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Silkpeel Dermalinfusion Review

Silkpeel Dermalinfusion Review

Silkpeel Dermalinfusion Review: Skincare is more than just using moisturizers, toners, or cleansers. It enhances your appearance by trying out more processes that will be diligent in helping you achieve a glowing look. Among the methods that dermatologists have recommended is the Silkpeel dermalinfusion.

Upon its launch, Silkpeel dermalinfusion took over social media with positive reviews on why people should opt for this treatment. Silkpeel is an exfoliating treatment that makes your skin brighter and smoother. One appointment is enough to give you this effect. To understand how Silkpeel dermalinfusion works, read on to know why most dermatologists are recommending this treatment.

Here is what you need to know.

How Does Silkpeel Work

Silkpeel uses a dermalinfusion device that helps volume your skin while exfoliating and vacuuming away the dirt that comes out. Unlike other Microderm treatments that blast your face with microcrystals to remove dead skin and then vacuum it all up, dermalinfusion does this all at once. It is done through a pen-shaped tool with a three-in-one tip to help it `volumize’ and exfoliate your skin. Its end is equipped with a diamond plate that buffs dry skin and clogged pores.

The diamond plate sits in the middle of a vacuum that works on low pressure to suck up dirt and dead skin. The diamond plate and the vacuum are enclosed in a chamber filled with a serum to help push customized serums into your skin pores.

Serums filled in your skin pores are chosen specifically for your skin type by your aesthetician or dermatologist. Among the personalized concoction found in this handpiece is a salicylic acid serum that helps clear pores and breakouts, hydrating hyaluronic acid to help plump your skin, and a brightening serum to help fade acne scars, if any.

The whole process takes not less than 20 minutes, with your aesthetician running the diamond tip along your face while it buffs, sucks, and fills your pores. Your aesthetician can also decide to give you a parting gift by showing all the gunk that is extracted from your face. However, I would not suggest this for persons with a sensitive stomach.

Silkpeel Review

Silkpeel dermalinfusion is the next big thing for skin enthusiasts and those looking to improve their skin routines. Before the process is done, an aesthetician runs a massage-driven device that cleans and wipes any makeup on your face or dirt that has clogged up. The diamond plate is necessary for removing any dirt on your face while starting with the most sensitive parts of your skin. 

For sensitive skin types, Silkpeel is recommended. It does not hurt or leave blemishes on your sin after the process is done. The only sensation you get after the treatment is a mild unpleasant sensation that is relatively normal.

Silkpeel dermalinfusion continues to be recommended by most dermatologists owing to many of its pros when compared to other exfoliating treatments. Here is why you should opt for Silkpeel dermalinfusion, should you be looking to exfoliate your skin;

Silkpeel dermalinfusion helps pump and leave a glow look on your face without causing irritation or blemishes on your skin. Before an aesthetician goes through with the process, the serum used is specifically chosen to fit your skin type. Other exfoliating treatments may cause your skin to be blemished for a day before they take full effect after constant use.

Silkpeel helps clear the hard-to-get pores areas example, around your nose. Regular exfoliating treatment may be harsh to use when trying to get pores around your nose. The after-effect is that of irritation and burning on your skin for trying too hard. It is a different case with Silkpeel dermalinfusion. An aesthetician runs the band around your nose while trying to unclog your pores. No hard rubbing and scrubbing are needed. With the proper application and serum and your hard-to-get pores will be unclogged.

You only need one appointment. That’s right, one appointment! You don’t need regular treatments to notice the desired effect. One appointment is enough to relish your skin’s glow. Silkpeel dermalinfusion is different from other treatments that will require you to follow through with the routine to see any effect on your skin.

It is excellent for all skin types. Whether you have sensitive skin, dry, or oily skin, Silkpeel dermalinfusion is the perfect treatment for you. An aesthetician chooses a serum that is tailored to fit your skin type and specific skin needs. The abrasive wand is adjustable in that if you have sensitive skin, an aesthetician can make the treatment gentler, and through exfoliation, the treatment can be made more thorough. All you need is to communicate which goal you want to achieve on your skin, and the aesthetician will choose the suitable serum for you.

There is no downtime with Silkpeel dermalinfusion. Silkpeel is great to try if you have to prepare your skin before any special occasion or event. The treatment is an excellent bargain for such moments or simply if you do not have a schedule that allows downtime. An hour in between your lunch breaks with this treatment will make your skin look smooth without worrying about blemishes or rashes on your skin.

To prepare yourself for the Silkpeel dermalinfusion, here is what you need to know before you opt for this treatment; Silkpeel dermalinfusion is not painful. However, it cannot be termed as the most relaxing facial. Extracting oil and unclogging your pores will cause an uncomfortable feeling on your face. 

However, more visits are required to see a significant decrease in hyperpigmentation if you are experiencing one.

The Takeaway

If you are looking for more clarity in terms of smoothness and achieving a specific glow, Silkpeel dermalinfusion is the perfect treatment. It is ideal if you need a quick turnaround from the regular exfoliating treatments.

It is also the perfect treatment if you need a quick fix. For that special occasion, Silkpeel dermalinfusion is the ideal treatment that will leave your face looking smooth and flawless. It will leave your skin illuminating!