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Is NARS Foundation Water Based?

Is NARS Foundation Water Based?

Water-based foundations are a great option for anyone looking to amp up their coverage. These makeup products are also great for people with sensitive skin. Like any other water-based product, these foundations have the advantage of being incredibly lightweight, and as such, they don’t feel heavy or thick on your skin. 

NARS cosmetics is one of the most renowned brands in the beauty industry. This company offers high-quality, safe, and gentle makeup products that will serve their intended purpose without damaging your health. But does this company offer water-based foundations? Let’s find out below. 

What’s the Meaning of Water-Based Foundation?

Before proceeding to answer whether NARS cosmetics offer water-based foundations or not, let’s first find out what this term means. 

A water-based foundation refers to a foundation that does not contain oil or silicone. These types of foundations contain water as one of their primary ingredients, and they are best suited for dry skin. Water-based foundations are also gentle and packed with skin-loving ingredients and thus safe to use on acne-prone and other sensitive skin types. 

These types of foundations are also easy to apply and remove. A water-based foundation will absorb and blend easily into your skin giving you a natural end look. Most of these foundations are also buildable, giving you the opportunity to add coverage as the need arises. You can also check the Born This Way Foundation

Water-based foundations are a great option for anyone looking to get the most out of their makeup routine. They allow you to skip the messy step of waiting for your makeup to dry off before applying it, and they make it easier to reapply your foundation at any time during the day. Plus, they tend to feel less heavy on your skin than other types of foundations do, which is great if you want a lighter look. 

Benefits of Applying Water-Based Foundations

Natural Looking Finish

Water-based foundations give you that natural look that’s achieved through proper application. No cakey buildup or heavy coverage is required. 

Easy Application and Removal

Water-based foundations don’t require a lot of time or effort from you or your makeup artist. They’re also easily removed with soap and water if you decide you don’t like how it looks once it dries on your face for long periods of time. 


Water-based formulas have been proven to last longer than other types of foundation because they’re less likely to crack up or rub off onto other surfaces during wear time or the removal process. 

Water-based foundations don’t contain any oil or wax, so they can be worn in the heat and humidity of summer as well as in winter. 

Easier To Blend

Water-based foundations are much easier to blend than their oil-based counterparts because they have a thinner consistency and won’t clog pores or cause skin breakouts like other types of makeup. 

Good Coverage

When it comes to coverage, water-based products provide more coverage than their oilier counterparts because they’re so thin and lightweight. 

Gentle On the Skin

Water-based foundations contain no silicone or other harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions or skin damage. They are also gentle on your skin, so they won’t irritate sensitive areas like your eyes or lips. 

Water-based foundations also don’t contain any oils or waxes and, therefore, won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.

 How to Identify Water-Based Foundation

The best way to determine whether a given foundation is water-based or not is to check the ingredient list. A water-based foundation will have water listed as one of its top ingredients. Although these foundations may contain oil or silicone, the amount is very minimal, and you will hence find these ingredients at the bottom list of the ingredients. 

Is NARS Foundation Water Based?

Is NARS Foundation Water Based?

NARS cosmetics offer different types of foundations that include natural radiant Longwear foundation, sheer glow foundation, light-reflecting foundation, and soft matte complete foundation, to name a few. Some of the foundations offered by this brand are water-based, while others are silicon and oil-based. Some water-based foundations from NARS cosmetics include Nars light reflecting foundation and Nars all-day luminous weightless foundation

To find out the composition of a given NARS foundation, always check the ingredients list. A water-based foundation will have water amongst its first ingredients, while a silicone-based foundation will have silicone compounds amongst its first ingredients.  

How to Get the Best from NARS Water-Based Foundations

As with all makeup products achieving the best results from NARS water-based foundations requires that you apply them in the correct amount and manner. The following steps will work magic in ensuring you get the best results from your water-based NARS foundation application;

Choose Your Preferred NARS Water-Based Foundation Shade

NARS water-based foundations are available in a wide range of shades and colors. The first and most critical step when applying any given foundation is to choose a product that matches your skin color, type, and tone. 

Cleanse Your Face

After deciding on the NARS water-based foundation to use, the next essential step is to cleanse your face. Cleansing your face is an essential step that ensures you get a flawless end look. This process takes away all the debris and excess oils and opens up your pores, enabling the foundation to sink in and blend with your skin. When cleansing your face, ensure to use gentle cleansers that won’t irritate your skin. 

Apply Your Chosen NARS Water-Based Foundation

The next step after cleansing and prepping your face is to now apply your chosen NARS water-based foundation. When doing the application, dab a pea-sized amount of the product on your palm, and using a foundation brush apply it on your face starting at the center and blending outwards.  

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Water-Based Foundation

Foundations play a critical role in helping you achieve your desired makeup goals. A well-layered water-based foundation is an answer to an intact makeup look that will serve you the entire day without looking cakey or too heavy on you. 

Water-based foundations are also easy to apply, maintain and remove. These products also contain gentle and beneficial ingredients that will help nourish your skin. 

NARS cosmetics is without doubt one of the best brands in the makeup industry. This is why it’s a good choice to consider water-based foundations from this brand. If you have doubts concerning the compositions of the different foundations offered by this brand, you can now rest easy as you have all the answers you need above. You can easily find water-based foundations, silicone-based, and oil-based foundations from this brand. 

Therefore go ahead and enjoy that look you have been dreaming of by getting yourself one of the best foundations from NARS cosmetics.