Wild Growth Hair Oil vs. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer

Wild Growth Hair Oil vs. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
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Settling on hair care products that help moisturize and condition the hair without weighing it down is not an option but a necessity. For the longest time now, Wild Growth Company has been at the forefront in providing plant-based hair products that help repair and rejuvenate damaged hair and scalp. 

Hair oil and light oil moisturizers are two products offered by this company to help repair and grow healthy hair and scalp. Do these oils really deliver? What’s the difference between them, and which one should you opt for? Read on to find out. 

Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild growth hair oil is a hair care product that helps repair damaged hair and scalp. This hair oil contains a mixture of lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus scent. Wild growth hair oil is made using the plant-based formula, minerals, and vitamins that help condition, soften and hydrate dry and tangled hair. This oil works with all types of hair to promote stronger and thicker hair free of split ends and breakage. 

Wild Growth Hair Oil vs. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer

Wild Growth Hair Oil

This concentrated formula also helps reduce blow-drying time enabling less damage to the hair. You can use this product on damaged, natural, and dry hair to provide protection when brow-drying and styling. Wild growth hair oil also works to promote hair growth and thickness. 

Ingredients in Wild Growth Oil

Wild growth hair oil contains the following active ingredients, jojoba, coconut, olive, and cocoa butter oils, rosehip, pumpkin seed, Acerola, rice bran, pomegranate, mushroom extract, grapefruit, peppermint, lavender extract, geranium, eucalyptus, sesame seed, cocoa mass, chickpea, lentil, clary sage, and frankincense. 

Each ingredient in this product has a special function, as noted below;

Olive oil helps moisturize and nourish the scalp and keep the hair follicles healthy. Rice bran, on the other hand, helps soften and condition the scalp. Coconut oil helps repair damaged hair and skin and improve its appearance. Jojoba oil contained in this hair care product helps heal damaged skin/scalp and treat other conditions such as psoriasis. This oil coats the hair strands keeping them softer and manageable. 

Wild growth oil also contains pumpkin seed that assists reverse signs of aging redness and offers soothing and moisturizing benefits. This oil also contains cocoa butter that aids in moisturizing and clearing blemishes. Eucalyptus and grapefruit oils aid in cleansing and offering antibacterial properties, while pumpkin seed oil helps promote hair growth in people suffering from androgenic alopecia. Peppermint helps promote hair growth by increasing the number and depth of hair follicles. 

How to Use Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild growth hair oil is meant to be used as a hair washer/shampoo or after wash/conditioning product. Before every use, ensure to shake the bottle well to mix all the ingredients properly. To use the product as a shampoo, mix 5 to 20 drops of the oil with your regular shampoo and apply the mixture to wet hair and scalp. Massage evenly before rinsing it off with clean running water—afterward, blow-dry or style your hair as needed.

To use this oil as a conditioner or an after-wash product, apply 2 to 3 drops of the oil on damp hair and scalp and massage evenly for greater distribution before styling. 

Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer

Wild growth light oil moisturizer is a hair care product from Wild Growth Company that helps promote hair growth, protect against dryness, energize the scalp and disinfect the hair. This moisturizer contains nutritional properties and natural non-clogging leave-in conditioning properties that help strengthen the hair and accentuate its growth. 

Wild Growth Hair Oil vs. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer

Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer

This moisturizer is used together with Wild Growth hair oil to protecting against dryness and friction damage. Wild growth light oil moisturizer does not interfere with the wild growth’s hair oil performance but adds to it by providing more hair growth, repair, breakage control, and skin and nail nourishment. 

Wild Growth light oil moisturizer can be used on both African and non-African hair. It contains a soft texturizing formula that helps keep the hair in good condition and protects against breakage. This moisturizer is made using plant-based biological-friendly ingredients. 

Wild Growth moisturizer is known to offer instant removal of tangles, allow pain-free combing of hair, offer instant and powerful texture conditioning, reduce frizz and fly away hair and promote fuller and longer hair. You can use this moisturizer when blow-drying, flat ironing, combing, braiding, and brushing your hair. 

Ingredients in Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer

This hair oil moisturizer contains the following active ingredients, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, flaxseed oil, castor oil, pumpkin seed, grape seed, safflower, and carrot oil. Each of these ingredients plays a special function in your hair care journey. 

How to Apply Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer 

Wild growth light oil moisturizer should be applied after using or in between the application of wild growth hair oil. To apply, shake the bottle well and apply the oil sparingly and evenly to the hair and scalp in between or after applying the hair oil. 

Wild Growth Hair Oil vs. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer

Wild growth hair oil is more yellowish in color compared to the moisturizer, which is a bit clearer. Unlike the moisturizer, the hair oil has a re-texturing agent that helps with frizzing and detangling. While wild growth hair oil works to promote long, thick, and healthy hair growth, wild growth moisturizer is a leave-in conditioner for the hair that helps seal in moisture and fight dryness and friction damage. Wild hair oil is a hair softener that has a stronger scent and contains hair treatment oils with no water. The moisturizer, on the other hand, is an all-purpose product with a lighter scent and contains both oil and water. 

Another difference between the two oils is in their ingredient list. While the hair oil contains Vitamin E, olive, jojoba, rosemary, chamomile, and coconut oils, the moisturizer contains Vitamin E, natural fragrance, optiphen plus, glycerin, water, rosemary extract, and olive, jojoba, and coconut oils. 

While these two oils contain different ingredients, they both help in strengthening and promoting your hair growth. The oils are great for moisturizing and adding shininess to the hair. Those who have used these products reported improved hair thickness and length. They are also economical as a little goes a long way. 

You can use the two oils together or separately, depending on your hair needs. Wild growth light oil moisturizer is lighter than hair oil and can be used as a daily moisturizer on the hair and scalp. 

So, Which Is Better for You Between the Two Oils?

The truth is the two products will help promote your hair’s growth and health. You can decide to use the products together or separately. If you have delicate hair, you should consider opting for the lighter moisturizer, which will help repair, moisturize and condition the hair without weighing it down. If your hair is strong enough to endure the heavy properties of the hair oil, you can go for this product separately or mix it up with the moisturizer for more shininess and hydration. 

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