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Aquaphor Lip Repair vs. Carmex Lip Balm

Aquaphor Lip Repair vs. Carmex Lip Balm

Aquaphor Lip Repair vs. Carmex Lip Balm – Borrowing from a review once written, “all I need in this life of sin is me and my lip balm,” it goes without saying that having healthy and hydrated lips should be your mantra. We all have had an encounter and a bad one on that with chapped lips; besides, no one likes chapped lips; it is unattractive. Chapped lips are caused by weather changes or bad habits like biting your lips.

Depending on the severity, chapped lips can turn out to be a nightmare with irritations that last for long if not treated. Unfortunately, a regular lip balm may not do the trick of treating chapped lips as we often think. It may not be moisturizing enough or protective enough to cure your chapped lips. In other cases, ingredients found in a regular lip balm may have an irritating effect on your lips, worsening the situation. However, a bad encounter with chapped lips can end when the suitable lip balm is used.

Among the most recommended lip balms with healing properties on your chapped lips are the Aquaphor Lip Repair and Carmex Lip Balm. They remain among the most recommended balms in the market. 

Are you looking to buy one of the products but don’t know which one to choose?

Here is what you should know about Aquaphor Lip Repair and Carmex Lip Balm

Aquaphor Lip Repair 

Aquaphor Lip Repair remains among the most recommended lip balms in the market through various reviews. It is known to be the ultimate skin and lip healer. It is available in a jar or tube, and for a small-size version, you can get the lip repair ointment. Aquaphor is effective in that it helps moisturize and soften your chapped lips. The main ingredients found in Aquaphor lip repair are Shea butter, chamomile essence, and Vitamins B5 and C. One week of use will have your chapped lips healed and moisturized.

A notable effect of the Aquaphor lip repair is that it gives you immediate relief on your dry lips. Its formula is sticky, and there is no chapped or cracked lip that Aquaphor lip repair cannot cure. For a two-pack, Aquaphor lip repair goes for $4.79 in most drugstores.

Aquaphor Lip Repair vs. Carmex Lip Balm

Carmex Lip Balm 

Carmex Lip Balm has been in the market for a long, but it remains a ride or die for chapped lips. It is available in a roll-up Chapstick form, squeeze tube, or pot. Its ingredients are made with a blend of cocoa butter and beeswax. However, with Carmex Lip Balm, you have to reapply for this balm about three times a day for an effective result.

An extraordinary claim of the Carmex lip balm Is that it may be irritating on sensitive lips. It contains menthol and camphor that gives a tingly effect on your lips once you apply. It also has salicylic acid, which may also irritate sensitive lips.

Also, it has other ingredients that remain effective on your dry lips. For example, Carmex lip balm has petroleum as an occlusive ingredient and helps seal in moisture, therefore, keeping your lips hydrated. Besides, Carmex has mineral oil as an ingredient that helps give you that soothing effect once you apply it to your lips. Carmex lip repair goes for $2.74 in most drugstores.

Aquaphor Lip Repair vs. Carmex Lip Balm

Aquaphor Lip Repair vs. Carmex Lip Balm: Which Balm is More Effective?

Aquaphor lip repair is the go-to lip balm for a full effect. It helps heal your cracked or chipped lips by softening them and leaving them hydrated. Dermatologists also recommend treating eczema. In addition, Aquaphor lip repair is excellent for sensitive skins too!

For sensitive lips, you should go for the Aquaphor lip repair balm. However, unlike Aquaphor that is favorable for sensitive lips, Carmex lip balm may be too much for a sensitive lip. As indicated, it has a tingly effect on sensitive lips because of its ingredient, menthol, and camphor. These irritating ingredients may also cause inflammation on your sensitive lips if frequently used. As a result, it may end up causing more damage. 

How Do You Know Which One to Choose?

You must purchase a balm that will be effective in healing your cracked or chapped lips. 

There are various factors to consider when buying a suitable balm. Here is what you should know to purchase a suitable balm:


Reviews are one of the essential guides when purchasing a lip balm that will be effective. It will give you basic information on the product’s effectiveness and what people have to say about it. In this case, various reviews indicate that Carmex is not the best product to purchase, especially for sensitive lips. It leaves an irritating effect and can also cause inflammation on your sensitive lips.

Additionally, with Carmex, you will have to do regular touchups throughout the day. This dryness is caused by benzocaine which is among the ingredients found in Carmex lip repair balm.

Recommendation by Dermatologists. 

Recommendations given by dermatologists are based on their comprehensive research on various lip balms. Most dermatologists recommend a plain lip balm that will help your dry lips: case study, the Aquaphor lip repair, and Carmex lip repair.

Despite the two balms being among the most recommended, Aquaphor lip repair takes the lead. Aquaphor can be used on sensitive lips, unlike Carmex lip repair. Besides, one application on your lips is enough to give a long-term effect, unlike Carmex lip repair that requires you to do frequent touchups.

After you’ve done your research, you have to buy a lip balm that will leave your lips soft and hydrated. 

Needless to say, the sight of cracked or chapped lips is not attractive; it is not a sight to behold. It is therefore advisable that to keep your lips hydrated and smooth, get yourself a lip balm. The regular application will help keep your lips soft and away from cracked lips. In this case, purchase Aquaphor lip repair balm or Carmex lip repair from your nearest drugstore or Amazon. Of course, you must do your research before you buy any product.