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Why Are Tweezers So Expensive?

Why Are Tweezers So Expensive?

Tweezers are small tools used for plucking unwanted hairs. They are composed of two arms that converge to form a squeeze handle that’s used to grip the hair. The gripping end can be in different shapes, such as straight, slanted, pointed, angled, or round. 

Using tweezers on the eyebrows helps in shaping them perfectly, which makes them appear neat and beautiful. Though an indispensable tool in the beauty world, some tweezers have over time proven to be overly expensive, and this makes them unaffordable to most people. 

In this article, we take a look at why tweezers are so expensive and provide you with the best alternatives to these tools. 

Why Are Tweezers So Expensive?

Before we continue, it’s essential to put a disclaimer out there that not all tweezers are expensive. There exists a wide variety of tweezers to fit your specific needs and budget. Be warned, however, that cheap tweezers come with a price. They, for instance, possess bulkier tips that make it difficult to grasp your hairs and pull them out. 

Cheap tweezers also do not do a good job of removing unwanted hairs. Many times, these tweezers will break the hair instead of pulling it out at once. The following factors inform the price of the so-called expensive tweezers;

High-Quality Features

The main reason for the price difference is that all tweezers are not created equal. A jeweler’s tweezers are of much higher quality, and the cost reflects that. A good pair of jeweler’s tweezers will have precision tips, will be made from high-grade stainless steel, and will be carefully calibrated so that they can grip very tiny hairs with a lot of force. 

They may also have some sort of safety features to prevent them from slipping while being used, such as serrated or textured pads in the gripping area. The parts may also be replaceable. The best tweezers are handmade by expert craftsmen to exact specifications, whereas cheaper ones are mass-produced with less care and attention to detail. 

The handles are slip-resistant, even if your hands get sweaty or oily from working on something messy. The handles also have three layers of plastic coating for strength and comfort. 

Material Used in Making Them 

According to Joshua Zeichner, MD, a dermatologist from New York City, “The cost of tweezers depends on how finely it is constructed and what it is made from.” Tweezers made from Titanium will, for instance, be more expensive than those made from stainless steel. What’s more, hardened steel tweezers will cost more than those of stainless steel. The price should, however, not worry you as these tools are meant to serve you longer than the cheap ones. 

Furthermore, tweezers made from high-quality materials such as hardened steel and Titanium do not require regular sharpening. This not only saves you time, but it’s also economical in terms of budget. 

The Shape of the Tweezers

Tweezers are available in different shapes, but the most common are the pointed, slanted tip and the pointed slant. Each of these shapes works differently on your eyebrows and will have a different price. Pointed tweezers, for instance, help pluck short, fine, and ingrown hairs, while a pointed slant works to pluck all types of hairs from the normal to the very fine ones. 

Based on how each of these tweezers works, they will each have a different price. 

Best Alternatives to Use In Place Of the Expensive Tweezers

Tweezers may be expensive, but lucky for you; there are other ways of getting rid of the unwanted eyebrow hairs without breaking the bank. Some of the best ways to do this include;

Using a Paper Towel

A paper towel is a material that’s readily available in almost all public bathrooms or even in your own home. All you need to do with this material is wet it and place it over your figures to use in pulling out the stray hair. 


You don’t have to stress about getting the expensive tweezers when a single thread from your sewing kit can help get rid of unwanted eyebrow hairs. The only requirement with this process is to first define the desired shape of your brows before using the thread to twist and remove the stray hairs. 

Use a Home Waxing Kit That Retails At around $25

You don’t have to stress and put up with the irritation that comes with tweezing when you can get rid of your unwanted eyebrow hairs using a home waxing kit that goes for as little as $25. Home waxing is an easy procedure that requires you to apply hot wax to the desired area and cover it with a piece of cloth. 

To remove the stray hairs, pull the cloth off against the direction of the hair growth. 

Use a Razor to Shave and Shape Your Eyebrows

Razors are another quick alternative to the expensive tweezers. One shortcoming with this method is that it may injure the sensitive skin around your brows, causing irritation. To avoid this, use mild shaving cream and shave gently against the direction of hair growth. 

Shaving is not a long-lasting method, and the hair may grow back within a few weeks or days. As such, only use this method as the last option when all others have failed. 

Critical Considerations When Handling Your Eyebrow Hairs

Eyebrows are the epitome of beauty. Besides giving life to your eyes, these features help complement and define your facial beauty. This is why everyone wants to have well-shaped and defined eyebrows. If you have been struggling to acquire a good pair of tweezers to use in getting your brows in shape, you don’t have to worry, as the above methods can serve you well when properly implemented. 

For best results, ensure to maintain high levels of hygiene to avoid infections and other skin irritations. If you, for instance, decide to work with the razors or home waxing kit, make an effort to sterilize the razor after every use and keep the kit well locked to avoid bacteria infestation. 

At the same time, ensure to shave, thread, or wax against the direction of your hair growth. This will help minimize irritation and quick regrowth of stray hairs. All in all, remember that these methods are not permanent and will require you to work on your brows after some time. 

Final Thoughts on Why Tweezers Are Expensive

Most tweezers are expensive for good reasons. These tools are made using high-quality materials and possess wonderful features to get the job done. If your current budget does not allow you to settle on these expensive tools, you can still get your brows in perfect shape using any other alternatives such as those discussed above. 

Besides being way cheaper, some methods such as threading and waxing will give you good results in the shortest time. All you need to do is evaluate your needs and budget before deciding on the right method for you.