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Lashify vs. Falscara

Lashify vs. Falscara

Lashify and Falscara are among the most sought-after DIY lashes in the market today. Besides being applied underneath your natural lashes, these two products contain safe and high-quality adhesives that apply easily and help nourish your natural lashes. 

The lashes are also available in different styles and lengths and can easily be reused several times. But what’s the difference between these two lashes? Read on to find out.  


Since 2017 Lashify Company has been offering a DIY lash kit that’s similar to lash extension. Lashify lashes come in different lengths, shapes, and thicknesses. Unlike Kiss Falscara lashes, Lashify lashes are lighter and more realistic in shape. Lashify contains a special wand with a rounded edge that makes it easy to get to your inner lashes. 

These lashes were initially meant for single-use, but customers have found ways to reuse them ten times. Lashify has DIY lashes for all eye shapes. Its gossamer clusters contain an undetectable spine that merges seamlessly with your natural eyelashes. Lashify currently offers 12 different lengths of lashes that come in 11 different colors and seven different styles. 

You can wear and remove the Lashify lashes daily or have them on for ten days, depending on your preference, application method, lifestyle, and care. The gossamers are weightless and won’t weigh down your natural lashes. They also disintegrate after several uses to avoid damaging your natural lashes. 

Lashify Kit

Lashify kit retails at $145. It comes with a dual-sided whisper black and clear bond, two sets of Gossamer lashes, glass coating, and the fuse control wand. 

Lashify vs. Falscara

Lashify Control Kit

Pros Of Lashify

● Lashify offers an excellent wand that fits the eye perfectly, making it easier to apply and clump your lashes

● Offer different varieties of bonds that are long-lasting 

● Offer a wide range of designs and lash lengths compared to Falscara

Cons of Lashify

● Expensive compared to Falscara

● The bond is a bit watery, making it difficult to maneuver in sticking the gossamers

● The application process requires practice for a newbie

● These lashes are not meant to be reused

Kiss Falscara 

Kiss Falscara wisps are sold in a pack of 10 wisps reusable for up to three times. These wisps attach underneath your natural lashes, giving you a comfortable and undetectable look. They are easy to put on, maintain and remove. 

These customizable and buildable wisps are available in volumizing, lifting, and lengthening designs. You can get the falsies in a Falscara kit or buy everything separately from the tweezers, the dual-ended bond and seal, and the lashes. 

Although some people wear them overnight, which has been made possible by the overnight glue, these lashes are meant for daytime wear, where you remove them as you go to bed. 

Kiss Falscara Kit

The Kiss Falscara kit goes for $20, and it comes with a dual-ended bond and seal, one set of lashes containing ten wisps, and a pair of tweezers. 

Lashify vs. Falscara

Kiss Falscara Kit

Pros of Falscara

● It’s more affordable than Lashify

● Although not long-lasting as Lashify, the bond contains a good texture that makes it easy to stick the wisps to your natural lashes

Cons of Falscara

● The wand isn’t as effective and high quality as the Lashify wand

● The glue isn’t as long-lasting as those offered by Lashify

● The wisps aren’t as of high quality as those offered by Lashify

● Offer limited designs of lashes 

● They are not meant for an overnight stay which makes it a lot of work removing and reapplying them in the morning. 

How to Apply Lashify and Falscara Lashes

Lashify and Falscara follow the same application procedure as discussed below. 

Step 1; Prep the Wisps and Gossamers

The DIY lashes from the two companies will come in small clusters that you can easily pick and apply underneath your natural eyelashes. Falscara will have two sets of wisps, each containing five clusters, while Lashify will have gossamers. For a seamless process, remove the wisps and gossamers from the packaging beforehand to ensure the adhesive doesn’t dry out on you as you struggle to get the clusters out during the application process. 

Step 2; Brush a Coat of the Adhesive on Your Bare Natural Lashes

These two lashes come with glue to use in sticking the falsies to your natural lashes. The glue applies like regular mascara and is easy to remove. For increased longevity and better placement, ensure to apply the adhesive slightly above your waterline and use a thin layer of it to avoid clumping. 

In both cases, you should apply the adhesive underneath your natural lashes and slightly above the waterline. 

Step 3; Apply the Wisps/Gossamers

The next task after applying the adhesive underneath your natural lashes is to work towards ensuring you get the already removed clusters to their intended place before the glue dries up on you. Use the wand that comes with each brand’s lashes to hold and stick the clusters underneath your natural lashes. 

To avoid damaging the wisps and gossamers, hold each cluster at the tip and place it underneath your natural lashes in an overlapping manner for better hold and longevity. 

Step 3; Clump the Lashes Together

It’s advisable to clump the falsies together with your natural lashes after application for increased longevity. You can do this using the edge of each wand or the tips of your figures. 

Step 4; Apply the Sealant to Remove Stickiness and Waterproof the Lashes

The two companies offer a glass sealant to help in removing stickiness and waterproofing the lashes after application. While Lashify glass sealant will come separately, Falscara has its bond and sealant in the same packaging. Therefore, all you have to do is close and turn the bond to start using the Falscara sealant. 

To apply the sealant, start from the base and wiggle the glass wand upwards towards the lashes tip. This process helps remove clumps, waterproof the lashes, and increase longevity. 

Differences Between Lashify and Kiss Falscara

Lashify and Falscara are two different DIY lashes that will help volumize and brighten your natural eyelashes. To begin with, Lashify lashes are of high quality and offer more designs and lengths to choose from than Falscara lashes. 

Moreover, the Lashify bond is more long-lasting and available in different variables compared to the Falscara bond. Lashify also offers an excellent, well-rounded wand that helps you get to the innermost corner of your eye during the application process. You can comfortably sleep in Lashify lashes and have them on for more than a week, unlike Falscara, which requires daily removal as you go to sleep. 

Falscara lashes, on the other hand, are affordable, feather weight and easier to apply than the Lashify lashes. These lashes are also reusable for up to three times, unlike the single-use Lashify lashes. 

Lashify vs. Falscara : Which Is Better for You?

The right DIY lashes for you will depend on your budget, time availability, and preference. As shown above, Lashify lashes are way more expensive than the Falscara lashes. Even so, these lashes offer a wide variety of designs and lengths to choose from and a long-lasting bond that’s available in clear and black colors. Lashify lashes also come in an excellent wand that makes fusing easier compared to the Falscara wand. 

The right pair of lashes for you, therefore, comes down to your budget and personal preference. If you do not mind spending a little more to get a wide variety of styles, colors, and lengths, then Lashify is your go-to DIY lash. If you are budget stricken and looking for something to revive your natural lashes, Falscara has the answer for you.