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Why are My Eyebrows Uneven on Camera?

Why are My Eyebrows Uneven on Camera?

We are living in a picture-oriented era where everyone wants to capture their best photos and post them on social media for the world to admire. But what do you do when you can’t get your eyebrows to cooperate and give in to the mood of the picture? 

Uneven eyebrows on camera are one of the major issues that most people struggle with today. Your eyebrows will, for example, look perfect in the mirror and horrible when you turn to the camera. Why does this happen, and what’s the best way to avoid it. Read on to find out. 

Why are My Eyebrows Uneven on Camera?

There are various explanations as to why your brows look uneven on camera. One of these could be that your eyebrows are naturally uneven due to some of the following reasons;

Genetic Reason

Some people are born with brows that grow at different angles. Because of this, your eyebrows will never grow evenly and will always have some degree of difference. It’s also worth noting that faces are naturally asymmetrical. As such, you cannot expect your eyebrows to be even. 

Unhealthy Grooming Methods

How you take care of your eyebrows could also lead to unevenness. Destructive methods such as over-plucking, over-tweezing, and improper waxing can lead to your brows being uneven. 

Botox Injection

People are willing to take any risk to achieve a perfect body. One of these is the Botox injection, a procedure that entails smoothening your facial muscles to get rid of forehead wrinkles, better known as crow’s feet. 

Although a beneficial procedure, Botox injection impacts one forehead muscle more than the other resulting in your eyebrows looking uneven. 

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia condition

It could be you were born with even eyebrows, but conditions such as Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia led to them becoming uneven. Frontal Fibrosing is a hair loss condition that affects the scalp and the eyebrows making them look uneven. 

How You Take the Picture

The proximity of the camera to your face is another reason why your eyebrows could look uneven on camera. Camera lenses are known to naturally distort the image when good distance is not maintained.

Why You Will Notice the Unevenness of Your Eyebrows on Camera and Not on the Mirror

The camera shows you the finer details of your face without flipping the image as the mirrors do, enabling you to notice the slightest imperfections. Moreover, the camera gives you the opposite of what you see in the mirror every day. Since you are used to seeing your brows in the mirror, often you perceive that to be the right image of them. So when you see them on camera, they will always look wrong and uneven as that is not what your brain is used to. 

So what if your eyebrows are naturally uneven? How do you fix this problem to achieve even brows on camera? 

Tips To Fix Uneven Eyebrows and Make Them Camera Ready 

Let no one lie to you that there exist naturally perfect eyebrows. Everyone, including your favorite celebrity, requires a little grooming to achieve camera-ready brows. You can achieve this using the following tips. 

Get Your Eyebrows in Shape.

Getting your eyebrows in shape is one of the surest ways to beat uneven brows in the camera. You can decide to visit your favorite salon for the shaping or do it yourself at home. If you opt to do the shaping by yourself at home, ensure to assemble all the right tools and get access to natural light before embarking on the process. 

The first requirement in shaping your eyebrows at home is to measure and determine the natural shape of your brows. To get your eyebrow’s natural shape, place the brush vertically, beginning from your nostril outer side all the way to your eye’s inner corner to mark the start of the eyebrow. Next, mark the arch of the eyebrow by placing the brush in line with your pupil, and lastly, mark the end of your eyebrow by placing the blush at the outer edge of your eye. 

With this area marked and the right tools in hand, you can easily shape your brows and get them camera-ready. The rule of the thumb is to always stick to the identified shape and concentrate on the stray hairs to avoid over-plucking. 

Make Your Eyebrows Even Using Eyebrow Makeup

Simple eyebrow makeups existing in the market today can help you fill your brows and make them camera-ready. The only thing you need to do is stick to your brow’s natural shape as you gently apply the eyebrow powder. 

As you choose your eyebrow makeup kit, ensure to settle on one that compliments your natural brows color. 

Highlight Your Eyebrows So That They Look Naturally Fuller

A highlighter will help you achieve fuller eyebrows which are essential for the camera. When choosing your eyebrow powder/highlighter, ensure to use one that complements your natural brow color. To apply the highlighter, start at the middle and flick the pencil in hair-like strokes upwards to fill any gaps. 

Have a Cosmetic Surgery Done On Your Uneven Eyebrows

Getting cosmetic surgery performed on your uneven eyebrows is also a viable way of making them even. This, however, will depend on the degree of the unevenness and the cause. If your brows are uneven because of overplucking, there is no need to get the surgery done to perfect them, as avoiding this unhealthy method will get them even.

Give Your Eyebrows Ample Time to Grow

One of the major causes of uneven eyebrows is destructive methods such as over-tweezing and over-plucking. Your eyebrow hair follicles are extremely delicate and will react to the slightest disturbance. Therefore avoid shaping your brows often with these methods and instead use less harmful ways such as shaving if you must touch the brows. 


You now have the answer to why your eyebrows look uneven on camera. It could be as a result of how you position your camera while taking the picture or due to genetic and other causes, as discussed above. All in all, don’t stress as you can easily achieve the evenest eyebrows on camera by following the above recommendations.