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Yoderm Review

Yoderm Review

Yoderm Review: Paying a visit to your nearest dermatologist is as easy as it sounds. It will only cost you a few hundred dollars with the help of insurance. However, there seems to be a frustrating moment with getting dermatology services on time. Getting an appointment with a dermatologist can take more time than usual. Times are evolving, and now we have the chance to get a diagnosis through online dermatology services. 

With telemedicine, your skin woes are quickly solved through a diagnosis by a bonafide doctor who prescribes medication and routines to follow up for an effective treatment. The frequent visits and long hours of waiting for your appointment come to an end with the help of online services.

Among the most online services using bonafide doctors is Yoderm. 

Yoderm Review

Read on to know more about Yoderm, its reviews, and why you should consider it.

Easy to Use

Most women can confess that once in a while, they are losing war against hormonal acne. Getting hormonal acne under control can prove to be hectic and frustrating. It is a problem that needs a practical prescription for it to tone down. Thanks to Yoderm, this process can be less frustrating. Yoderm is an online service where you get a consultation from a dermatologist who reviews your photographs and medical history and, after that, sends a prescription to your nearest pharmacy.

Setting up a Yoderm account is very easy, and it will only cost you not more than $59 for an online consultation. The user dashboard is set so that a new user finds it easy to navigate as they fill out the required information.


Yoderm is detailed to mean that it uses your straightforward answers to its question to prescribe what is best for you and what should not. Filling in the questionnaire will require you to take a picture (make up free) and fill out a form going into details on the type of medication you used. Among the answers asked to give a medical background on your acne journey are; Which medication did you use? How long did you use the drug? Was it effective? Such detailed answers make it possible for the bonafide doctor to give you a treatment that is effective guided by the answers you give.


Compared to the in-person visits to your dermatologist, Yoderm proves to be very affordable. Setting up an account is free, and you will only need to pay not more than $59 for your consultation. The prescribed medication is later sent to your nearest pharmacy, following what you filled out in the online form. An in-person visit is only affordable if you have health insurance; otherwise, it can cost you a hundred dollars that you can save by opting for Yoderm.


At first, Yoderm promises to have your prescription ready within 24hours. However, if you are lucky enough, you can get a response from Yoderm within 30 minutes after posting your medication history. The assigned doctor confirms the information written and goes ahead to tell you what routine to follow as they prescribe medication for you. The drug is sent to a pharmacy of your choice. And all that is required is you picking up the prescription from a pharmacy. 


You need not take a break from your routine to have your prescription from Yoderm. Yoderm is convenient in that it allows you to send pictures of your affected areas, fill out personal information and medical history, all this while you follow your routine. It is different from an in-person visit where you have to avail yourself of a dermatologist. In less than an hour, you will have filled out the information, get a response from a doctor and make your way to the nearest pharmacy to pick your medication.


With Yoderm, you are sure of transparency. All you need to pay is $59 for the consultation fee and no more. After a doctor prescribes what medication is best for you, Yoderm adds detailed information of the side effects on the medicine they specify. An in-person dermatologist will only tell you; this might happen if you take this medicine and not specifics. However, Yoderm is transparent enough to provide a list showing all the side effects of the medication they prescribe after your consultation.


Anyone who has had to battle with acne will tell you that they had self-esteem issues at one point. The long stares and frequent questions on why you are having a breakout can be pretty discouraging. Thanks to Yoderm, worry no more! You do not have to make the in-person visit. You only submit a picture, and an online doctor goes through to give you a prescription. The prescription is done regarding the information you provide when filling out the form. It means you can have someone pick up the medication from your nearest pharmacy and start on your regimen!

Despite having many reasons why you should opt for Yoderm, there are cons associated with this online service. 

Cons of Using Yoderm

With Yoderm, you are not speaking directly to a person. There is no that connection like in an in-person visit to a dermatologist. Many ladies battling with hormonal acne will find it hard to open up to a stranger on the internet. When having an in-person visit to a dermatologist, you connect with the belief that they will get to see the problem at hand and look for the best way to cure the acne.

However, having online services has sparked a debate and a question that we all want to answer. Is virtual consultation better than an in-person visit?

As such, virtual consultation is an intriguing concept. You can save time with this and protect yourself from the frustrating appointments that take longer to be accepted. However, it is always wise to get a second opinion. Therefore, do not entirely rely on a virtual consultation. You can book one and still have your dermatologist follow up with the prescribed medication to confirm its effectiveness.