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Is the Fenty Foundation Water-Based?

Is the Fenty Foundation Water-Based?

Since its launch in 2017, Fenty Beauty has proven to be a home of excellence and high-quality makeup products applicable to all skin types. The Fenty foundation is one of the best-selling makeup products from this brand.

Fenty foundations comprise the safest, high quality, and most gentle ingredients on the market today. These foundations are also long-wearing and have the best coverage. But are they water-based? 

Let’s find out below. 

What Is the Meaning of a Water-Based Foundation?

Before proceeding to answer whether Fenty foundation is water-based or not, it’s important we first understand what this term means. Water-based foundation simply refers to a formula that does not contain silicone or oil in its first ingredient list. Although these foundations may have oil and silicone compounds in them, their quantity is very minimal to mention. 

This means that you can comfortably use the water-based foundation without having to worry about the impact of the oil and silicone contained therein. Water-based foundations are packed with skin-loving ingredients that help nourish your skin to give you a youthful, glowing end look. 

Benefits of a Water-Based Foundation

There are many benefits associated with water-based foundations, as discussed below;

They Are Calm and Safe to Use Even on the Most Sensitive Skin Types

Water-based foundations contain mild and skin-loving ingredients that apply to the most sensitive skin type, such as the oily and acne prone, without causing any breakout. Water-based foundations do not cake up or smudge. They layer swiftly on your skin, giving you an admirable end look that’s able to last you the entire day. 

Water-Based Foundations Are Lightweight and Won’t Feel Heavy on Your Skin

Are you an outdoor individual and looking for a foundation that will layer lightly on your face without making you feel cakey and heavy? A water-based foundation is a formula to opt for. Water-based foundations are formulated using simple, high-quality ingredients that help nourish your skin and keep it glowing all day. These foundations layer easily on your skin, giving you a natural end look. 

Water-Based Foundations Naturally Hide Your Imperfections 

Water-based foundations are able to layer on your skin all day without smudging or smearing. This enables them to naturally hide your imperfections giving you a smooth even end look. 

They Do Not Require Touch Ups

In addition to layering on your skin easily, water-based foundations will last you the entire day without requiring any form of touchup. This serves as an advantage to any busy beauty enthusiast that does not have time to do the needed touchups in the middle of the day. 

So, Is the Fenty Foundation Water-Based?

Fenty Beauty is home to the two most popular foundations in the makeup world. These are the Fenty’s pro Filt’r soft matte foundation and the Pro Filt’r hydrating Longwear foundation. Fenty’s pro Filt’r soft matte foundation is a favorite amongst many beauty lovers, and for good reasons. This foundation is available in over 50 shades, and it contains a lightweight texture that easily layers on your skin without clogging the pores. The pro Filt’r soft matte foundation is also non-comedogenic, with a buildable formula that offers medium to full coverage. This foundation is also free of oils and thus safe to use on the most sensitive skin types. 

The pro Filt’r soft matte foundation is also sweat resistant, humidity resistant, and has the capability to protect against harmful environmental factors. This makes it the number one choice to use during undesirable weather conditions as it will help keep your skin glowing and youthful. 

Fenty’s pro Filt’r hydrating foundation, on the other hand, is a water-based formulation that was launched much later to offer instant hydration to people suffering from dry skin and other skin problems. This hydrating foundation contains useful ingredients such as grape seed oil and sodium hyaluronate that give the skin instant hydration. 

This formula is also available in over 50 shades, and it’s free of paraben and phthalates. The pro Filt’r hydrating foundation also offers medium to full coverage with a natural finish.  

But Are These Foundations Water-Based?

The pro Filt’r hydrating foundation is a water-based product, while the pro Filt’r soft matte foundation is silicone based. The Soft matte foundation works best for combination and oily skin types in helping control oil and shininess on your face, while the hydrating Fenty foundation works best for normal to dry skin types. 

Fenty’s soft matte foundation contains a number of polymers and silicones that enable it to layer swiftly on your skin all day without smudging. This formula also contains a number of useful ingredients, such as papaya and pineapple fruit extract, that make it perfect to use on oily skin types. 

If you’re looking buy any of these foundations, check out this review by Trina Duhra.


How to Get the Best out of Fenty Beauty’s Foundations

Whether using water-based or silicone-based Fenty foundations, the following measures will help you achieve that perfect look in no time. 

Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin Type

The first secret to reaping the best from any makeup product is to find a formula that’s suitable for your given skin type. If you, for instance, have dry and overly sensitive skin, you should consider opting for the pro Filt’r hydrating foundation. If you have oily, shiny skin, the soft matte foundation is the product to opt for as it will help control the shine and give you a natural finish. 

Choose the Most Suitable Shade for Your Skin Tone

Fenty’s foundations are available in over 50 shades. As such, you need to go the extra mile in choosing the most compatible shade for your skin tone. Working with the wrong shade will give you an unpleasant end look that will leave you feeling disappointed and dissatisfied with the product. 

Use the Right Amount of the Foundation

Fenty foundations are highly concentrated, and a small amount of them goes a long way in achieving the needed look. As such, you must avoid overdoing the formula as this will lead to it becoming cakey and heavy on your face, which is the last thing you desire. 

Prep Your Face before Application

Like with any other foundation, depending on the brand, prepping your face prior to the application of these formulas is a lifesaver. This action cleans your face giving you a smooth surface for the foundation to layer, and this results in an even application that’s able to wear the whole day. 

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing the Best Foundation from Fenty Beauty

If you have doubts about the composition of the different foundations offered by Fenty Beauty, you now have the answer. This brand offers both water-based and silicone-based foundations for your liking. Products from this brand are also of high-quality value and will layer on your skin smoothly, giving you that perfect natural finish. 

Therefore, go ahead and choose the right foundation for your skin type and shade to start enjoying the immense benefits offered by these products.