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Is iHerb Legit?

Is iHerb Legit?

Is iHerb Legit? iHerb is an online shop based in the U.S. and regarded as one of the largest retailers of health foods, personal care products, and nutritional supplements. Whether you are looking for skincare products or aromatherapy products, iHerb has it all! It is the most recommended go-to shop for all your supplementary dietary needs.

Owing to its massive selection of famous brands, iHerb remains very popular among international consumers. It explains why most reviews on their website are machine-translated from foreign languages.

To better understand what iHerb is all about, you must know about its products and why it remains the most popular retailer in the U.S. and other parts of the world. 

Its Products

iHerb has gained popularity all over the world as a result of its products. iHerb has a massive selection of health products, personal care products, and supplements. Their wide range of products includes reputable brands of nutrition that make iHerb among the most recommended retailers to shop from. With iHerb, you get everything under one roof! 

iHerb sells its product at affordable prices. You do not have to break a bank to purchase personal care products and supplements at iHerb. Their affordability has been made possible as iHerb does not include third-party sellers or middlemen. Another notable feature of iHerb products is that they are cheap. This comes in handy when shipping. Compared to other retailers where you spend more money when importing, you will spend less with iHerb. Their products are very light, which gives you a 30% cheaper rate when compared with other retailers.

Since iHerb has distribution centers in America and Asia, it’s also easy to ship worldwide. With a good partnership with brands, they can also keep costs low. All these to offer us the best price.

What Makes iHerb Stand out from Other Retailers?

iHerb has its warehouses in both Asia and the USA. It’s, therefore, able to distribute products all over the world without encountering any hitches. Not only does iHerb provide popular brands that are rarely available with other retailers, but it also provides these products at affordable prices. iHerb sells its products straight from its warehouse to its customers. No middlemen are involved when distributing health foods and nutritional supplements. Having direct contact with consumers has made iHerb regulate their accuracy, ensuring everything is critically checked.

Is iHerb legit?

IHerb is 100% legit. It’s a legitimate business that has seen its popularity increase as the years go by. Their supplements are safe and effective when used. Most customers will ask these questions only after reading the negative reviews or looking for alternatives. Consumers will want to buy their nutritional supplements from a legit business.

Additionally, iHerb is not perfect; not all products have positive reviews from their customers. However, not being perfect does not undermine the confidence of iHerb being legit. There are positive reviews and supporting iHerb as a reliable retailer with quality products and at affordable prices.

Just like any other website, iHerb has had its fair share of negative reviews from dissatisfied customers. Despite their apparent popularity worldwide, iHerb battles with negative reviews that go as far as referring to them as a scam. 

Here are common complaints and negative reviews:

Failure to support and solve common issues raised by customers. iHerb provides support available via email and not via phone. Most customers complain of their problems being resolved with an automated reply, and in worst cases, their emails go unanswered. 

A high amount of taxes and duties sometimes come as a surprise to customers. iHerb boasts of shipping to over 150 countries. It means that most of its clientele is in other parts of the world.

Another common issue associated with shipping your products worldwide is items not being delivered. Most customers complained of having paid for the products only to realize they would not receive their package. Such problems arise when other countries have customs restrictions on imported goods and products. This discourages some of the customers from purchasing from iHerb again.

However, it is right to say that iHerb being a retailer known worldwide, the clientele base is vast. Therefore, they are bound to make mistakes, and just like any other successful business, there will always be a handful of dissatisfied customers.

What You Need to Know

iHerb has for the longest time been a go-to product for health products and nutritional supplements. It is a brand looking to live up to its popularity in the market by ensuring its products are legit. Rarely will you find a review questioning iHerb as a legitimate business? For years, it has provided that it strives to be the most recommended brand and maintains its accuracy. Here is a takeaway on why you should opt for iHerb over other retailers;

Its products are affordable. Whether you are looking for nutritional supplements or skincare products, iHerb will have it all at an affordable price.

Your location does not matter. iHerb imports to over 150 countries globally. It is what has made iHerb gain popularity with consumers all over the world. A bargaining point Is that their products are light. It means that your shipping cost will be much lower when compared to other retailers.

iHerb has an aesthetically pleasing blog. We all know how important it is for a distributor to communicate with their consumer regardless of their language. iHerb has made it possible with a blog that is available in 13 languages.

As such, for your most trusted brand on health products and dietary supplements, make iHerb your choice! However, if you are looking for an alternative to iHerb, Amazon would be a great choice too.