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What to Do Before a Chemical Peel

What to Do Before a Chemical Peel

A chemical peel refers to a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to slough off and eventually peel off. This results in skin that’s smoother and less wrinkled than the old one. 

A Chemical peel is a diverse treatment that can serve a number of purposes, such as treating certain types of acne, clearing wrinkles and fine lines caused by aging and sun damage, and improving the appearance of mild scars. Unlike other superficial skin treatments, chemical peels offer a deeper cleansing of the skin that results in immediate healing of different skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage. 

The success of every chemical peel depends on your skin’s ability to absorb and utilize the given ingredients and heal. For this reason, it is important to take certain precautions before your chemical peel so that you can get the best results possible. If you have a chemical peel appointment coming up, keep reading to identify what you must do before the said date. 

What to Do Before a Chemical Peel

Since these peels are so powerful and provide such amazing results, it’s essential to be properly prepared for your appointment. There are a few things you should do before any chemical peel is conducted to make sure you get the best results possible and to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during your appointment. 

Besides ensuring you have the best results, good preparation also protects you from potentially harmful side effects. Below are some critical pointers on what to do before a chemical peel. 

Choose a Qualified Practitioner to Perform the Procedure

Though you can perform this procedure at home using readily available serums, body lotions, and cleansers, it’s a good idea to leave the task to a qualified practitioner. A chemical peel is such a complex procedure that requires the most qualified practitioners to perform it successfully. Dealing with a knowledgeable specialist will help you get the best results from this procedure and avoid unnecessary complications that may arise if it is not well conducted. 

To know which practitioner is qualified, do thorough background research to check if they have the right certifications and good relationships with previous customers. 

Settle On the Right Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are available in different categories which work best for different skin types and conditions. The right peel for you depends on your skin type, the amount of time you have in hand, and the condition you are trying to address. 

If you, for instance, have a sensitive skin type or are trying to address minor discoloration, you might consider working with a superficial chemical peel, which penetrates minimally into your skin without causing major impacts. 

If you are suffering from deep-seated wrinkles and fine lines or stubborn discoloration that doesn’t seem to go away, you might consider opting for the more powerful chemical peel known as the deep peel, which penetrates deeply into your skin, healing the condition instantly. 

Take note that each of these peels has a different healing time and reaction on your skin. To know what suits you best, consult with your practitioner, who will advise on the best route to take and how to take care of your skin after the procedure. 

Provide Your Chosen Practitioner with Necessary Medical information and History

Your practitioner needs a detailed report regarding your health in order to make an informed decision on the right chemical peel for you. While at it, ensure to come clear of any medications you may be taking so that your doctor will know what to do with them. 

Most times, it will require that you stay away from some medicines as your body recuperates from the chemical peel procedure.  

Avoid Exfoliating Your Skin One Week Before the Procedure

A chemical peel is basically a deeper form of exfoliation. As such, you should stay away from your normal/regular exfoliation for one week to this procedure to avoid weakening your skin which may cause unnecessary irritation. 

This also means staying away from any skincare products that contain exfoliating ingredients. 

Give Your Skin Time to Detox by Avoiding Makeup a Few Days Before the Procedure.

Clean skin is a vital requirement during chemical peel procedures. Such a skin ensures the properties in the peel penetrate deep into your skin, exfoliating it as needed. One of the best ways to ensure your skin remains clean and calm during this process is to stay away from makeup that may give you a hard time removing and cleansing. 

Take note also that you may irritate your skin as you try to rid it of makeup, and this will result in dire consequences during and after the chemical peel procedure. 

Keep Your Skin Hydrated.

A simple step such as drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated a few days before the chemical peel procedure will result in amazing end results. Besides water, ensure to keep away from drying skincare products and make an effort to use gentle moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated. 

Avoid Harsh Procedures Weeks Leading To Your Chemical Procedure

Chemical peels work best on well-maintained skins. As such, you need to stay away from any procedure that may damage or weaken your skin weeks leading to your chemical peel. This requires that you avoid sun exposure and tanning beds at least two weeks before the procedure, as doing so can lead to changes in the color of some peels. Also, avoid waxing or using any type of bleach on your face two weeks before the treatment. Also, avoid shaving 24 hours before the chemical peel procedure. 


Chemical peels are an excellent way of reviving your skin and delaying signs of aging. Whether you choose to perform this critical procedure by yourself at home or visit your favorite specialist, there are certain things you must do for it to be effective. 

Some of these include not exfoliating your skin one week before the procedure, staying hydrated by taking a lot of water and applying gentle moisturizers, choosing the right chemical peel for your skin type and needs, and staying away from harsh procedures and direct sunlight for weeks to your procedure. 

When done right, chemical peel procedures will give you that youthful look you have been yearning for within the shortest time. For best results, ensure to stay away from makeup a few days before the procedure to help keep your skin clean for easier penetration of the ingredients. Also, avoid shaving your skin 24 hours before the procedure, as this may result in unnecessary irritation.