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Rezenerate Facial vs. Microneedling

Rezenerate Facial vs. Microneedling

Rezenerate Facial and Microneedling are two essential procedures that help achieve a healthy and younger look.

These procedures use different technologies to penetrate and deposit useful ingredients into your skin. Though different in a number of ways, rezenerate facial and microneedling has the same end goal to give you a younger healthy skin. 

So which one is better for your skin type and needs. Continue reading to find out.

Rezenerate Facial

Rezenerate Facial vs. Microneedling

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This is a non-invasive, quick, and comfortable facial treatment that uses a unique process to improve the overall appearance of your skin. This procedure uses nanotechnology to deliver high-performing ingredients deep into the skin without pain or damage. 

The Rezenerate wand uses an advanced patented technology that allows it to deliver nutrients and peptides quickly and with minimal damage so your skin can heal naturally and more effectively. The device sends microcurrent into your skin, causing it to naturally produce its own collagen and elastin, which results in plumper, smooth, glowing skin. With a blend of proven active ingredients, including fruit stem cells, antioxidants, and peptides, Rezenerate acts as a concentrated anti-aging power treatment to promote a more youthful complexion and deliver real results. 

This procedure can be done on anyone who wants glowing, healthy skin. This treatment is great for anyone who wants to reduce signs of aging, wrinkles, acne scars, or any other type of scarring. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to redness or irritation when using certain skincare products, this treatment would also be beneficial for you as it uses an incredibly gentle formula that won’t hurt your skin. 

Rezenerate facial is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their skin without the need for any recovery time. 

How Is Rezenerate Facial Done?

This facial is completed in three steps; cleansing, facial massage, and application of hydrating serums and moisturizers. Rezenerate facial is done by taking a pen-like device and passing it over your face while the technician applies a serum. The device used in this procedure creates small microchannels in the skin, which allows the serum to penetrate deep into the skin. 

This procedure is best suited for people who have acne scars, fine lines, large pores, and uneven skin tone. You can also undergo this procedure if you wish to clear discolorations and sunspots. 

Benefits of Rezenerate Facial

Rezenerate facial helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and other signs of aging. This procedure also helps smoothen your face and reduce enlarged pores. Rezenerate facial also results in even skin tone and better penetration of skincare products. 

This procedure can be used as part of a long-term anti-aging strategy by building collagen in the skin. 


Rezenerate Facial vs. Microneedling

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Microneedling is an innovative procedure that uses tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries on the skin, which in turn triggers the body’s natural healing response resulting in fresh, younger-looking skin. This technique has been used for many years to treat various skin conditions, including acne scarring, surgical scarring, and stretch marks.

During the session, small needles are used to create numerous tiny invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of the skin. These microscopic injuries to the dermis stimulate your skin’s natural ability to heal itself by producing new collagen and elastin fibers. 

Microneedling can also be used as a method of delivering active ingredients into the skin through topical serums applied during treatment. 

This procedure results in improved texture and firmness as well as a reduction in scars, stretch marks, and pore size. Microneedling is mostly used on the face and may treat various scars, wrinkles, and large pores. It can also reduce stretch marks by breaking down old scar tissue and stimulating new collagen production. 

While Microneedling can be a great way to enhance your skin quality, it usually requires multiple treatments and will result in some level of discomfort. 

Rezenerate Facial Vs. Microneedling: Understand the Differences

Rezenerate facial and Microneedling are often confused as one and the same thing. However, these two treatments are very different. The Rezenerate facial is an automated facial that works to deliver natural ingredients deep into the skin through the use of nanotechnology. This procedure is pain-free and only takes a few minutes. 

Microneedling, on the other hand, is a collagen stimulation treatment that uses a small roller with tiny needles to puncture the top layer of your skin to stimulate collagen production. The main difference between these two procedures is that the Microneedling process involves the use of tiny needles to penetrate the skin, while Rezenerate facial uses a painless wand with nanotechnology to deliver its ingredients. 

It also takes less time to perform a Rezenerate facial than microneedling. It’s also worth noting that the Rezenerate procedure is able to get the nutrients deeper into your skin than where microneedling reaches. Microneedling is also more expensive than a Rezenerate facial. 

Microneedling also results in some discomfort and may leave you with redness and possible bruising for a few days after the treatment. Rezenerate facials have no downtime, and you can comfortably get back to applying your skin care products a few hours after the procedure. 

Rezenerate Facial Vs. Microneedling: Which One Is Better?

Rezenerate facial is a great alternative to microneedling. This procedure is nanotechnology, pain-free and non-invasive. It uses a Nano wand that allows the serums to penetrate the skin at a deeper level than microneedling. 

Rezenerate facial also uses amazing nanotips that prevent it from damaging the dermis. This procedure also has no downtime compared to microneedling, which needs a few days to heal after application. Rezenerate facial also works perfectly at making your skin look and feel younger since it removes dead skin cells, and it is antibacterial, so it helps remove acne-causing bacteria from the skin. 

Moreover, Rezenerate facials are much less expensive than microneedling, and this makes it appealing to people who are interested in treating their faces without breaking the bank. It’s also worth mentioning that microneedling may not work with all types of skins, especially those that are sensitive, due to its high levels of discomfort and skin irritation. 

Rezenerate facials, on the other hand, can be used on all types of skin as it does not injure the dermis or cause any irritation. 

The truth is these two are great procedures with different benefits based on what you are looking for in a treatment. These treatments are considered safe, non-invasive cosmetic procedures that deliver on their promise. Though the science and technology behind them are completely different, their overall purpose is the same to improve the look and health of your skin. 

Therefore go ahead and confidently choose one that’s beneficial to your skin needs and budget.