing with either Beautycounter or Arbonne.

The right brand for you between these two will depend on your preference, budget, and needs. Regardless of what brand you opt for, ensure to first study the ingredients in each product before purchase and use the item as instructed by the manufacturer.