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Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?

Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?

Discovering your eye shape is the first secret to hacking your eye makeup goals. Every eye shape intermarries with a specific eye makeup product and application process. And did you know there are over seven different types of eye sets? With such a wide variety, you must equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to get that perfect look you have been yearning for. 

In this blog post, we dig deep to find out what deep-set eyes are and some of the celebrities who have them. 

What Are Deep Set Eyes?

Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?

Deep-set eyes refer to eyes set deep into the skull. People with this type of eyes have their eyes further into the skull and a highly prominent brow bone. What’s more, their eyes appear a bit smaller compared to other people’s eyes. 

How to Tell If You Have Deep Set Eyes

There are different ways of identifying if you have deep-set eyes or not. One of the simplest ways of doing this is laying your index finger to touch your brow bone as the palm rests on your cheeks. If you are able to open your eyes in this condition, then you have deep-set eyes.

Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?

1. Blake Lively

Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?


2. Emma Stone

Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?

3. Jennifer Aniston

Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?

4. Michelle Williams

Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?

5. Oprah Winfrey

Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?

6. Taylor Swift

Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?

7. Robert Pattinson 

Who Are the Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes?

How to Bring Out the Best of Your Deep Set Eyes Using Makeup

Deep-set eyes can be one of the hardest to hack when it comes to makeup application. The fact that these eyes are tugged deep into your skull with a protruding brow bone makes it a challenge to achieve a seamless look with just any makeup product and process. You can, however, get the best look from your deep-set eyes using the following tips;

Prime Your Eye Area to Get It Ready for Makeup

Priming your face is a sure bet in increasing your makeup wear time and brightness. A primer helps conceal pores and fine lines on your skin, smoothing it for your makeup to layer. What’s more, a primer helps control the amount of oil produced by your glands, thus preventing your makeup from smudging. 

Take Care of Your Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes are a known nightmare in all types of eyes. Having them in deep-set eyes makes the situation worse as they push your eyes deeper, making them almost minute and invisible. You can revive and brighten your deep-set eyes by concealing the dark circles around and under them to remove all the imperfections that cause destruction. 

Patting a color corrector on your under-eye area before applying a concealer will help reverse the state of your tired and sleepy eyes. When choosing a concealer, work with one that’s close to your skin tone and ensure to blend it thoroughly. 

Use Lash Extensions to Open Up Your Deep Set Eyes

For a long time now, falsies have proven to be a big success in bringing out the best in deep-set eyes. Using lash extensions on your natural lashes will help volumize, lengthen and brighten them for a lovelier look. In simpler terms, lash extensions help add life to your already dull eyes. You can either use lash extensions or apply mascara on your natural lashes to brighten them. 

Lash extensions/falsies work best for those with smaller natural lashes, while those with larger natural lashes can opt to just curl them up to lengthen and give them life. 

Use Brighter Makeup Products to Highlight Your Deep Set Eyes

One of the best ways to revive deep-set eyes is to highlight them using bright eye makeup colors. You can start by highlighting the contour of the eye using a neutral eyeshadow and blend it well before moving to the crease. Here use a darker eyeshadow and extend it to the outer corner of your eye. You can add some more brightness by adding a shimmery eyeshadow to the middle and inner corners of your eyelids. 

In addition to highlighting your lash line use the bright colored makeup products to bring out the best of your brow bone. This requires that you highlight the area using an eyeshadow of your choice and blend it in perfectly. 


It takes more than just the right makeup and application process to hack the best eye makeup. Understanding your eye shape and knowing how to maneuver it is the first step in getting things right. Deep-set eyes are a common eye shape amongst many people, including renowned celebrities. This eye shape entails having the eyes set deeper into the skull and a protruding brow bone.

Because of the prominent brow bone, the eyes appear bit small and tired. Deep-set eyes are also highly prone to dark circles. Despite these shortcomings, you can easily hack and achieve the best eye makeup look by following some of the above tips. 

Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey are some of the highly renowned celebrities that have managed to get the best eye makeup looks even with deep-set eyes. Therefore, go ahead and feel free to buy some eye makeup ideas from any of the above celebrities to aid in getting the best from your deep-set eyes.