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Why Is My Beauty Blender Lumpy?

Why Is My Beauty Blender Lumpy?

A beauty blender is a must-have tool in your makeup application process. This makeup sponge works to ensure that your foundation and concealer blends into the skin naturally, giving you a flawless end look. You can use a beauty blender to blend different types of makeup ranging from liquid, cream, mousse, or lotion foundations. 

When used correctly, a beauty blender creates a smooth and even layer of makeup, helping you achieve flawless skin. This tool can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months, depending on how well you use it. Although an effective tool, this product is susceptible to wear and tear. 

One of the major challenges facing beauty enthusiasts using this tool is its lumpiness. In this article, we take a deeper look at why a beauty blender gets lumpy. 

Why Is My Beauty Blender Lumpy?

A beauty blender can become lumpy for a number of different reasons, as discussed below:

Using It with Wrong Products

Beauty blenders are generally meant to be used with liquid, cream, or lotion foundations. Using it with powder, silicon-based, or oil-based makeup products may cause lumpiness. Powder and silicone-based foundations cause the blender to harden, making it difficult to apply the makeup. What’s more, these products will soak into the sponge, making it difficult to clean. 

Failure to Clean It after Every Use

The number one reason why beauty blenders become lumpy is failing to clean them often. Experts recommend cleaning the blenders after every use. Blenders are generally meant to be used when damp to help bounce the makeup into your skin instead of absorbing it. 

Though a good idea, this method comes with its own challenges. Damping a beauty blender increases the chance of mold and bacteria growth. To avoid this, you should clean the blender after each use. 

Using it Dry 

Using a dry beauty blender is another reason why your sponge may become lumpy. Soaking the sponge completely in water not only activates the aqua-activated foam material in it but expands it by over 50%, making it easier for you to use it on your face. 

Using a wet beauty blender also helps deposit foundation evenly onto your face without the sponge absorbing it. Foundation/concealer bounces off of a damp blender without soaking into it. 

Using Too Much Makeup Product

Using too much makeup product can cause the beauty blender to become lumpy. To avoid this, first put a pea-sized amount of the foundation at the back of your hand and dab the sponge on top. This will ensure that you are only using the right amount of the product and saving your blender. 

Wrong Application Method

A beauty blender is meant to be dabbed onto the skin. If you fail to adhere to this application method and instead opt to sweep it back and forth onto your skin, lumpiness will occur. Using the sponge on a dabbing motion allows effective depositing of the right amount of foundation. 

Wrong Storage Method

How you store your beauty blender greatly determines how long it serves you. Beauty blenders are highly susceptible and prone to germs infestation. To avoid this, ensure to store them in a clean and dry place free of germs. 


Weariness is another factor that may make your beauty blender become lumpy. Although these products are reusable, they do wear out with time, requiring replacement. Therefore watch out for weariness signs such as tears and change your beauty blender after every 3 to 6 months. 

How to Prolong the Life Cycle of Your Beauty Blender and Prevent It from Becoming Lumpy

You can increase your beauty blender’s life cycle and prevent lumpiness by incorporating the following measures;

Wash After Every Single-Use

Washing your beauty blender after every single use is the surest way to prolong its life cycle and prevent lumpiness. To wash your beauty blender, follow the following steps; 

1. soak it in water until it becomes thoroughly wet 

2. Apply a small amount of cleanser to the base of your palm and press the beauty blender into it until it’s completely covered in soap.

3. Rinse the soap off with water, squeezing out any excess foam until the water runs clear

4. Lay your sponge on a towel and pat dry. 

Use It When It’s Damp

To achieve an even skin tone and prolong the life cycle of your makeup sponge, ensure to use the beauty blender damp. This requires that you first wet the blender by soaking it completely in clean water before squeezing it to release any excess water and leave it damp. 

Besides helping in makeup application, wetting your beauty blender before use ensures that makeup only sits on top of the blender without absorbing into it. 

Gently Bounce the Blender onto Your Skin without Sweeping

A beauty blender should be handled with care to avoid damaging it. One of the surest ways to do this is to bounce or dab the blender gently on your skin to deposit and blend the makeup. Sweeping the tool back and forth will not only result in an even skin tone but will damage the blender and make it lumpy. 

Store in a Cool Dry Place Separate From Your Other Makeup Products

We are all guilty of storing our makeup products together. Although the place may be cool and dry, this is wrong and will damage your blender, making it lumpy. Beauty blenders are highly sensitive and will pick up the tiniest dirt. To avoid contamination, always store this tool away from your other makeup products. 

Use a Sufficient Amount of the Makeup

Putting too much foundation/concealer on the beauty blender could be the reason behind its recent lumpiness. To avoid this, start by putting a pea-sized amount of the makeup product on your palm and dabbing the sponge on top of it instead of applying the makeup directly to the blender. 

Replace the Beauty Blender Regularly

Like with any other product, a beauty blender does have a shelf life which is anywhere between 3 to 6 months. You must ensure to change your beauty blender after this period to continue enjoying its benefits. 


Since its inception, the beauty blender has changed the game of makeup by allowing easy application and achievement of even flawless skin. How well this product serves you depends on how you take care of it and how you use it.

For best results, ensure to use this tool when damp and clean it after every use. Moreover, ensure to replace it after every 3 to 6 months and store it in a clean, dry place away from your other makeup products.