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Why Is Aczone So Expensive?

Why Is Aczone So Expensive?

Aczone is one of the most popular acne treatment brands in the market today. It is the brand name for one of the most sought-after acne treatments, Dapsone. This product comes in a gel-like form, and it works in various ways to treat acne. It’s, for instance, known to weaken and kill various bacteria associated with acne breakout. The Dapsone gel also contains some powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help minimize swelling and redness of the skin. 

Unlike other forms of acne treatments which require you to apply them to your entire face, Aczone Dapsone treatment only requires that you apply it to the affected body part. This treatment is only available through prescription, and it’s meant to treat acne in people aged 12 years and above. Aczone contains Dapsone as its primary ingredient, a property known to aid in minimizing swelling and irritation. You should only use Aczone as a topical treatment and ensure to only apply it to the affected body part. 

Experts recommend using this treatment for inflammatory types of acne. One of the reasons behind the heightened glory of this product is its ability to treat acne without irritating the skin, which makes it possible to comfortably use it even on the most sensitive type of skin. You can use Aczone to treat mild or moderate acne. You may decide to use this treatment alone or combine it with other acne treatments to fasten the healing process. 

Advantages of Aczone

● Unlike other acne treatments with severe side effects, Aczone is associated with some manageable side effects such as peeling of the skin, redness, oily skin, and flaky/dry skin, to name a few. 

● This medication is applied as a topical treatment which is safer than the injectable types of treatments

Shortcomings of Aczone

● This medication is also known to cause severe side effects such as methemoglobinemia, and pancreatitis, amongst others. 

● It is not readily available over the counter. It requires a doctor’s prescription to acquire this medication.

● It may take up to four months before you can start experiencing any commendable results.

● Aczone is overly expensive.

Why is Aczone so Expensive?

It’s no secret that Aczone is overly expensive. Some of the reasons behind the heightened price are the fact that this medication is only available through a doctor’s prescription, which means you have to pay a consultation fee before accessing it. 

Another reason why this drug is overly expensive is the fact that it’s not readily available in a generic form which only leaves you with the option of getting it from the main brand. Though a good thing, as it gives you a chance to experience an original product. However, this move definitely hurts your pocket as brand products are known to be more expensive than those sold in generic form. 

It’s also worth noting that you are required to regularly visit your doctor when under this medication for checkups and reviews to ensure the treatment is working as required. As we all know, visits to the doctor are not cheap and will mostly leave you financially drained. 

So, What Can You Use Instead Of Aczone?

Any person that has struggled with acne will tell you that it’s the worst nightmare you can ever experience in life. Other than being hard to get rid of, this monster steals away your beauty and self-esteem, making you live a miserable life. 

This is why many people will do everything possible to get rid of this stubborn condition. But what do you do when you cannot afford expensive treatments such as the famous Aczone? Below we highlight some cheaper and readily available alternative acne treatments to consider as a replacement for Aczone.

Salicylic and Azelaic Acid

One of the reasons why prescription treatments are more considered compared to over-the-counter medications when it comes to treating acne is that the latter is more powerful and results in better and permanent results in due course. Salicylic and Azelaic acids are highly recommended in the treatment of acne. 

Besides being readily available, these acids are powerful and will work on clearing your scars within no time. 

Retinoid based Drugs

Drugs containing retinoid acids such as Adapalene, Tazorac, and Retin-A are another possible substitute for Aczone. One primary advantage of these drugs is that they are readily available and will mostly not require a doctor’s prescription to acquire. You can buy these drugs at any drug store of your choice and use them as instructed by the manufacturer. Retinoids containing acne treatments are also easy to apply, and they are gentle on the skin. 


The use of antibiotics is another proven method of treating acne. Antibiotics help eradicate the excess bacteria on the skin known to cause the breakout. When this eradication takes place, your skin is able to breathe and exfoliate normally. Antibiotics also work to minimize inflammation, redness, and other types of skin irritation known to worsen acne breakout. When you decide to use this method to treat your breakout, be careful to avoid overdoing it, which may lead to you developing resistance against the antibiotics, thus rendering them useless.

If possible, ensure to mix your chosen antibiotics with benzoyl peroxide to minimize the chances of developing resistance. 

What You Need to Know 

For many of us, acne is one monster we can never run away from, no matter how much we try. Our skin is highly sensitive, which leads to immense breakout at the slightest provocation. If you have been treating acne for some time now using Aczone and are worried about your finances, try shifting to something more economical such as an antibiotic or a retinoid-containing treatment. 

Other than being highly affordable, these treatments are easy to use, gentle on the skin, and readily available. All you have to do is get the right treatment for your skin type and condition. Therefore go ahead and feel free to get out of that bondage of using the expensive Aczone for something that the readily available adapalene gel or salicylic acid can do. 

Other Alternatives to using in place of Aczone

● Benzoyl peroxide

One primary advantage of benzoyl peroxide is that it’s readily available over the counter. You thus do not need a doctor’s prescription to acquire this medication. This product is also mostly combined with an antibiotic or retinoid that aids in keeping the acne at bay and replenishing the skin. 

This article was written by a dermatologist who requested anonymity.