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Is Niacinamide an Exfoliant?

Is Niacinamide an Exfoliant?

It’s no doubt that Niacinamide is gaining popularity globally because of its array of benefits. Skincare product manufacturers have also begun introducing it in their products. That means that you have probably used Niacinamide or are about to use it.

In this post, you will understand more about it, how it can be beneficial to you and how to add it to your daily routine. Read on.

What is Niacinamide?

Niacinamide belongs to the category of eight vitamin B3 that the body needs. Vitamin B3 has been essential for the body because it enhances good health. It helps in converting the food you take into useful energy. 

The energy allows the cells to carry out various essential chemical processes in the body. Unlike other vitamins, your body will not store the vitamin. It’s soluble in water, making it impossible for the body to keep it. 

But that does not mean you cannot get from other sources. You need to eat nicotinic acid or Niacinamide daily. The nutrient can be found in foods such as tuna, avocado, and salmon.

While it’s evident that it plays a crucial role in maintaining the metabolism and the health of your nervous system, the tropical form of the vitamin, Niacinamide has a wide range of benefits to the skin. It is an antioxidant and has inflammatory proteins, thus a top recommendation for skincare.

If you apply it topically, it will improve your skin protective strength also enhance its texture, reducing skin inflammation. It reduces water loss and increases the natural lipids on the skin surface.

Niacinamide has numerous benefits to your skin. If you want to utilize it, you will have the option of consuming it orally or using Niacinamide that contains the skincare products.

What Benefits Does Niacinamide offer?

You probably need more proof that Niacinamide will have a broad range of benefits to your skin. That’s what you will derive from this section. Most of the benefits are because of the Niacinamide’s anti-inflammatory effect and its antioxidant nature. Below are some of them

Minimizes Hyperpigmentation

Are you experiencing discolored patches on your skin? Niacinamide is what you need for your skincare. One of its benefits is that it helps in preventing hyperpigmentation of the skin. 

Those who have used products such as moisturizers have witnessed a great reduction in their skin pigmentation than those who haven’t. 

It was evident in a study of 101 women in 2010, where women who used skin moisturizers containing Niacinamide had a reduced skin pigmentation than those who didn’t. The study was undertaken in the span of 10 weeks.

Niacinamide promotes more skin tone by slightly minimizing melanin production. But it does that without affecting the health of melanocytes.

Enhances Skin Immunity

If you are looking forward to achieving healthy and firm skin, Niacinamide is the ideal option for you. It helps in building keratin by stimulating ceramide synthesis. That speeds up the differentiation of the keratinocytes, thus a strong skin immunity.

Minimizes Pore Appearance

People don’t keep their skin smooth and moisturized for the sake of it. They understand that doing that also has an impact on the pores. If you use the Niacinamide daily, you reduce the pore size on your body.

Protects the Skin Against the Impact of the Sun

While the sun is good for your skin, it can also damage it and make it unpleasant. Strong sun rays can also kill skin cells.

Don’t worry if that happens to you because Niacinamide will help you rebuild your skin cells and protect them from further skin damage by the ultraviolet rays.

Treats Acne

Many people suffer from severe acne from time to time. Unfortunately, some have not found remedies for their problem. 

If you undergo skin acne, you don’t have to worry because there is Niacinamide that will help your recovery. It helps in dealing with acne in inflammatory forms such as pustules and papules.

Reduces the Appearance of Wrinkles

Sun damage alongside aging can cause detrimental effects on your skin appearance. When the skin is hit regularly by the ultraviolet rays, it becomes vulnerable to its impact, making it appear wrinkled. Applying Niacinamide helps in reducing the impact 

and also making the skin appear refined.

How to Add Niacinamide to Your Daily Routine

As much as the Niacinamide will benefit your skin, you may still be stranded on how to add it to your daily routine. Here are a few ways of doing it.


Most studies have revealed that the most beneficial Niacinamide are those in supplements and not food-based niacinamide supplements. You will only need to take a certain dosage of it. 

If you are wondering about the side effects of taking sky-high doses, you need to understand that taking many doses of niacin will not have any risky side effects on your body. 

However, you must note that you can experience a skin flush which is skin redness and irritation. To be on the safe side, you can seek the recommendation of your healthcare provider to enlighten you on the proper dosage.


Apart from the supplements, another way of adding niacin into your daily routine is through food that contains it. It is in plenty in animal foods like chicken, beef, and fish. You can also get them from nuts, seeds, and beans. Grain foods also contain it.

Tropical Products

Even though the tropical niacinamide products may have some irritation on the body, they are also essential for your body. The irritation will go away soon, and that should not make you worry. You will find most standalone Niacinamide as lightweight serum. Besides, Niacinamide is also added to the skincare products such as creams.

Is Niacinamide an Exfoliant?

While the roles of the product may make you think that it is an Exfoliant, it is not the case. You can use it every day to reduce skin blemish and reduce the appearance of large pores without exfoliating your skin. Therefore, you can use it with no worries.