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Is Vaseline Good for Your Eyebrows?

Is Vaseline Good for Your Eyebrows?

For many years, Vaseline has been a great moisturizer for the eyebrows like it does for the skin. If you have been using it, you will attest that it works perfectly and archives the desired results.

Many individuals these days are considering utilizing it to thicken their brows. Even though the move is amazing, there is little to no evidence that Vaseline can make the eyebrows grow thicker.

So, can Vaseline make the eyebrows look full and thick? Keep reading to figure out what it can do to your eyebrows.

What Can Vaseline Do to Your Eyebrows?

Below are some of the things Vaseline can do to your eyebrows:

1. Moisturize Your Eyebrows

As you already know if it can help keep skin moist without clogging pores. The same thing applies to the eyebrows. Vaseline will improve the health of your brows by keeping hairs moisturized. As a result, they will not be brittle and break easily.

2. Make the Eyebrows Appear Fuller

The oil in Vaseline is thick hence making your brows thicker. It makes them appear fuller than they used to look. It also fills in the parts of the eyebrow where hair has been over-plucked to look natural.

3. Aid in Shaping Your Eyebrows

Another great thing about Vaseline is that it can aid in shaping your eyebrows. It is good for creating the right shape and keeping hairs in place. That means that it can be a perfect line of defense against strays. It is one of the reasons why Vaseline is always in eyebrow kits.

4. Prevent Breakouts on Your Eyebrows

The oil in Vaseline also prevents you from breakouts on your eyebrows by keeping the skin moisturized. That’s because if there is no dryness, chances of getting breakouts are minimal.

5. Remove Eye Makeup

You can use Vaseline to remove eye makeup. It works well on the sensitive skin around the eyes and will not cause any irritation or even a breakout. It is perfect for removing waterproof mascara and eyeliners without irritating the skin in the process.

Is Vaseline Good for Your Eyebrows?

Is Vaseline Good for Your Eyebrows?

Yes, it can help grow your eyebrows longer and thicker, but only if you use it regularly. Here are some of the tips on how to use it.

Method 1:

Use Vaseline to grow thicker eyebrows.


Apply Vaseline directly on the brow shaft every night before you go to sleep. Massage gently in circular motions until it gets absorbed into your skin. You can also apply Vaseline with an eyebrow brush to avoid clumps of oil on the brows.

Method 2:

Use Vaseline to grow thicker eyebrows 


Apply Vaseline on your brows before you apply makeup. It will keep hairs moisturized so they don’t break easily while making them appear fuller for easier application of eyebrows products like liquid or powders. You can also apply Vaseline on the brows before putting on brow gel to set the hairs in place.


After using Vaseline, wash it off with eye makeup remover so that none of the oil gets into your eyes and causes irritation. If you have sensitive skin, test a small amount first before going all out. 

Avoid putting much Vaseline on your eyebrows because it will look greasy and unkempt. That’s why it is always best to start with little amounts of Vaseline until you get used to it.

How Long Before I See the Results?

You should expect positive results after using Vaseline regularly for about two weeks. However, keep in mind that it is not a permanent solution. The results will only last for as long you use it daily. Your brows will return to their natural state if you stop using them.

Is Vaseline Good for Your Eyebrows?

What Are the Side Effects of Vaseline on Eyebrows?

Vaseline can cause serious irritation and clogged pores if applied directly into the eye area, so make sure to avoid getting it close to the eyes at all costs. Also, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Vaseline, get rid of it. If you don’t, there is a possibility that your skin might react badly to them.

Who Should Use It?

If you are only in the beginning stages of eyebrow overplucking, Vaseline can be a good way to strengthen your brows and prevent further damage. However, if you are already dealing with damaged eyebrows, talk to your dermatologist immediately because there are various treatments available to help repair them. 

Also, if you wear contact lenses, use Vaseline because there is a chance that your eyes can end up irritated from the oil.

What Are Some Alternatives To Vaseline?

If you want a natural product to moisturize and condition your brows, jojoba oil can be a great alternative for you. Jojoba oil is also an effective moisturizer that can strengthen brows, but it will take about eight weeks to see the results. 

A more convenient solution would be using eyebrow serums like RapidBrow, which you can apply daily and start seeing the changes in about two months.

What Are Some Good Products To Use With Vaseline?

You can use any type of Vaseline because it is edible grade petroleum jelly, but if you are allergic to petroleum products, use an organic brand. Also, various brands offer Vaseline in different scents like cocoa butter.

Vaseline and Microbeads

If you think that petroleum jelly can pack on your brows with microbeads, you are wrong. Microbeads, commonly referred to as glitter beads, are a new beauty trend where they get glued to the eyebrows using Vaseline or gel eyeliners to stand out.

It is also good to note that Vaseline is a cheaper alternative to microbeads and can be effective. The only thing, though, is that you have to leave it on the brows for a long time until it dries completely. You can watch YouTube tutorials about how to do that if interested.

Where To Get Vaseline

You can get Vaseline from the local drugstores and beauty stores at affordable prices. It is available in different forms like lotions, lip care products, and petroleum jelly. Ensure you buy a good quality oil that will not harm your skin or give you any kind of allergies.

Vaseline is a great product to help make eyebrows appear full. It is also an excellent choice for achieving a good shape, conditioning and moisturizing the brows, and removing eye makeup. In addition, you can use it with your favorite wax or brow gel for holding brow hairs in place. Although it does not contain microbeads, unlike glitter glue, Vaseline will work well with your brows.