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Why Does CeraVe Cleanser Burn My Face

Why Does CeraVe Cleanser Burn My Face

CeraVe brand is one of the most popular companies in the skincare world. This brand is highly valued due to its ability to offer high-quality products that are safe to use on all skin types. CeraVe cleansers are some of the bestselling formulas from this brand. 

Besides offering a variety of them, CeraVe cleansers are mild with valuable ingredients that not only cleanse the skin but nurture it to attain a youthful look. Despite the heightened glory of CeraVe cleansers, many users have in the recent past complained that these products cause a burning sensation after application. 

This has created a lot of controversies, and many new users are unsure of what to expect when using these cleansers. It is for this reason that this blog post aims to help you clear any doubts you may have about these products by unearthing if they really do cause the burning sensation and the reason behind this phenomenon. 

Ingredients Contained In Some of the CeraVe Cleansers

Before proceeding to answer if CeraVe cleansers do cause a burning sensation, it’s important we first understand the ingredients contained in these products. CeraVe contains different cleansers that are composed of different ingredients, as explained below;

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Why Does CeraVe Cleanser Burn My Face

CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser is a product that works best for normal to dry skin types. This cleanser helps get rid of dirt, excess oils, makeup residue, and other debris without disrupting the skin’s natural moisture. It contains powerful ingredients that help cleanse the skin and replenish it at the same time. Some of the ingredients in this cleanser include;

● Hyaluronic acid that helps hydrate the skin

● Ceramides that help lock in the skin’s moisture and restore its protective barrier

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

Why Does CeraVe Cleanser Burn My Face

CeraVe foaming facial cleanser is another popular product from this brand. This cleanser works best for normal to oily skin types. The CeraVe foaming facial cleanser contains three powerful ingredients, namely hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and Niacinamide. 

CeraVe foaming facial cleanser is a favorite among most beauty enthusiasts due to its ability to deeply clean the skin without disrupting its natural moisture barrier. Besides cleansing, this cleanser contains three powerful ingredients (ceramides, Niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid) that help calm the skin, lock in moisture and maintain its protective barrier. 

CeraVe Acne Control Cleanser

CeraVe acne control cleanser is a common face wash amongst people suffering from acne. This cleanser helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells that would otherwise clog pores, absorb and minimize excess oils and reduce blackheads. CeraVe acne control cleanser also contains oil-absorbing technology that helps minimize visible shine and three essential ceramides to keep the skin calm. 

This cleanser also contains 2% salicylic acid, which enables it to effectively remove dirt and other makeup residues, excess oils, and dead skin cells. CeraVe acne control cleanser is also able to penetrate clogged pores unclogging them to prevent new acne breakouts. 

Why Does CeraVe Cleanser Burn My Face?

As you can tell from the above discussion, CeraVe cleansers contain mild ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. Some people, however, do report a burning sensation after using these products. This phenomenon could be due to any of the following reasons;

Using the Wrong Cleanser for Your Skin Type and Condition

CeraVe brand has varying cleansers that work best for different skin types and conditions. This brand, for instance, has a hydrating cleanser for normal to dry skin types and an acne control cleanser for acne-prone skin types. If you interchange the two and use the hydrating cleanser on an acne-prone skin type, the results may not be as effective as when compared to using the acne control cleanser. 

Alternatively, using the acne control cleanser on skin that’s not prone to acne may result in regrettable consequences such as itchiness and a burning sensation. This is because each of these cleansers contains different ingredients meant to address the specific condition it’s specified for. 

Using Too Much Product

Did you know that you could be using the right cleanser for your skin type and condition and still experience a burning sensation? CeraVe cleansers have varying strengths depending on the ingredients contained in each of them and the condition it’s meant to address. 

To reap the best from these products, you must ensure to use them in the right proportion as advised by your physician or manufacturer. Most CeraVe cleansers will require that you apply a single pump of it on your face or a pea-sized amount of it. Exceeding this amount may result in uncomfortable outcomes such as redness, itchiness, and burning. 

Applying the CeraVe Cleansers Too Frequently

CeraVe cleansers are meant for either once daily or, at maximum twice-a-day usage. Using these formulas past this recommendation may result in a burning sensation or itchiness on your skin. Experts advise giving your skin some space to breathe between applying any form of a skincare product. This is why it’s advisable to either use the CeraVe cleanser at night or in your morning routine. Using the cleanser in the middle of t5rrrrrrrthe day or three times a day will weaken your skin and result in a burning sensation. 

Failing To Rinse the Product Off Completely

Failing to thoroughly rinse off the CeraVe cleansers is another major reason why these products leave a burning feeling on your skin. Many beauty lovers make the mistake of doing their skincare routine in a hurry which tempts them to risk some of the most important aspects, such as rinsing off the cleansers thoroughly before applying any other product.  

How Can You Minimize the Burning Sensation from CeraVe Cleansers?

If you have been shying away from reaping the immense benefits offered by CeraVe cleansers due to their burning aftermath, this is the right article for you as it contains every detail you need to know on how to safely use these products without the irritation. The following pointers are life savers that will see you through your skincare routine without any discomfort. 

Choose the Right Cleanser for Your Skin Type

CeraVe offers different cleansers that work well with varying skin types and conditions. For best results when using these products, ensure to use the right formula for your given skin type and condition. If you, for instance, have dry skin, work with a hydrating cleanser that will help maintain your skin’s PH value to avoid irritation. 

Use A Pea Sized Amount of the Cleanser

Whatever CeraVe cleanser you opt for, ensure to only use a pea-sized amount of it to avoid irritating your skin. Take note that using too much of the cleanser will not speed up the recovery of your skin condition. Rather it will worsen your condition by clogging the pores and causing irritation and discomfort. 

Rinse off The Cleanser Thoroughly after Each Application

It’s important that you thoroughly rinse off the CeraVe cleanser after each use before applying any other skincare product. This will help minimize irritation and provide a smooth skin surface for the other products to layer. 

Give Your Skin Space to Breathe

Taking time between CeraVe cleanser applications in order to give your skin space to breathe is a sure way to fight irritation and other forms of discomfort. That’s why it’s recommended to only use these cleansers during your morning and nighttime skincare routine and not in between. 

What You Should Know

If you have doubts about CeraVe cleansers due to their burning sensation, take it easy, as this condition does not emanate from the formula’s composition but from how you use them. Taking time to choose the right cleanser for your skin type and using it correctly will help you overcome this problem with ease. Therefore go ahead and choose the right formula and use it correctly to enjoy the immense benefits of these cleansers.