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Lashify vs. Moitie

Lashify vs. Moitie

Lashify and Moitie are two of the biggest players in the eyelash extension market. Choosing between these two is not easy, given that both companies have gone out of their way to offer the lightest, high quality, and most natural-looking lashes. 

Lashify and Moitie lashes are similar in that they both require a bit of a learning curve. There are lots of different types of false eyelashes on the market today. The various styles range from subtle and natural to full-on glamor, with options that can make your eyes look big and beautiful or even give you a cat’s eye effect. 

What’s the difference between Lashify and Moitie lashes? Continue reading to find out. 


Lashify vs. Moitie

Lashify is a new lash extension system from the innovative beauty company-Glamnetic. The patented magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit were launched in 2018 with a huge emphasis on ease and safety. Lashify offers virtually weightless lashes that stick to your natural lashes, giving you a natural look you deserve. 

The Lashify system is designed to be used on the underside of your existing eyelashes. These lashes are made of a custom-designed material called gossamer which is designed to look as natural as possible. 

Gossamers are individual lash fibers that can be applied one at a time to your natural lashes to create a more dramatic look. These lashes are made from soft, flexible fibers that mimic the natural lashes and are easier to apply and remove than traditional falsies. 

Lashify Control Kit

Lashify offers a control kit that contains everything you need to get a glamorous look. This kit retails at $145, and it consists of a fuse control wand to help in the application, two styles of gossamer, glass to help in sealing the lashes, a pair of random and whisper-light dual-sided bond, and a storage box. 

You can decide to get the entire control kit at $145 or buy the items separately at $65 for the fuse control wand, $28 for the whisper-light dual-sided bond, $21 for the glass, $3 for a pair of the wandom, $40 for the gossamer lashes and $20 for the storage box. 

Benefits of Using Lashify 

Offer a natural appearance look

Lashify’s gossamer lashes are designed for a natural look. They’re longer than most types of false eyelashes you’d find in stores, but they look more like extensions than other false lash varieties. 

They are easy to apply.

One of the biggest benefits of Lashify lashes is that they’re easy to apply. After applying the primer to your eyelid, you can use the applicator to apply each lash on top of your existing lashes. The end results look like you have extensions rather than fake lashes. 

Take note, however, that it may require some practicing before you finally get a glimpse of the entire application process. 

Lashify Lashes Are Long Lasting

Lashify lashes can last up to 10 days per application, depending on how well you take care of them. This enables you to enjoy the glamorous look the entire day without worrying about them falling off. 

Come In a Customizable Length and Volume

Lashify lashes come in different lengths and volumes to fit your preference and individual natural lashes’ size and shape. These lashes are available in different styles and lengths to fit any look under the sun. 

They Are Easy To Remove and Reuse

Lashify lashes are easy to remove and reuse. Furthermore, these gossamers naturally disintegrate after several uses without damaging your natural lashes. 

How to Apply Lashify

To apply Lashify lashes, place the gossamer on the underside of your natural lashes using the control wand that comes with the control kit. When doing this, ensure to leave a 1mm to 2mm space between the wet line and the gossamer. Furthermore, give the bond time to dry and stick before getting your gossamers wet. 

Here is a tutorial by Jeanine Escobar.

Moitie Lashes

Lashify vs. Moitie

Moitie lashes are lightweight, smudge-free, 100% waterproof, sleep proof and windproof, and easy to apply falsies that come in three different styles- natural, light glam, and full glam. Moitie lashes are handmade by professionals using Korean silk fiber. They are also customized to fit every eye shape. 

These eyelash extensions come in a five fan segment that attaches to your natural lashes without weighing down on them. Unlike normal extensions where several lashes are applied to one individual lash, Moitie eyelashes are distributed evenly on your natural lashes to avoid damaging them. 

With Moitie, the lashes come pre-glued and have a stripe of glue in the middle of the lash. The pre-glue makes the application process faster, but it is also less precise and will not last as long as Lashify since there is no bond between your real lashes and Moitie. 

Moitie offers hypoallergenic glue that’s 100% waterproof and dries seamlessly, offering more than 10+ days of hold. This brand also offers a special sealant that aids in removing tackiness and improving your lash longevity. 

Moitie brand also has a custom-made applicator that allows for precise application of the falsies and seamless placement. Moitie also offers a super lash removal serum that enables you to get rid of the eyelashes without damaging your natural lashes. 

Moitie Starter Kit

Moitie offers a starter kit that comes with two pairs of cruelty-free pre-designed lashes, ten-day super lash glue, lash applicator tool, ten-day super lash sealant, and removal serum. You can opt to purchase the starter kit at $85.00 or buy the individual products separately at $90 for the lashes, $35 for the sealant, $35 for the bond, $35 for the removal serum, and $25 for the applicator. 

Advantages of Using Moitie Eyelashes

Moitie eyelashes are very light and thin, which makes them comfortably sit on your natural lashes without weighing them down. These lashes are also easy to maintain and only require you to pass a brush over them daily. 

These lashes also come in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curves to choose from. Moitie eyelashes are made of a soft, flexible, and durable material that will last through multiple applications. These lashes also do not rub off easily and will not rub on your clothing and other objects. 

Moitie eyelashes are also easy to remove with just water. These lashes are also very convenient and fast to wear, which only takes a few minutes. Moitie lashes are also more affordable compared to Lashify lashes. Moitie lashes are also long-lasting, with the glue holding for more than ten days. 

How to Remove Moitie Lashes

Moitie lashes require removal at one time, especially after the recommended ten days. To ensure you remove them safely without damaging your natural lashes, use the Moitie removal serum, which will help dissolve the glue and get rid of the falsies. 

After applying the serum, give it 2 to 3 minutes to dissolve the glue, and the lashes will gently slide off. 

Here is a video by Adhay Olmedo.

Lashify Vs. Moitie: Which Is Better?

The truth is these two companies will offer you an excellent eyelash extension look that’s natural-looking and long-lasting. Both brands promise more than ten days of wear time with little to no eye irritation. When choosing between Lashify and Moitie brands, try to consider your budget and the end look you desire. 

Although Moitie lashes are natural-looking, they are not as seamless and feather light as Lashify. This brand is also known to have the best bonds in the market. Lashify lashes are of higher quality and offer a wide variety of styles compared to the Moitie lashes. 

For best results, ensure to factor in hygiene measures such as washing your eyelids before making the application and cleansing the lashes to get rid of dirt buildup on a regular basis.