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What Happens When You Put Vaseline on Eyelashes Overnight?

What Happens When You Put Vaseline on Eyelashes Overnight?

We all have beauty routines that we swear by, but there are some things you should never do to your lashes. Vaseline is one of them. When applied overnight, it can leave a greasy residue on the lashes and cause breakage after washing off.

It also blocks pores on the skin around your eyes, leading to infection if not properly cleaned up. Here’s what happens when you put Vaseline on eyelashes overnight. Read on.

What Happens When You Put Vaseline on Eyelashes Overnight?

Below are the results of using Vaseline on your eyelashes overnight.

1. Vaseline Leaves a Greasy Residue

Vaseline is petroleum jelly which means it’s not water-soluble. As soon as you wash your face or remove the Vaseline from your lashes, there will be a thick film leftover on them. When left overnight, it can cause buildup and clog pores because of its consistency.

2. Vaseline Blocks Pores

Many people will use Vaseline to apply their eyeliner or even around the lash line. It can block your skin’s natural oils, which prevent moisture from reaching the lashes because of its thick consistency. It makes them dry and brittle over time, leading to breakage after removing the product.

3. Vaseline Can Cause an Infection

If you go to sleep at night with Vaseline on your lashes, chances are they will be damp in the morning when you wake up. It’s easy for bacteria to find their way onto the area because of the small space between them and your face. If not cleaned properly before bed, it could lead to infection.

4. Can’t Use Facial Products

Some people like adding lash conditioner and mascara onto their lashes. Unfortunately, because of the Vaseline on your lashes, you won’t use any type of product for lashing. That requires an extra washing step which could cause breakage or even eye irritation.

5. Causes Lash Loss

Vaseline will lead to lash loss because it clogs pores and dries out lashes. As the hairs begin to fall out of your eyes, you can start noticing tiny white dots with short stubby lashes. That is because when the tiny lashes drop off, they leave behind a small bald spot on your eyelid.

6. You Could Be Damaging Your Eyes

When you allow Vaseline to sit on your eyelashes for long, it could have a serious impact on your vision. If not cleaned off completely before bed, the lashes under your lid may swell. It makes it difficult for your eye to open, which might cause the muscles in the back of the eye to tire out even faster.

How To Remove the Vaseline From Your Lashes

The best way to remove Vaseline from your lashes is using cleansers that won’t irritate your eyes. At first, you may not notice any irritation, but as time goes on and there’s a buildup of the product, it might cause discomfort or burning. Therefore, it’s essential to cleanse your lashes at least two times a day.

1. Remove the Vaseline First With Baby Oil or Olive Oil

Vaseline can be challenging to remove if not done correctly. Whether you use water or wipe it off with makeup remover, it won’t work because of its consistency. First, you must remove the Vaseline by applying olive oil or baby oil onto a cotton swab and wiping it off in small circular motions.

2. Cleanse Your Lashes With Gentle Cleansers That Won’t Irritate Eyes

When cleansing, use products containing natural oils such as coconut or almond oil. These types of products will not only cleanse your lashes but also condition them.

3. Use Q-Tips To Reach the Residue

After you’ve removed the Vaseline, there will be some left behind on your lashes that you can’t reach using a cotton swab. Therefore, use Q-tips to wipe away any excess product that might still be remaining between the lashes.

4. Use a Facial Cleanser To Cleanse the Face and Remove Residue From Q-Tips

Using a facial cleanser may sound weird, but it’s the only product that can dissolve Vaseline completely. You won’t have any residue left behind after cleansing your lashes. If you don’t want to use a full face cleanser, try using a makeup wipe instead.

5. Use Conditioner as a Lash Treatment

The best way to protect lashes during the day is to apply Conditioner before bed. That will keep them moisturized while also helping them grow longer and stronger. If you’re looking for products that can help strengthen your lashes, look for ones containing keratin or castor oil.

What’s the Alternative?

Luckily, there are many alternatives for creating a lash routine that won’t cause damage over time. 

1. Use a Gentle Cleanser Before Bed

Using an oil-free makeup remover, gently swipe the product away from your lashes. Be careful not to tug on them as you’re removing them. You should do it at night at least half an hour before going to sleep so that any remaining residue can absorb into the skin.

2. Use a Conditioning Treatment

Using an oil-free serum, apply it to your lashes before bed. Do not get the product close to the skin because it can cause clogging. You can leave it overnight or even wear it during the day for added moisture.

3. Use an Oil-Free Mascara

It is one of the best ways to avoid buildup on your lashes. There are many brands that offer the option, including L’Oreal, Maybelline, and Covergirl. Oil-free mascaras keep moisture locked into the hair rather than coating it, which could weigh down or cause breakage over time.

4. Use a Gentle Lash Mascara

Although the option doesn’t prevent clogs from forming, it keeps the lashes hydrated. You can wear these between regular applications for added moisture or use them daily if you want an easy routine.

What You Should Do Instead

Here are some things you should do instead to protect your lashes.

  1. Use an oil-based eye makeup remover made specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes. It won’t irritate them and will dissolve any oils left over after cleansing.
  2. Don’t use Vaseline or other petroleum products like lotions on eyelashes overnight.
  3. Your lashes need time to breathe. If you sleep with your eye makeup on, you can experience dryness, breakage, or loss of lashes over time.
  4. Use natural lash conditioning oils like castor oil after washing your face before bed. These are less likely to cause buildup over time and will keep lashes conditioned.
  5. Apply an oil-free mascara for added shine without any clumping or smudging.

From the above, it’s true that Vaseline won’t necessarily harm your lashes. However, the above is a risk for little benefit. It’s best to stick to natural lash conditioning oils that won’t clog pores or cause breakage over time. Use Vaseline on your lips instead.