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OPI Funny Bunny vs. Essie Marshmallow

OPI Funny Bunny vs. Essie Marshmallow

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If you are in the market for white nail polishes, chances are you’ve heard of Opi funny bunny and Essie’s marshmallow. These two nail polishes offer the best white nails for weddings and other special events such as birthdays, and dinner dates, to name a few. 

But what’s the difference between them and which one is better for you? Keep reading to find out. 

OPI Funny Bunny

OPI Funny Bunny vs. Essie Marshmallow

OPI funny bunny is the answer to beauty queens and kings that enjoy changing their manicures weekly. This polish contains a white, fluffy, snuggly formula and offers a sheer coverage perfect for wearing alone or on top of other favorites. 

OPI funny bunny nail polish is highly durable and comes in over 200 shades. When applied correctly, this polish can last on your nails for more than seven days without chipping or peeling off. You can wear Opi funny bunny nail polish alone or use it as a base for nail art and French tips. 

How to Apply OPI Funny Bunny

Prep Your Nails

The secret to a longer-lasting, evenly looking Opi funny bunny manicure lies in first prepping your nails to make them smooth and accommodating to the polish. This requires that you first file, trim and push back your cuticles to get the nails in perfect shape.

While at it, ensure to remove any remaining polish and hangnails on your nails and cleanse to remove excess oil and leave your nails clean. When doing the filing, follow one direction to avoid breaking your nails. 

Apply OPI Base Coat

After your nails are well cleaned and shaped, start the process of polish application by first layering the Opi base coat for increased durability, nail polish hold, and prevention of discoloration. 

Apply the Opi Funny Bunny Polish 

The next step after applying the base coat is to make the actual nail polish application. For best results, make an effort to start with one stroke of the polish on the center of the nail and follow it up with single strokes on each side. Lastly, apply the Opi funny bunny topcoat towards the tips of the nails to increase the shinning and seal your nails.  

Adding the topcoat to your nails will help prolong the stay of your manicure and avoid chipping. 

Benefits of Opi Funny Bunny Nail Polish

● OPI funny bunny is long-lasting with the ability to last 7 to 10 days

● This polish provides an incredible shine that lasts till you take it off

● OPI funny bunny nail polish is easy to apply and remove

● This polish is safe and free of harmful ingredients common in other nail products from other brands

● You can wear this polish at any time of the year

Essie Marshmallow

OPI Funny Bunny vs. Essie Marshmallow

Essie’s marshmallow nail polish is a cloudy sheer white nail polish that comes in an extensive color palette with hundreds of shades. This polish provides extensive coverage with a long-lasting hold. Essie’s marshmallow polish can last on your nails for up to 10 days when applied correctly. 

Essie’s marshmallow polish offers a creamy white sweat and sugary look that’s entirely irresistible. This polish is the go-to formula for French manicure lovers that want a long-lasting and soft-looking end product. Marshmallow polishes from the Essie brand contain useful ingredients that help strengthen the nails and protect against chipping. 

You can combine this polish with any Essie base coat and top coat for increased durability, shine, and color. Another primary advantage of Essie’s marshmallow nail polish is that it’s easy to remove using any nail polish remover.  

Benefits of Essie Marshmallow

● Easy to remove using any nail polish remover

● Helps strengthen the nails and prevent breakage and chipping

● Offers a perfect coverage with just 2 to 3 coats

● Provides excellent durability without fading or chipping

● It can be combined with any Essie’s base coat and topcoat

● Comes in a wide brush for precise painting

How to Apply Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish

Prep your nails

The number one requirement in any manicure process is to first prep your nails by filing them and trimming them to get them in perfect shape. While at it, you need to also cleanse the nails to get rid of any excess oils and dirt. 

Before proceeding to apply any new polish, ensure to first remove all the leftover polish on your nails using a nail polish remover of your choice to provide a clean and smooth surface for the new polish to layer. 

Apply Any Essie Marshmallow Basecoat

One primary advantage of Essie’s marshmallow nail polish is that it can be combined with any basecoat and topcoat. Layering a base coat before the actual nail polish application helps prevent staining from colored polishes by providing something for them to stick to. 

Adding a base coat also helps achieve a smoother and even application. 

Apply Two To Three Coats of the Essie Marshmallow Nail Polish

Essie marshmallow nail polish is available in many different shades and colors. Whatever shade you choose to use on your nails, ensure to apply it, starting with a single layer at the middle of your nail as you move towards the end sides. 

You can add more coats depending on the depth of the coverage you wish to achieve. 

Seal the Polish by Adding any Essie Top Coat of your Choice

The last step in your Essie marshmallow manicure process is to add a topcoat to your polish to prolong its stay and add shininess. There are many different types of topcoats in the Essie brand, and you can use any of them with Essie marshmallow polish. 

OPI Funny Bunny vs. Essie Marshmallow: Which is Better for You?

The truth is these two polishes are more similar than they are different. Though from different brands, these polishes will fulfill their promise of long-lasting, healthy, and shiny nails. OPI and Essie are two of the most popular nail product brands in the market today. 

OPI funny bunny and Essie marshmallow differ in a number of ways as follows;

Both polishes have a creamy, opaque finish that dries quickly so you can get on with your day. OPI funny bunny has a better formula than Essie marshmallow, but it’s a little more expensive. Additionally, Essie marshmallow is a much lighter color and a lot shorter than OPI funny bunny.

Due to the difference in texture and formula, it’s not easy to tell which polish will be better for you. Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that these brands have invested in safe, useful, and healthy ingredients in all their products. As such, you do not have to worry when using any of their polishes as they are well thought out and manufactured.