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What Color Lipstick Should You Wear with Purple Hair?

What Color Lipstick Should You Wear with Purple Hair?

When you prepare to wear lipstick, do you consider the color? Having the right lipstick color makes a difference in how you feel about your looks. As purple hair becomes increasingly popular, you might wonder what lipstick colors compliment purple hair the best. The color purple is beautiful and bold, making you stand out from the crowd.

This article is for you if you’re rocking purple hair and wondering about lipstick color to blend with to create an impression.

Keep reading to know the color of lipstick to wear with purple color, factors to consider when choosing the color, and how to choose lipstick colors.

What Color Lipstick Should You Wear with Purple Hair?

Purple is a vibrant color, and finding a shade that matches your hair color can be difficult. A good rule of thumb is to choose a shade that is either darker or lighter than your color. These colors vary widely in tone, from deep violet to lavender. 

So, consider the shade of your hair when selecting lipstick color. If your hair is dark, go for a deep violet or plum shade; if it’s light and bright, go for a lighter lilac or lavender hue.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lipstick for Purple Hair

Choosing the perfect lipstick for purple hair doesn’t have to be daunting. The following are some factors you should consider when choosing a lipstick for your hair:

The Look You Want to Achieve

You want a color that stands out against your dark hair. If you’re going for a bold, colorful statement, choose bright pink, dark red, or burgundy shade. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more subtle and natural-looking, a nude, pink, or rose color is appropriate.

Your Skin Tone

The first thing to consider when choosing lipstick for purple hair is whether or not it matches your skin tone. The color should blend in with your skin for it to look natural. Try it on your forearm before buying to test if the color matches your skin tone.

It would help if you also considered your skin tone fair or dark. If you have light skin, go with a lighter shade of red. A deep purple or blue shade will do great if you have darker skin. However, it would be best to avoid bright or neon-ish as it draws attention away from your hair.

Are You Wearing a Tattoo?

Before settling for a color blend for your lipstick, consider your face or lip tattoo if you have one. If so, avoid shades close in tone to these tattoos as they clash with them and look like a big blob of color.

The Amount of Lipstick to Apply

Have you got the right color of lipstick to match your purple hair? That’s not enough. The amount of lipstick you apply determines your looks. If you don’t know how much lipstick you should use, ask your stylist or someone who knows how much to put on and apply until it gets comfortable.

Colors of Lipstick to Wear with Purple Hair

Purple hair color is increasingly becoming popular with women these days. It’s bold, stylish, and eye-catching. If you want to try this color, wear lipstick that complements your purple hair.

Here are the colors of lipstick you should wear with purple hair:

Red Lipstick

What Color Lipstick Should You Wear with Purple Hair?

Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

This lipstick color is an excellent choice for women with purple hair, as red blends well with this color in natural and artificial light. Wear red lip liner and fill in with a darker shade of red lipstick or a purple-red shade.

Mauve Lipstick

What Color Lipstick Should You Wear with Purple Hair?

This soft hue brings out the warmth in your hair while still making a statement with its unique shade. It’s ideal if you’re looking for something low-key but still vibrant to stand out in a crowd.

Mauve lipstick allows you to play with the contrast between your lip color and your hair color. It has a subtle reddish tone that provides contrast for those who don’t want strong or bold colors on their lips.

Pink Lipstick

What Color Lipstick Should You Wear with Purple Hair?

This classic color pairs well with all clothing styles and hair colors. It looks great with purple hair, adding depth to an already vibrant color palette.

It is a universally flattering shade that looks good on everyone, from fair-skinned blondes to deep-toned brunettes—paired with purple adds brightness to keep your looks from being too monochromatic or dull.

Choose a hot pink shade if you want to make a bold statement during a night out.

Nude Lipstick

What Color Lipstick Should You Wear with Purple Hair?

They are perfect for pairing with purple hair as they blend right in without being too much. It is ideal for daytime wear and evening events when paired with other makeup like eyeliner and mascara.

Light Purple Lipstick

What Color Lipstick Should You Wear with Purple Hair?

If your hair is light purple, go for light lip colors like light purple. Light purple is great if you need something subtle. These colors complement your hair without overpowering it or making it look duller.

Poppy Red Lipstick

What Color Lipstick Should You Wear with Purple Hair?

This is for you if you are a veteran in the color world. Poppy reds are bright orangey-reds with lots of orange undertones and golden shimmer. If you want something different from tomato reds or classic reds, poppy reds are a good choice for pairing with purple hair, owing to their brightness and warmth. It gives off a warm glow to cool tones like lilac and violet, but they don’t clash.

What You Should Know When Choosing a Lipstick Color for Purple Hair

When wearing purple hair, you should find a lipstick shade that matches your skin tone and personality.

How do you know which lipstick blends your hair color? There are various things to consider before settling for a lipstick color. These are; your skin tone, the fairness or deepness of your hair coloring, and the mood you want to convey. If bold and confident, go with bright and vivid colors like red or fuchsia. But if you’re more subdued, natural muted colors like pink or brown work better.

Keep in mind that not all purples are created equal. Softer shades like lavender are wearable to most people, while brighter shades like fuchsia may not be the best taste for many people.