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Nutri Ox vs. Nioxin

Nutri Ox vs. Nioxin

The hair loss treatment market is saturated with various products that promise to make your scalp healthier, reduce hair shedding and regrow hair. Finding one that works for your needs can be difficult with many available options. As a guide to your decision, this article compares Nutri OX and Nioxin regarding ingredients, pricing, and effectiveness.

Did you know that approximately 35 million men and 21 million women suffer hair loss? Studies have shown that causes of hair loss are diverse such as genetics, age, stress, poor diet, Alopecia, and illness.

There is a lot of hype around these two products. 

But are they right for you? 

Before understanding the difference between Nioxin and Nutri-Ox, here’s a quick background.

Nioxin: Product Description

Nutri Ox vs. Nioxin

Eva Graham founded Nioxin in 1987 to help people with thinning hair. The company’s mission is to provide practical solutions for thinning hair. They create products that are simple, easy to use, and effective.

Nioxin has grown into an international company offering a wide range of unisex hair thinning products. 

Nioxin products are designed to solve the problems with thinning hair. They have been formulated with ingredients that promote healthier and thicker hair in men and women of all ages.

There is nothing more devastating than losing your hair. After years of research, the Nioxin brand developed a line of products to help people suffering hair loss regain the confidence lost due to thinning. Nioxin has multiple products suited for all types of hair loss.

The Nioxin system includes shampoo, conditioner, booster lotion, and leave-in treatment. The shampoo and conditioner are formulated to remove product buildup from the scalp while nourishing it with vitamins and nutrients. The leave-in treatment is used daily after washing your hair to ensure moisture stays in follicles after you’ve dried off. The treatment protects against further damage while helping prevent future loss and encouraging new growth by stimulating follicles. 

How to Use Nioxin

Nioxin is a 3-part system consisting of three steps for thicker, fuller hair.

● Cleanse with the Nioxin System Shampoo. It helps remove buildup from your scalp, leaving it clean and healthy.

● Apply the Nioxin System Conditioner to your scalp and massage it until your hair is completely saturated. Leave for 1 to 3 min and rinse.

● Towel dry your hair and apply Nioxin treatment directly to your scalp. The formula helps reinforce the structure of your hair follicles, making them grow stronger, fuller, and thicker.

Nutri Ox: Product Description

Nutri Ox vs. Nioxin

Nutri OX specializes in products for resolving hair thinning issues. They have a wide range of products, from shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. Nutri OX is committed to providing high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Nutri Ox is a new hair loss treatment that helps thin or shed hair. Although it’s new in the market compared to Nioxin, it’s highly gaining popularity, making it an affordable choice for many people who suffer from thinning hair.

How to Use Nutri OX

Nutri OX claims results are visible after one week of using Nutri OX.

Here is how to use it;

● Wash your hair with Nutri OX shampoo and rinse

● Apply conditioner and rinse

● Dry towel your hair and apply the Nutri ox treatment. For best results, use twice a day.

Nutri OX vs. Nioxin: Hair Product Comparison

Nutri OX and Nioxin have a lot in common: They both claim to be clinically proven to help with thinning hair and offer a wide range of products to choose from depending on your thinning progress. However, there are differences between these brands that you should consider before making your choice.

Nutri OX  products are cheaper than Nioxin, making them more attractive to those on a budget.

The main difference between Nutri-Ox and Nioxin is the reliability of the years in existence. Nutri-Ox is a newer product. In contrast, Nioxin is an older product that has been around for over 30 years and has developed its brand recognition. The brand has become synonymous with hair thinning products that promote healthy hair growth.

Nutri OX is a hair thinning treatment that uses the active ingredients Methyl Nicotine and Tocopheryl Nicotinate to stimulate hair growth. Nioxin is a brand of hair care products that uses the active ingredient minoxidil to help you grow your hair. Minoxidil is an ingredient recognized by the FDA to treat 

Pros and cons of Nutri OX and Nioxin

Nutri OX Pros

● Affordable

● Clinically proven to treat hair loss

● Results visible after a week

● Easy to use

● Affordable


Once you use the product, you have to use it forever. If you stop using it, you may experience hair loss.

Nioxin Pros

● Clinically proven to help in hair loss

● Easy to use

● Positive results after 30 days of use

● Years of research involved

● A wide variety of products are available for different types of hair and stages of hair thinning.


● Expensive

Nutri Ox vs. Nioxin: Customer Reviews

As per customers’ reviews on Amazon, some users found the popular Nutri OX product Naturelle Nutri-Ox Starter Kit for Extremely Thin to be effective after one week of use as advertised and recommended the product. While some found it to work only when used daily, it means the hair starts to thin when you stop using it.

Nioxin has a wide range of products, and the most popular one is Nioxin leave-in treatment system 3. Customers left positive reviews on this product due to its efficacy in treating hair thinning. However, some customers found the new formula to be less effective.

What to Consider When Making a Purchasing Decision

This article makes it easy to determine which product to choose.

The significant pointers for purchasing these products are; price, reliability, and ingredients.

If you are looking to solve your hair thinning problems if you are on a budget, Nutri OX is for you, as it’s cheaper than Nioxin.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a product that has consistently provided hair thinning solutions based on research, Nioxin is the product. Nioxin also uses ingredients like Minoxidil which is known to help prevent hair loss.